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NYT: Turmoil in Egypt Extends Into Countryside

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Digest of parts of the article –

Reach of Turmoil in Egypt Extends Into Countryside

The turmoil shaking Egypt has extended to the countryside, causing some division within communities. Mr. Abdel Aal from Aga, was a leader in the country’s biggest Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood. He died in a clash of police and demonstrators.

Recently, the Egyptian government and news media, have called Islamist foes of the government traitors and terrorists.

After preparing for Mr. Abdel Aal’s funeral, the mosque’s staff turned off the lights and microphone for fear of what residents might do if they learned it was a funeral for an Islamist.

The Egyptian army’s Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi’s  supporters call their Islamist neighbors “sheep” for their supposed obedience to their leaders, while Islamists shout back calling neighbors “slaves” to the government and “Christians, enemies of Islam”

When thousands of Mansoura Islamists marched through the streets in mid-July, other residents attacked them with machetes, clubs and shotguns.

Signs in the streets thank security forces for fighting terrorism.

“What terrorism?” one who had marched asked. “We are your neighbors.”

At the entrance to Aga, a sign declares, “Sheep are not allowed to live in the country of the brave.”

Many of the businesses in Aga known to be owned by Muslim Brotherhood members were ransacked.

Hostility cuts so deep that those who support the government offer little sympathy for their Islamist neighbors who face violent suppression of their demonstrations.

Some in Aga said that the ousted Mr. Morsi had applauded the police for cracking down on protests opposing his rule. Over 100 demonstrators were killed on his watch, according to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, an independent group.

The support for the military’s crackdown on Islamists, several residents said, is due to Islamist violence. A bomb went off in front of Mansoura’s police headquarters shortly after the takeover, killing one officer and reminding citizens of a decade of terror in the 1990s, when Islamist groups took up arms against the state and killed scores of citizens and police officers.

“I know what’s being done to the Islamists is wrong,” said Hassan Habeeb, a local official at the leftist pro-military movement of Al Tayar Al Shaaby. “But I’m still all for it because it’s necessary and because they wouldn’t have showed us mercy had the roles been reversed.”

In a street cafe here one recent afternoon, three residents applauded the crackdown on the Islamists, and approved of the assaults on Brotherhood-owned businesses.

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Logo Muslim Brotherhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That Other McCain

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Excerpted from “That Other Times” by Michelangelo Signorile in the December 17, 2002 issue of New York Press:

Let’s take a look at the views and not-so-hidden agenda of one of the actual editors of the paper [The Washington Times], specifically, assistant national editor Robert Stacy McCain, who has a habit of posting commentary on message boards and elsewhere around the Internet:

“The media now force interracial images into the public mind and a number of perfectly rational people react to these images with an altogether natural revulsion.

The white person who does not mind transacting business with a black bank clerk may yet be averse to accepting the clerk as his sister-in-law, and THIS IS NOT RACISM, no matter what Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Washington tell us.”

Yes, you read that right: a “natural revulsion” and “THIS IS NOT RACISM.”

That was posted by Robert Stacy McCain (who has contributed to New York Press in the past) on a website called Reclaiming the South. The Washington Times editor posts a lot on the right-wing as well, using an assumed name (BurkeCalhounDabney) but often linking back to his personal website, where there are photos of him and the rest of his large family of Seventh Day Adventists (and which identifies him by his real name and as a Washington Times editor). Editor McCain, who hails from Rome, GA, is one of those Confederate types who still hasn’t gotten over the Civil War and is trying to get the South to secede. He’s a member of a Southern secessionist organization called League of the South.

… McCain has written, in a piece he posted on the Web titled “Down On Dixie: The Confederate Cause and the South’s Scalawag Press,” that “We may never all agree that The South Was Right!…but the least we owe our ancestors is a fair hearing and a balanced portrayal to our readers.”

McCain … believes that Abraham Lincoln was a “war criminal” who should have been tried for “treason.” (His reasoning, he writes, is that Lincoln and the Northerners were the true racists; something tells me–actually, studying his other comments and affiliations is what tells me–that that is not the real reason at all.)

In his Web postings McCain has stated that Harvard president Lawrence Summers should be “persecuted and run out of town” for supporting gay rights. He also believes that the civil rights movement directly resulted in “black criminality” because people were encouraged to break the law by getting arrested at demonstrations!

