The Trouble With Tweeters

I’ll apologize in advance for the ramshackle slapdashiness of this post [read: rant.]

In the back pages of this blog, you will find me making fun of Sarah Palin. Or maybe it was some other blog – who remembers. But I stopped. And I don’t make fun of Bachmann either. Why – because we’ve never seen so many male Republicans so easy to make fun of in modern times, and yet the ladies get the brunt of the disparaging comments. And don’t even try to tell me I’m imagining things; even very liberal women have noticed this “phenomenon”.

Yes, this is a Weinergate post; getting there.

In the early days of Weinergate, a gal tweeted a Weiner joke. Let’s call her Ms. Q. It wasn’t a pro-Weiner joke, but it definitely wasn’t an anti-Weiner joke. Within about a split second two trolls sent tweets to Ms. Q saying she was a moron, idiot, something of that nature, for supporting @RepWeiner. Ms. Q said a couple of especially snarky things back (imagine). One troll responded with a triple-X rated obscenity, and then yet another troll started to tweet nasty stuff at Ms. Q. So Ms. Q blocked the trolls and then took a look-see around twitter. Well she found a LOT of trolls attacking a LOT of tweeters. And, as per usual on twitter, the most menacing and obscene seemed to be reserved for women. Well, if you were going to have an organized attack on twitter, this was exactly what one would look like.

Of course Ms. Q continued to talk and joke about @RepWeiner despite the trolls. But Ms. Q thought that maybe someone younger, or not as used to the internet, might be wary of saying anything else Weiner-related for fear of trolls crushing their mood. The troll campaign wouldn’t be effective against everybody, but it could probably be quite effective against many, if not most tweeters. It looked like a pretty good way to have an impact on controlling (does the word “troll” come from this?) the message. Ms. Q wondered: Who organized this campaign?

Anyways,  a recent “forward of a forward”, if you will, got me thinking about the aforementioned stuff. The forwarded info described below, may shed a bit more light on the second sentence of this comment.

It seems that Ms. A and Ms. B were blithely tweeting along, and they both started to follow a silly hashtag. So, for that crime, some guy started to tweet annoying stuff at Mss. A and B. Ms. A is not really one to sit there and take it; she usually has something to say in return (imagine.) And after Ms. A defended herself, this lovely tweet appeared:

@MrPapaya Dennis:

Feel free to harass totally idiotic [@Ms. A]…
Sweet, huh?
Dozens of trolls attacked Ms. A and as she blocked them, more accounts were created. 322 tweets in all. Ms A noticed that some of the trolls were joking with some beandogs about it, and late into it, Ms. A tweeted about that.
If you disagree that it went down like this, you can always just go look at Ms. A’s timeline and search her handle on twitter to see the full exchanges. Since I think everyone reading this is capable of doing that, I’d appreciate it if you don’t post the tweets in that convo here.
Anywho – I’ve noticed for quite a while that Ms. A gets harassed an inordinate amount compared to her male counterparts, just like many other women – in politics, talking about politics, or just talking. It’s simply true.
And I don’t like it.

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  1. Bitchy Woman Says:


  2. Mmm. I just keeping finding situations where I have to put stuff in my Scribd.

    Has everyone seen John Dean’s series on cyberbullies?

    I will, of course, get labeled as such promptly. But please do try to find anyone I am in conflict with who isn’t a serial stalker who made the mistake of bothering me. Can’t be done, eh?

  3. More stuff in Scribd today. [edited:] If someone makes off with your private photos you can easily remedy this with a DMCA takedown notice.

    I sent Mr. Dean a note as he requested at the end of the article, and he responded. This whole futile crew and their methods were of interest to him.

      • irrelevant comment: lyrics indicate that Chrissie was already over punk by the time she came to the fore. Notice that this is a new wave song. And a few seconds after this one, they jumped into nu romantic in a big way and imo rarely looked back.

        • Hush your mouth.

          This song is at least 80 percent punk…and it’s mostly Hynde’s mostly shouting the song instead of singing that makes it punk…and the frank talk about sex.

          Any top ten of best punk songs ever that doesn’t contain “Precious” I want no part of…

          Death is what ultimately changed their sound… The second album was a huge letdown in my opinion…and wasn’t really punk or new wave. But that first record is awesome…and The Pretenders are as punk as Blondie, The Police, Television and every other band that didn’t just mimic The Ramones.

          Martin Chambers is one of the best drummers evah.

          That said….. Learning To Crawl is their second best record…..and that’s not punk at all.

          • I don’t think of Blondie as punk.

            If this tune is “punk”, what other punk song has that level of guitar artistry with such an irresistible pop hook?

            I’d say this is an example of a punk song (and that it’s even on the more melodic side of punk):

          • The Jam are probably the most melodic punk band…but I don’t think that disqualifies them.

