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Twenty Questions

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1. Why won’t Patterico reveal the truth about why he fired Aaron Worthing?

2. Why do some people continue to believe bloggers who pretend to be conservatives and are proven liars?

3. Why do some people continue to call Robert Stacy McCain a racist – is there a shred of evidence to indicate that?

4. Why did Aaron Worthing have to wait until the James O’Keefe emails were subpoenaed before posting his own story about #BrettKimberlin?

5. When you state a true fact – and someone who wants to hide that truth – broadcasts that you “support” someone that you obviously never supported – why does everyone pretend not to notice the liar’s obvious lie? (I previously wrote about this commonly used subterfuge tactic as it applied to Weinergate.)

6. About a day after another blog posted that Ron Brynaert had a “huge” amount of money, Aaron Worthing sent Brynaert a letter demanding 20K cash or he’d sue Brynaert for $66,000,000. Is the attorney that advised Aaron that this action was A-OK, trying to manipulate and use Aaron?

7. On a related note, I keep seeing @AaronWorthing state that @ronbryn is Brett Kimberlin’s “buddy”, “pal”, etc., which is a bold-faced lie. Why is it that people who claim to care about truth, never call Aaron out on it?

8. Since Aaron is known to have lied (see #7), can we trust the other things that he says?

9. Why did Herman Cain delete his facebook posting that was based on Robert Stacy McCain’s tale?

10. Why do some people become enraged when I point out that the timing of the social media anti-#BrettKimberlin campaign coincided with the subpoena of 7-years worth of James O’Keefe emails?

11. Do you think that Lie Stranahan actually believes that his caller, whom he said he believed was a jilted texter  (described as “dumb” by someone she spoke to at length) fabricated a phony California driver’s license (when she lives in Boston) as well as fake student id’s on short notice, told a stack of lies to the New York Times, impersonated at least two different real people, filed a phony police report, punked Tommy Christopher – Mike Stack  and the whole of the #BornFreeCrew, and for months scripted ALL the writings of DW – who was quite knowledgeable regarding nyc political reporting and Queens politics and issues (when “she”‘s “dumb” and from Boston), JR9 and many other socks including thousands of DM’s with GC (sorry if I left some stuff out)?

12. Who told Andrew Breitbart that Pat Frey had been SWAT-ed?

13. Why do some spend so much of their time bothering to argue with sockpuppets who consistently spout outrageous stuff that no-one believes?

14. I heard Andrew Breitbart’s last interview. His concerned and alarmed telling about his associate Pat’s SWAT seemed sincere to me, and he intimated that he (Breitbart) and his family could likely be the next to be terroristically targeted. Did the story about Pat’s SWAT, that Pat did nothing to clarify, contribute to Andrew’s stress level in the days leading up to March 1, 2012?

15. I’m told a judge clearly stated that Aaron had committed an assault. So why would some think there should not be a restraining order (that would serve to protect both parties) against Aaron – isn’t it better to be safe than sorry (I guess in the interim anyways, the ruling judge agreed with me)?

16. Did people Herman Cain trusted feed him disinformation?

17. Why are so many people being mean to @CryingWolfeBlog when it seems that, while he does defend himself against their attacks, he has never done anything to them?

18. Why was @ronbryn targeted from the get-go by those on the left AND on the right?

19. If you were trying to frame someone for a crime, and in doing so, you had to have an accomplice place a phone call during the time you were on the phone with your target, wouldn’t it make common logical sense and make it easier to coordinate the timing of your own call with his, if you told your accomplice to make his call “at midnight”, rather than at say 11:39 or 12:13?

20. How much money do you imagine has been spent all told, so far, on O’Keefe v Kimberlin?



Consider your answers, as this post will be opened up to comments in the near future.


Redactico: In His Own Words

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source link

“I offer no opinion, as is my habit.”

“I happen to be trained in sticking to the evidence.”

“I have been quite clear about what I think.”

“I would caution anyone interested in this story (and public about their interest) to exercise caution. Assume there may be hackers who want to target you.”

“I know he [Lee Stranahan] has been saying and implying things about me that are simply not accurate. …I disabled his account here at … after I read this post of his…”

“…threats have been made and law enforcement is involved…”

“I am not going to say where I got anything from anyone.”

“Clearly JohnReid9 has used this site [] to disseminate information.”

“Lee Stranahan has a new post up saying he will stop commenting on Weinergate, as it is in the hands of law enforcement. I am in total agreement…”

7/3/11: “Alicia Pain is not necessarily in the same category as the rest [Nikki Reid, JohnReid9, Marinela Alicea, Mark Alicea, PatriotUSA76]. I mean nobody is NECESSARILY in the same category, but she especially is not.” [I find this comment to be extremely interesting -ed]

In response to this question: Is there an active investigation by law enforcement? “No comment.” [gee, I would think if there wasn’t one, and you weren’t trying to mislead people or spread disinformation, you would just answer “No.” -ed]

“1) Who first mentioned JG to Lee? 2) Who first brought Marianela Alicea tweets to Tommy Christopher’s attention?”

In response to this comment: …St. Louis Activist Hub brought up the name Jenny George in CA initially., “You answered #1. On to #2! Hint: you answered #2.” [ummm STLAH was working off of az5thdstrct’s find  -ed]

Re a comment mistakenly attributed to Patterico:  “I found out about the Patterico comment from JohnReid9. I was appalled.”