“I am disturbed…by [Jesse] Jackson’s idea that ‘breaking white folks’ rules’ was somehow inherently just,” he wrote on “If rules were to be broken merely because they were work of white folks, then hasn’t Jackson gone a long way toward explaining the explosion of black criminality that began in the 1960s? This shows how the civil rights movement, to a great extent, represented a direct assault on tradition and law.”

These viewpoints offer background for and insight into some of McCain’s pieces in The Washington Times. This past October he warned about the “Backlash Building in White America,” as the headline of his article blared, and he interviewed and promoted an obscure professor who claimed “that society should combat white nationalists in part by acknowledging the legitimacy of some of their grievances” and that white nationalism is “the monster that identity politics created.” (Yes, blame it all on blacks themselves!)

Some of McCain’s Washington Times articles are reprinted, presumably with his and his paper’s permission, on a creepy website called American Renaissance (to which McCain has written at least one letter to the editor, offering “warm congratulations” on an article). Here’s what the respected Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about that site: “Edited by white separatist Jared Taylor, American Renaissance is a magazine with a highfalutin tone that links IQ levels to racial groups and promotes eugenics, the ‘science’ of improving the human race through selective breeding.”

Michelangelo Signorile (@msignorile) can be reached at

English: Michelangelo Signorile at the Copacab...

Michelangelo Signorile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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I found this in a blue van by Pink’s:

KimBerIin Says:

Remember when @Zapem was posing as “Malgad” (supposedly a 260 lb “black man”), and was gonna complain to WordPress about kkblog, and have it deleted?

(Z’s alleged “black man” identity Malgad, was her sock-puppet to show negroid support for @zapem’s grotesque white-trash lowbrow birther delusions. Oooooo. Pretty intimidating!)

Which was in the same tantrum as when she was going to file another of her famous “reports” to the F.B.I. and have Team Kenoma arrested for casting vodoo spells at respectable, upright Tea-Baggers, like the shit-heads that infested her drooling moronic birther site, the “Zombie Revolution” or whatever. (yo! shout out to Splooge!!)

So yeah, a couple of more years of nuisance F.B.I. reports, and one hyper-shrill twitter avatar after another (Malgad, X0pht etc and so on) under the delusion that no one can see through her pathetic bubble dance.

And now…Here she is again! With the most unconvincing dumbshit attempted impersonation of an “Anonymous” member who, laughably claims to be a “pedophile hunter”. “Priest”! LOL LOL LOL!!!

(notice how allegedly catholic probable porn peen gobbler @zapem doesn’t seem too bothered about any, you know, c-a-t-h-o-l-i-c church pedophiles, cases of which seem to be multiplying geometric)

In this particular case, pedophile means anybody who might disagree with her “politics”, or anybody she just feels like bullying. *yawn*

Some real low-grade Alinsky posturing, and the most ridiculously incompetent “Anonymous” inpersonation that a well-below-room-temperature I.Q. can deliver! Bravo!

How dumbed down can it get?

Seek ye here:

Crystal Meth is a very ugly thing. Inside and out.

CarrotCrown LOL

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Wonkette Scratches The Surface And Misses The Boat

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Wonkette’s Doktor StrangeZoom presents Frey re Kimberlin in a nutshell:

StrangeZoom tells of blogger Patrick Frey’s involvement in Blog About #BrettKimberlin Day. Kimberlin, if you will remember (not saying you’re old mind you) was the guy who said Dan Quayle bought pot from him. Kimberlin is also an ex-con and a purported terrorist. Pat Frey is also accusing those “in league” with Kimberlin, of calling 911 and saying that Pat shot his wife, resulting in a SWAT-type swarming of police and fire at Frey’s residence.

Here’s what Wonkette missed:

This story is really about Kimberlin’s non-profit, Velvet Revolution v James O’Keefe’s non-profit, Project Veritas. Both organizations deal with voting rights policy and are at loggerheads. Check out this 22-page doc by Velvet Revolution’s lawyer about O’Keefe:

Patrick Frey also seems to be heading up a conspiracy to spread libelous statements via social media. Their target is a harsh detractor of O’Keefe’s – Ron Brynaert – the former editor of a liberal political news website. Brynaert broke a number of incriminating stories about probationee James O’Keefe that could well have landed O’Keefe in the clink.

Frey and his associates even seem to be trying to frame Brynaert for a crime, by spreading defamatory statements indicating that he is “in league” with Kimberlin and sounds like the voice on the 911 hoax call. Of course neither of these statements are true – they are downright laughable. But right-wing extremists and readers are encouraged to continue to spread those lies, by Frey and his co-conspirators.

