I went to Clark Gardens:


I went to the park:






the fleet was in:



funny dog pictures



Finally got a danged visitor from Alaska.  Welcome Wasilla, Alaska!


We want to do a remake of “9:00 To 5:00” but we want to call it “10:00 To 3:00”; yeah too much work.  –Fey and Poehler


Last time I went to confession I said “You first.”  –Dennis Miller


It took me like half an hour to get this: 
cute puppy pictures

this one I got right away. more book less tube u say?
humorous pictures


not my quote, but isn’t it interesting: If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; But if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.     When I’ve asked people pretty innocent questions about what they think of heaven or God, to my surprise they can get pretty irate.  I never really understood that.

Oscar’s best dressed Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren.
btw, There Will Be Blood got robbed. 

Princeton University is working to send a tenth or more of its newly admitted students to a year of social service work in a foreign country before they set foot on campus.  Why not send them to the Bronx?  Or Appalaicha?  What is wrong with doing service for your own country??!!

Have you noticed that Obama supporters sound very angry and Hillary supporters sound very hopeful? 

The Chicago Sun-Times lists today’s weather as “Foreboding” 

the Dominos box lists as one of the reasons your pizza may not have made it to you in 30 minutes as “ABDUCTION” 

“pundints” is the new “nucular” 

I have been playing Freeciv.  I was wondering if anyone could think of anything that is nerdier than that. 

Wes General Wesley K. Clark announced his endorsement of Hillary for president. “We need Hillary Clinton,” General Clark said. “She is tough but fair, a rock-solid leader equal to the many weighty challenges ahead of us.”

I find the visitor location map (at right) fascinating.  Why am I popular in Iran yet universally shunned in South America? 

only in new york:  I saw a handsome man in a suit riding a bicycle in midtown.  On the front of the bike was a large basket.  In the basket sat a black labrador retriever. 

I was sitting in the window at American Apparel Soho and I saw Laurie Anderson walking down the street.  She looked sprightly.  Oh Superman oh god oh mom and dad mom and dad oh oh oh oh. laurie         


underrateddiffo         glenn

The girl down the hall is listening to The Spice Girls. I’m not even kidding.

I just met a shaved Pomeranian. I couldn’t tell what breed he was without the fluff. He really wanted to meet me and he was really nice.

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