The Wendy Whiner Of Weinergate

From the 6/18/11 Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show (coincidentally ONE DAY after the Jennifer Preston NYT piece re fake Weinergate twitter teens)  – Caller @AG_Conservative aka Allen Ginzburg, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

From the 6/22/11  Lee Stranahan Blog Talk Radio Show [clip is edited] – Caller @razor419, known to be from the greater Detroit area, sounding somewhat hysterical:

[Update: Note – @Liberty_Chick sez these callers pronounce their vowels differently, and I would say that razor does sound older and more self-assured. Both callers oddly and breathlessly spout disinformation in a high-strung sing-song-y cadence. (Though it’s possible AG is walking a dog.) And both calls make me laugh about the same amount.]

(As Lee has pointed out to us, it is a simple matter to make your voice sound higher or deeper on the phone.)

Of course a lot of people around Weinergate like to use more than one handle, as we see here:

[Update: the above link appears to have been scrubbed.  Below is a cap of the commenter using two id’s on the same post; what I was referring to above. Wonder why it got scrubbed – seems to be a pattern. (Click on the image to see it more clearly.)]

Ken is Koam

And here’s a REALLY funny coincidence –

On Lee’s 6/22/11 show, our friend Ken Danieli called in as “@wittier” from his 914 area code, immediately after @razor419.

Hmm. 914? 419?

When we scroll down a bit on this link , we see that Ken had a RAZR phone and we know his area code is 914.

RAZR914? razor419? Isn’t that FUNNY?!

When I pointed this out to @razor419, he stopped talking to me, even though he seemed to have PLENTY to say to me before. As a matter of fact, he stopped tweeting all-together. Gee, I wonder why?????

Golly, just one of the many mysteries of the post-Weinergate era I guess.


(h/t Lucy)

27 Responses to “The Wendy Whiner Of Weinergate”

  1. hmmm interesting stuff…i’ll have to check…but you can add the weird paranoid caller that Wittier called attention to that i tweeted sounds exactly like Larisa Alexandrovna but Stranahan and LC claim is a woman who has presented two different versions of the events surrounding her son’s death in Iraq.

    Also az5thdstrct had a very high pitched voice.

    Add the show where Lee plays with a spoofer.

    The weird dude that talks about plumbing and working with Lee Stranahan on documentary about Little Green Footballs…

    And Willie Nelson, of course.

    Now why Ken Danieli is defending Qritiq at Kid Kenoma is mysterious, too, if you ask me.

    But I’ll listen to your audio clips later. Thanks for writing a post that might actually add something…but we’ll see….lol…your track record sucketh.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    “…Danieli is defending Qritiq at Kid Kenoma…”

    Uh, that was defending? (LOL)

    Seemed like just about as vicious & personal as it could get, to me.

    Lotsa stuff about age, personal appearence, location, job etc, with just a whiff of what might be attempted anti-semitism, obviously trying to manipulate Ron toward a more acrimonious disapproval of Q than he already might have.

    Now, kind of…interesting, ain’t it, that such a happening guy as Danieli, a “market branding strategy consultant” no less–a busy busy guy with a full schedule and so much to do–would spend so much time & effort trolling a couple of very obscure blogs, not just muddying the waters, as one might expect, but consistently promoting the ultimate Brynaert vs Qritiq smackdown like he was Don King on crack.

    Interesting pastime for such a happening guy.

    I don’t want to be the yenta here, but I have to wonder if all of this effort was to keep both of you at odds because each one of you has a blue key that unlocks the Pandora’s box that They would rather stay closed, knowing that the keys must be applied in collaborative tandem.

    At least that’s how it would go if this was a David Lynch screenplay, and these days I’m not so sure it isn’t.

    • surly you can’t be serious

      If there’s someone else with a key he lives in LA and we had a memorable phone call…maybe even two…

      that’s it….

      (remember, kid, that although i like your blog i still don’t completely buy that you’re not Neal Rauhauser…especially since strandedfartwind vouches for Qritiq and with no proof at all keeps calling patterico breitbart’s toadie

      which is ridiculous…..

  3. No, sorry, Qritiq, I don’t agree with anything you highlighted.

    AG’s voice sound high…but you need to check out the show with “az5thdstrct”

    i think Razor419 was just trying to help Dan….it’s Artist_R who matters.


    ken danieli having a 914 area code is extremely interesting….extremely, extremely, extremely interesting.

  4. Some strange things popped out at me when I googled AG. Perhaps just Lynchian coincidences, but still.

    Listen to Ace’s incredulity at the idiocy of AG’s “logic” in the first clip. The problem here is that AG studied law at U Mich.
    I’m very familiar with Ann Arbor, and I can tell you that there are no idiots allowed.

    When I saw that AG’s parents’ names are Nelli and Arkady, and AG’s name is Allen, these names immediately reminded me of the names of some certain sockpuppets.