Frey even went so far as to indicate on Glenn Beck’s show, that a victim (someone Pat had been communicating with) who was SWAT-ed one week prior to Pat’s alleged SWAT, was also targeted because he also was writing about Kimberlin. Completely false! That victim had been talking about information he had regarding Weinergate, just before he was SWAT-ed. He never had anything to do with Kimberlin!

The reason Frey and his associates are ramping this stuff up now, is because (I believe) the New Hampshire Attorney General has *just* asked for 7-years worth of James O’Keefe emails. And so, there is an attempt afoot by Frey and Co. to head off a potential ishstorm, by directing the conversation away from conjecture regarding the potentially damning contents of those emails, and toward the sensational tabloid-friendly crimes committed in the 1970’s by the head of Velvet Revolution. Concurrently, there is an attempt to both menace and discredit O’Keefe’s seemingly most dangerous critic – Brynaert – who, while he is certainly known for being combative (understatement), is also respected by both progressives and conservatives for being a skilled researcher who’s like a dog with a bone when a story interests him.

I should also note, Brynaert has broken at least one story, that I know of, that proved useful for James O’Keefe; I am not trying to imply that this journo’s reporting has been biased against O’Keefe. Yet, I imagine there is some concern within Team JOK, that if the 7-year email cache were to land in this Brynaert’s inbox, he would undoubtedly read EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN email. And I think anyone who’s been following along for the past year, knows that predicting the potentiality of that outcome, is not such a big leap, and said outcome would likely not be in the best interest of Mr. O’Keefe.

Keep in mind that voting rights policy could determine the next resident of the White House. (Much in the way that those who brought you Weinergate, knew that the NYC Mayoral seat is a very viable step to the presidency.) This is not small potatoes that Project Veritas and Velvet Revolution are warring about. I’m sure there are plenty of donation dollars in both corners.

This is actually some kind-of-serious stuff – I mean a team-attempt to frame a journalist for a crime because he published the truth about someone who has access to big money?

Not. Good.


and a reminder –

Patrick Frey’s M.O. is to take advantage of people and manipulate them:

One of Frey’s former supporters whom Frey would not assist with petty cash to cover court costs toward his defense against plaintiff Brett Kimberlin, wrote a note that seemed utterly despondent [to this reader] that mentioned Kimberlin. Kimberlin won a case against that former Frey supporter and I believe that they were even at one point arrested.

Now there are reports that Aaron Worthing aka Walker – a Frey disciple – has been jailed ( , link courtesy of commenter “Saul G.”.) @rsmccain reports on his blog that Walker was taken into custody after a hearing regarding a permanent order of protection against Walker. (Walker had been bragging on twitter recently, that he always carries a gun. He had a restraining order against him at the time.)

[UPDATE: Walker has now been released from custody. A copy of this morning’s peace order ]


And on a more personal note:

I want to warn readers that Patrick Frey is no friend to you. If you have a family and a dog, don’t do Frey’s bidding, because he doesn’t mind getting others into very serious trouble. And if you want to be a lawyer and you wind up getting arrested in the service of Patrick Frey, well, that could actually ruin your life.

Remember – Frey, who resides in a $1.3 million home, wouldn’t even send $200 to his pawn when said pawn was sued by Kimberlin.




(h/t STL Activist Hub for indicating where clarification was needed)


Twenty Questions

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1. Why won’t Patterico reveal the truth about why he fired Aaron Worthing?

2. Why do some people continue to believe bloggers who pretend to be conservatives and are proven liars?

3. Why do some people continue to call Robert Stacy McCain a racist – is there a shred of evidence to indicate that?

4. Why did Aaron Worthing have to wait until the James O’Keefe emails were subpoenaed before posting his own story about #BrettKimberlin?

5. When you state a true fact – and someone who wants to hide that truth – broadcasts that you “support” someone that you obviously never supported – why does everyone pretend not to notice the liar’s obvious lie? (I previously wrote about this commonly used subterfuge tactic as it applied to Weinergate.)

6. About a day after another blog posted that Ron Brynaert had a “huge” amount of money, Aaron Worthing sent Brynaert a letter demanding 20K cash or he’d sue Brynaert for $66,000,000. Is the attorney that advised Aaron that this action was A-OK, trying to manipulate and use Aaron?

7. On a related note, I keep seeing @AaronWorthing state that @ronbryn is Brett Kimberlin’s “buddy”, “pal”, etc., which is a bold-faced lie. Why is it that people who claim to care about truth, never call Aaron out on it?