“I do not publicly subscribe to the position that JohnReid9 is a liar…”

In response to: Did JR9 traffic originate from the LA area? That is where Nikki claimed to live.,  “That is not the kind of question I am going to answer.”

“It can’t be said enough: ‘Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber.’…”

“That has apparently made you [R0n] overly suspicious, to the point where you think longtime commenters here are sock puppets, or that I was an imposter when I last called you.”

7/20/11: “Law enforcement is doing something.”

In response to daleyrock’s comment: R0n – I know what your voice sounds like., “One day, we’ll all know what R0n’s voice sounds like. R0n’s Twitters tonight sound surprisingly sane. Guilty, yeah. But sane.”

“I see other O’Keefe related items [written by Patterico] that they cross-posted there [Big Government]. I’m not sure I even realized those were all cross-posted. But it was definitely not false for him to call me a BG contributor.”

I am surprised by Mike’s level of vitriol towards Dan

Re Mike’s feelings about Dan Wolfe disappearing: “I can see why someone might WANT to disappear, given everything that has gone on.”

“Dan Wolfe is a fraud.

And Dan Wolfe is JohnReid9.

In my opinion.

And R0n Bryneart is in league with them and Neal Rauhauser. … To sow confusion. And do other evil things.”

“Dan Wolfe: fraud. I tell him what happened to my family and he laughs.”

“Why would Dan refuse to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation that I told him was serious?”

“Dustin, if you like, I will delete the link to R0n’s post. I will also consider posting his IP, as well as … [personal and misleading] information I previously deleted.”

“I tend to discount the theories that Wolfe/Reid was a ‘troll.’ I think it was a full-time job.”

“I’m still not clear on whether the R0n/Neal/Darrah Ford side of this is connected to the Wolfe/Reid/Nikki side….”

“R0n isn’t just a ‘troll,’…”

“They [R0n and Dan] both have something to hide.”

“I agree [that ‘R0n’, ‘Neil’ and ‘Kimberlin’ are ‘in desperation mode’]. They are terrified.”

“R0n was going to do it all on his own. Now we need a different purportedly crazy lefty hack criminal to come in and take his place.”

“[GC] has written me to say that she is showing the DMs to Mike Stack but not to me. … Toe the line and she’ll dole out the tidbits. Otherwise, you and your desire to solve who has been menacing your family can go hang. I am more suspicious of her than ever.”

“…I have to wonder whether the person commenting here is even the real [GC].”

“It may become more clear when I lay out all the facts showing Dan Wolfe is JohnReid9.”

“Oh, and qritiq, who also claims to have secret evidence [BIG FAT LIE -ed] that she won’t let me see because she doesn’t like how I treated her, is now DM’ing with Gennette.” [HORRORS! – why would someone writing about Weinergate want to DM with GC?? Clearly SUSPICIOUS -ed]

“I believe we are going to get the bad guys and send them to prison. There was some progress on that front today. Were I one of the bad guys, I would be nervous right about now.”

“Just what is the interest of qritiq … in all this anyway?” [VERY SUSPICIOUS that a former political contributor for an alt-weekly would have any interest in political intrigue. -ed]

“My guess is that [qritiq] is just a nosy busybody who doesn’t have anything of value.” [Fuck you. -ed]

Re GC being permitted to respond to her accusers: “She will comment here when it suits me. Right now, it doesn’t.”

“What got Reid talking like that? I told him I am going to reveal all the reasons I think he is Dan Wolfe.” [any day now, any day… -ed]




off topic, but I ran into this tidbit too, just regarding comments pre-7/5:

I googled
koam – 1,290 results
@wittier – 590
koam @wittier – 572
koam – 171

Way too many, I know, I know.

Comment by koam @wittier — 7/5/2011 @ 6:36 pm


The Wendy Whiner Of Weinergate

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From the 6/18/11 Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show (coincidentally ONE DAY after the Jennifer Preston NYT piece re fake Weinergate twitter teens)  – Caller @AG_Conservative aka Allen Ginzburg, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

From the 6/22/11  Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show [clip is edited] – Caller @razor419, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

[Update: Note – @Liberty_Chick sez these callers pronounce their vowels differently, and I would say that razor does sound older and more self-assured. Both callers oddly and breathlessly spout disinformation in a high-strung sing-song-y cadence. (Though it’s possible AG is walking a dog.) And both calls make me laugh about the same amount.]

(As Lee has pointed out to us, it is a simple matter to make your voice sound higher or deeper on the phone.)

Of course a lot of people around Weinergate like to use more than one handle, as we see here:

[Update: the above link appears to have been scrubbed.  Below is a cap of the commenter using two id’s on the same post; what I was referring to above. Wonder why it got scrubbed – seems to be a pattern. (Click on the image to see it more clearly.)]

Ken is Koam

And here’s a REALLY funny coincidence –

On Lee’s 6/22/11 show, our friend Ken Danieli called in as “@wittier” from his 914 area code, immediately after @razor419.

Hmm. 914? 419?

When we scroll down a bit on this link , we see that Ken had a RAZR phone and we know his area code is 914.

RAZR914? razor419? Isn’t that FUNNY?!

When I pointed this out to @razor419, he stopped talking to me, even though he seemed to have PLENTY to say to me before. As a matter of fact, he stopped tweeting all-together. Gee, I wonder why?????

Golly, just one of the many mysteries of the post-Weinergate era I guess.


(h/t Lucy)