    • Well, dan specifically named AG as someone who was out to get him working for Breitbart…..and some of his tweets are retardo….

      he sure don’t look like a lawyer, either….but um you’ve shown zilch evidence to accuse him of anything as far as i can see

      whereas….looking back on lane lipton’s tweets, one can see that she’s ridiculously protective of all the women like stranahan and breibart (and like i was until i wised up)..

      anyone pushing cannonfire hacked nonsense is suspect….since it was true…but i’m the only one on the entire internet saying that when there’s proof instead of just idiocy…

      what else is there to figure out, anyway?

      you’re high if you don’t think stranahan and breitbart are behind at least some of the other fake weinergate women…

      • print your DW DM’s. There’s no reason not to at this point.

        • There’s plenty of reasons not to.

          Jets need to find a new running back, Greene sucks and LT is too old.

          Dan Wolfe has nothing to do with anything. None of his pictures were fucking used.

          • we have a kid who can throw and two guys who can catch – it shouldn’t be a ground and pound team. I think Rex will focus more on pitch and catch, but change takes time. Also, Mangold being out was a big problem; he’s a center in every sense of the word.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Yeah, Stranahan & Brietbart, but definitely NOT Patterico.

        For sure, totally, absolutely. Not even.

        I mean just ’cause P’s blog has apparently been used to muddy the waters and cover tracks that might just possibly point in Breitbart’s direction?

        Probably just a coincidence. Or something.

        I guess these DM transcripts found by a hobo in the dumpster out behind Winkie’s are deceiving me…

        So like, is it the “hacked”, or the “real” Patterico that you wishfully think is so uninvolved in all of this?

        Which one punk’d you with that call?

        Any proof that said caller was not oh, say “Rauhauser”, for example?

        Did you not just tweet a lot of gibberish to the effect of castigating Patterico for being supportive of a racist slimeball like Breitbart, or did I just hallucinate that part?

        And yes, I AM high. Verrrrry high…

        • So then the theory is that Patterico pretended to fight with Stranahan and kicked him off his blog LOL

          …just for my sake to fool me and punk me?

          There is no viable theory that points to Patterico as a “culprit”….sorry….provide one, somebody, instead of stranded wind foolishness.

          I think it’s kind of obvious that I’ve been trying to get Patterico to open his eyes. I blocked Stormpeedo because he was falsely accusing Patterico, too.

          I still believe his twitter and blog are hacked. I do think I probably accused a lot of people who aren’t hacked and have nothing to do with anything….but I stand behind that for multiple reasons.

          You’re both forgetting that Patterico called me when my phone was disconnected for a few days. That’s impossible. It had to be a spoofer.

          • kidkenoma Says:

            Lemme get this straight.

            P called you when your phone was disconnected?

            Are you sure that YOU didn’t hallucinate that part?

            Now, if the “Patterico” that called you was a “spoofer”, then why would you believe them about anything, let alone establishing P’s involvement or lack of same?

            If P’s twitter & blog were hacked, and “his” call to you was a spoof, then just what verification do you have regarding anything he has supposedly said?

            And let me be specific here, I don’t see anything that points to P’s direct involvement in any of the actual Weinerwanking, but the entire thrust of the threads at his forum seem entirely consistent with Breitbart damage control.

            Maybe throwing Stranahan under the bus, maybe not.

          • Ron wrote:
            “You’re both forgetting that Patterico called me when my phone was disconnected for a few days. That’s impossible. It had to be a spoofer.”

            So call your cell carrier and confirm that your phone was, in fact, actually completely disconnected that day and not just blocking you from making any outgoing calls, while still able to accept incoming calls.

            It happens.

            If a phone is disconnected by the carrier, a spoofer can’t raise it from the dead.

    • 1) I have zero “sock puppets”, not everyone wastes time making them. 2) There are no idiots allowed at UM Law. 3) I won’t even comment on Ron calling me stupid or taking one tweet out of context. 4) I was walking while on that call. 5) As usual Qritiq, really creepy that you investigate & reveal private information about anyone related to this stuff, but have at it. I have nothing to hide.

      • First of all I don’t “reveal private information about anyone related to this stuff”. I only post stuff about people when it is directly relevant and necessary for understanding.

        So, you’re saying that, although I noticed the below right away, you never did??:

        ARKady ALlen
        mARK ALicia


        ARKady NELLi ALlen
        MARiaNELLA ALicia

        Allen backwards is NELLA as in MariaNELLA

        and – sidenote – of course we also have:

        John Patrick Frey
        JOHN reid
        PATRICia reid

        I’m glad you have nothing to hide. Did Razor know your parents’ names before the fake teens came on the scene?

        What is Razor’s name? How long have you known him?

        Have you ever spoken to Ken Danieli on the phone or in person? How many times? Approximately how many emails and/or DMs have you exchanged with him? Or have you communicated with him in another manner, perhaps “chat”, for instance?

        Razor indicated that you two were not completely straight with Lee when each of you phoned into his show. Who told you to float that ridiculous it-was-done-to-get-Breitbart theory?

        Yes, I already stated above, that it is not possible that you are an idiot. That is how I know that you don’t believe that theory.