8. Since Aaron is known to have lied (see #7), can we trust the other things that he says?

9. Why did Herman Cain delete his facebook posting that was based on Robert Stacy McCain’s tale?

10. Why do some people become enraged when I point out that the timing of the social media anti-#BrettKimberlin campaign coincided with the subpoena of 7-years worth of James O’Keefe emails?

11. Do you think that Lie Stranahan actually believes that his caller, whom he said he believed was a jilted texter  (described as “dumb” by someone she spoke to at length) fabricated a phony California driver’s license (when she lives in Boston) as well as fake student id’s on short notice, told a stack of lies to the New York Times, impersonated at least two different real people, filed a phony police report, punked Tommy Christopher – Mike Stack  and the whole of the #BornFreeCrew, and for months scripted ALL the writings of DW – who was quite knowledgeable regarding nyc political reporting and Queens politics and issues (when “she”‘s “dumb” and from Boston), JR9 and many other socks including thousands of DM’s with GC (sorry if I left some stuff out)?

12. Who told Andrew Breitbart that Pat Frey had been SWAT-ed?

13. Why do some spend so much of their time bothering to argue with sockpuppets who consistently spout outrageous stuff that no-one believes?

14. I heard Andrew Breitbart’s last interview. His concerned and alarmed telling about his associate Pat’s SWAT seemed sincere to me, and he intimated that he (Breitbart) and his family could likely be the next to be terroristically targeted. Did the story about Pat’s SWAT, that Pat did nothing to clarify, contribute to Andrew’s stress level in the days leading up to March 1, 2012?

15. I’m told a judge clearly stated that Aaron had committed an assault. So why would some think there should not be a restraining order (that would serve to protect both parties) against Aaron – isn’t it better to be safe than sorry (I guess in the interim anyways, the ruling judge agreed with me)?

16. Did people Herman Cain trusted feed him disinformation?

17. Why are so many people being mean to @CryingWolfeBlog when it seems that, while he does defend himself against their attacks, he has never done anything to them?

18. Why was @ronbryn targeted from the get-go by those on the left AND on the right?

19. If you were trying to frame someone for a crime, and in doing so, you had to have an accomplice place a phone call during the time you were on the phone with your target, wouldn’t it make common logical sense and make it easier to coordinate the timing of your own call with his, if you told your accomplice to make his call “at midnight”, rather than at say 11:39 or 12:13?

20. How much money do you imagine has been spent all told, so far, on O’Keefe v Kimberlin?



Consider your answers, as this post will be opened up to comments in the near future.


Exception-al Tweet

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I take exception(s) with this tweet:

1. There’s a lot of things you could call Ron;  “idiot” prolly not one of them. And I don’t believe for a second that the author of this tweet honestly thinks Ron an idiot.
2. Ron “makes too many mistakes”? I’d agree if you’d said this in the summer. Now – hmmm – to me he seems to be on target a lot, though I will say I think he tends to make a totally correct analysis of a situation, but then take it a step or two too far, imo.
3. A “traitor” to what exactly? You? Your political beliefs? How can an editor be a “traitor” to a political movement or ideology?
4. On “zero ethics” – I found out a couple of things recently that make me dispute this. I also have reason to believe that at least some of Ron’s former detractors would also dispute it.
5. Ron has “no cause”. Uhh – wouldn’t he be a bad journo/reporter/editor/etc,  if he did promote a cause?
#tweetFAIL – no foolin’.

On Critical Thinking

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excerpted notes from Critical Thinking Errors:

Errors that lead to shallow or uncritical decisions instead of careful judgments:

Face Saving/Ego
Faulty common sense
Hasty conclusions
Unwarranted assumptions


Group pressure can be intense.

Conformity can cripple your thinking…

It can cause dependence on others.
It can reduce your sense of responsibility.

GROUP THINK is probably the most severe example of conformity. It is the strong desire to concur in a group decision.

Face Saving/Ego

Face saving is “attempting to preserve our image when reality threatens it”.

Face saving is self-protection, ego protection, and sometimes compensation for feelings of inferiority.

EGO is an obstacle to clear thinking.  For instance:
Wishful thinking
Misinterpretation of perceptions


Rationalization is the exact opposite of reaching a logical decision.


The process for reaching a rational decision is to start with evidence and then move to a conclusion.