        Contacts are so helpful in DC. And when you’re job hunting, it’s great to be able to call in a few favors. How many people helped you out or tried to help, in getting your new job? Who are they?

        Also, could you please post the evidence here that shows I am employed by the BAD GUYS. Perhaps a photo of me coming out of Bad Guy Enterprises. Or maybe a pay-stub from Bad Guys, Inc. You know – something. Otherwise, folks might get the idea that your tweet was a flat out lie.

        • Yes, those are my parents names. No, I have no idea what those names are.. I don’t even remember where my various theories came from. I also have no idea who Razor is, I do know Lee.

          • AG,

            I liked your blog about Brooks Bayne.

            If he’s not a Moby aka fake conservative then he’s a hateful anti-Semite who calls Jewish people German to piss them off.

            And – just like Lee Stranahan did last year after both SWATings – he’s now mocking getting hacked.

            Honestly, I think everyone on both sides is full of shit…and I’m tired of this nonsense. Patterico’s tweets to me last night should prove he’s a liar.

            And you only touched upon Brooks Bayne’s hate. He has so many anti-Semitic comments on the internet, it’s scary. [please provide links/quotes or retract accusation -ed]

            Frankly, I can’t tell the difference between The Trenches, Zapem or anyone tied to Breitbart, MMFA, Brett Kimberlin or Neal Rauhauser. All are schizos. All have fake fights. All are lying pieces of shit.

            At least you wrote the truth about Brooks Bayne.

            And don’t trust Joe Brooks, he’s a liar, too. Don’t be fooled just because he RT’d you. He’s a hateful anti-Semite claiming I like Hitler or some crazy shit.


            Here’s DMs from the same sock who Patterico talked to on the phone..and claims can prove reported me to the FBI.

            She said she reported you and Joe Brooks, too, as I tweeted last fall, which you ignored. Then Joe Brooks and I exchanged many emails and he helped me out her real name, which I never published.

            But I’m going to publish all my emails with Joe Brooks very shortly….since he’s a lying POS who claims he is “private” just like Dan Wolfe if you ask him what he does for a living.

            Fuck everybody in this story and online. All liars and smear artists.

            Isn’t Michelle Malkin supposed to be a journalist? Why won’t she return my emails to talk to me? Why won’t Patterico have detectives or FBI agents contact me if he smears me as the SWATer.

            Why would Brandon Darby attack me if I defend him from socks tied to Neal Rauhauser and Shoq?


            Anyway, AG_Conservative was talking the big talk then deleted every one of his messages to me but not before I screen captured them.
            Direct message sent by Artist(R) (@Artist_R) to you (@ronbryn) on Jun 27, 4:14 PM.

            Dan alerted me that Joe Brooks and Ag_conservative were “investigating” me. I lost it.I live alone.Have had a stalkerDon’t want another one.
            Direct message sent by Artist(R) (@Artist_R) to you (@ronbryn) on Jun 27, 4:07 PM.

            I’m AGAIN calling the FBI. I swear you people are all fucking insane
            Direct message sent by Artist(R) (@Artist_R) to you (@ronbryn) on Jun 28, 1:05 PM.


            From: Ron Brynaert
            To: Joe Brooks
            Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 5:15 PM
            Subject: Re: Fwd: Clay_arts / “Nancy”

            You leaked what I wrote you to smear me, so your words mean nothing.

            If you’re not Dan Wolfe, you are psycho.

            I don’t care. Leave me alone unless you plan on confessing that you are Dan Wolfe, which I assume you are.

            From: Ron Brynaert
            To: Joe Brooks
            Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 5:12 PM
            Subject: Re: Fwd: Clay_arts / “Nancy”

            Dear Dan Wolfe,

            Blow me.

            From: Joe Brooks
            Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 4:59 PM
            Subject: Fwd: Clay_arts / “Nancy”


            In November I specifically asked you not to publish any emails I sent to you. And you acknowledged that request. I hear you plan on breaking this promise.

            I stand by my original request and DO NOT give you permission to republish any content written by me.

            Joe Brooks

  5. Yep, my phone was turned off..and I had to pay an extra fee for that on my next bill.

    It was the day when I answered the phone and hung up then he serial called me back like 8 times in a row…which didn’t really seem very realistic for Patterico in mid/July.

    What bus are you talking about? lol Is there someone listening to me? There’s no theory that makes sense that includes Patterico unless he’s not who he says he is.

    And um stranahan still works for breitbart and moved on to other stories…..

    Someone come up with a theory that explains all that and I’ll listen…but no one does..and everyone ignores all the stuff on my blog….so whatever…it points to you being the lefty clowns that point at the right..and the righty clowns point at the left.

    The only person in the last three months who agreed it was both sides was Film Ladd…. But i have no clue if he was fucking with me, too. i hope not….

    i’m kind of getting bored of talking with weinergate with you both..since you deliberately ignore so much…..and cherrypick…

  6. kidkenoma Says:

    Did you say something?

    I wasn’t really payng attention…

  7. Reblogged this on The Crying Wolfe.

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