Evidence –> Conclusion

With rationalization you start with the conclusion you want, and then you gather evidence to support that conclusion.

Conclusion –> Evidence

Stereotyping  –

Stereotyping forces us to choose sides.

Causes Injustice
Destroys cooperation
Embarrasses people
Triggers fear
Creates suspicion and blame
Victims are degraded
Stereotypers lose touch with reality and their fears grow
Social impulse is curbed

To avoid stereotyping:

Avoid jumping to the conclusion of neat categories.

Review ALL information before coming to a conclusion.

Suspend judgment; put off making conclusions

A hasty conclusion is a judgment arrived at before sufficient evidence is obtained or looked at.

Unwarranted assumptions are unexamined conclusions which we take for granted.

Other Potential Problems:

Scare tactics
Appeal to loyalty
Appeal to pity
Appeal to prejudice
Shifting the burden of proof


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Dirty Laundry and Dirty Socks

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Some have way more than others.

 The answers, my friends, are blowing in the wind.

Let’s have a  little fun, why don’t we? What socks are are the dirtiest? The easiest to see right through?

We’ll get into this for the next few posts. We’ll review some oldies but goodies, some up and comers, and some dumber than others.

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Highly Scandalous

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Q: Who knew of AW’s online dalliances?

A: AW, Broussard, Nobles, Casino Worker, Ginger Lee, ladies #5 and #6, Huma

Q: What circle does Huma commiserate with? Perhaps her work friends?

Q: Who ran the HRC ’08 campaign who also happens to be AW’s foremost competition?

Q: Who did that guy hire who had worked for Pepsi?

Jimmy Siegel


Q: Who also worked for Pepsi, used social media to promote HRC’s ’08 campaign (h/t @ronbryn),  and has written more words online than anyone else about Weinergate?


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Qritiq The Writer On Monsters

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Some anonymous, oh excuse me, private tweeters and commenters have been attempting to discredit anyone making any progress on the unveiling of the Weinergate sockpuppets. Lets take a look at just one example of this campaign  – one attempting to brand Lee Stranahan. (Keep in mind that all Stranahan has done is report on the story and give his own analysis, like any other blogger or podcaster.):

@wittier (aka koam aka probably a lot of other names):
frustrated that lee won’t sort emotional evidence from factual. he’s not helping himself.
We could spend a lot of time analyzing Lee’s jumping to wrong conclusions as those pile up.
Lee declared anything that didn’t fit his story from JG was just a lie
I found JGCA was former UCLA staff right wasy (sic) &thought that Lee was mistaken
We know that’s how you see it Lee. Many others do not.
i agree that you are 100% honest about what you think Lee.
i tried to persuade Lee to dial it back for a long time. he’s contentious
Lee labels half of conversation as lies. But we need harder evidence that some of them are actual, proven lies.
I think Lee accused Pat of saying things Pat didn’t say
Lee has way (SIC) of turning his own theories into hard facts in his own mind.
The record shows that Lee escalated the accusations and emotions, as is his way of doing things.
I asked Lee to list everything he said to JG MA and he hasn’t responded.
[re a threatening call -ed.] Is there some discussion that JG received a call from a caller ID that matched Lee’s and that there is tape of a voice that sounds like Lee’s on JG’s answering machine?
lee just said jg was lying about everything and he didn’t give all the details.
[Re: Stranahan accidentally posting under an administrator’s name -ed.] the word evil comes to mind.
[Re: “Stranahan’s pattern of actions” -ed.] It’s a disgusting development.
One of the most common [opinions] was, “Lee, I can see your theory may be right, but you mix up what you consider to be proof.
Those can be explained by a real JG, who’s innocent, who wants to remain unfindable by Lee who she’s afraid of …
Lee delivered this story with quotes. I can’t tell you if it’s real, just what we heard him say.
Lee is an independent with some pictures of himself on his page that maybe a girl afraid for her life wouldn’t really want to see. (Tough guy, scowling photos) [puh-leez -ed.]
If we are to believe what Lee says happened…
…we can see how JP allegedly talks about Lee. Pretty rough stuff…

Quite a good ad campaign, don’t you think?

A Coke pin

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A post from Stefanie: 

my new heroine (is hero more politically correct?)  After watching the media bring up race in the first place and then blaming it on Hillary and Bill, it was wonderful to see the segment Joan Walsh talks about.  Maybe my friend Mika is starting to see the light also.  Good thing Joe Scarborough wasn’t there, this never would have happened if he had been.    Joan Walsh segment