            Blondie was mostly punk for her hair and the scene…CBGB’s etc. but stuff off their first two records including “Rip Her To Shreds” is definitely punk:

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            characteristics of a punk band:
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    • Everyone knew you didn’t give no lip to Big John.

  4. (@Liberty_Chick):
    12/18/11 7:38 PM
    @dmatthewstewart Ooooohhh…stop cyberbullying & menacing @ronbryn!! He’s allowed to incessantly tweet lies about you, didn’t you know that?

    12/18/11 7:41 PM
    .@Liberty_Chick Youre right. I just saw the memo. Leftists are allowed to even swat while we must remain silent. sorry @ronbryn my bad

    12/18/11 7:51 PM
    @goatsred @DefendWallSt @ronbryn @Liberty_Chick Hell, even some soup kitchens have wifi now. There is 1 not too far from his house on 3d ave

    Does anyone believe, even a little, that Ron swatted anyone? Ass deep in hackers, doxers, stalkers, stalkees, techies, political operatives, a convicted bomber, beandogs, shady sock puppets, assorted Anonymous members, Dan Fucking Wolfe himself and a partridge in a pear tree, but Ron did it? Ron’s the technical wunderkind who thought having followers on twitter was magically blocking his tweets from being seen.

    • I got an email from Ron recently, very concerned because it was “weird” that he received a DM from someone he was following, but who wasn’t following him. (DUH) Now Ron will flip out on me for sharing this little anecdote in 3..2..

      • oh – I also remember, early on, that Ron thought he was “hacked” because his DM’s kept disappearing from his twitter Message page (double DUH).

        • I deleted a tweet referring to the DM thing. Yeah, I was surprised to learn that both sides don’t have to be following each other to get DMs (so you can’t answer back if they’re not following you?).

          But everyone claims that I pretend to be crazy or untechie when it suits them. But the html coding on my blogs…and the crappy screenshots should show and prove that it’s not my forte.

          “oh – I also remember, early on, that Ron thought he was “hacked” because his DM’s kept disappearing from his twitter Message page (double DUH).”

          Qritiq, that’s about the third time you’ve misremembered something. Actually, I’ve corrected tons of people about that mistake.

          I was confused when my avatar disappeared…but it was a Twitter bug…and a cache conflict locked me out of my account for a few weeks. Both of those were written up later on the Twitter status blog…so I wasn’t “crazy” to think something was awry.

          This is a funny line: “Ass deep in hackers, doxers, stalkers, stalkees, techies, political operatives, a convicted bomber, beandogs, shady sock puppets, assorted Anonymous members, Dan Fucking Wolfe himself and a partridge in a pear tree, but Ron did it?”

          AndrewBreibart showed me he can hack twitter DMs…and Qritiq has seen at least one Direct Message that she thinks was hacked (I’m not so sure….I think the person who sent it did it on purpose to make it look like it was hacked).

          Also, on the night of the alleged Patterico swatting, I tried to send a DM to Stranahan but it kept disappearing. That happened a lot until I got rid of all my Twitter followers.

          That said. There’s a shitload of crazy stuff I tweeted in June and early July…some of it was pretending…some of it was I had no fucking clue what was going on.

          Until you get trolled and menaced by tons of anonymous people…and get horrible sick text messages and weird phone calls….it’s easy to say how you’d react.

          • Patterico, who’s prosecuted hardcore LA gang members for years, uses that brilliant legal and analytical mind to deduce that the person who swatted him absolutely has to be …Ron.

            Why? Because dangerous, hardcore gang members would never want to see the guy who prosecuted them get swatted.

          • Unless…

            Holy shit.

            Is Ron a Crip or a Blood?

          • Is this Neal?

            Do you have something against the Sons of Anarchy, the Lords of Flatbush and the Dead Rabbits? How are you sure it’s not one of them?

            Are you seriously suggesting that Suge Knight swatted Patterico?

        • haha…i actually yelled at neal over that in emails..and he’s an admitted hacker/cracker/slacker/lulzshacker

          From: neal rauhauser
          To: Ron Brynaert
          Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 4:36 PM

          I had DMs from here, those are gone, too. He [GregWBlowhard] has deleted/reformed before, but I don’t think he does sock accounts.

          FROM: Ron Brynaert

          TO: neal rauhauser

          Message flagged
          Monday, October 17, 2011 4:50 PM

          DMs don’t disappear….unless someone hacks you… can only see 100 at a time…i still have plenty of dms from that scary mutherfucker bigwangtheory

  5. Wikipedia sez:

    “Caller ID spoofing, social engineering, prank call and phone phreaking techniques may be combined….

    Two examples: using a service that permits people to call using a spoofed caller-id, the prankster uses the phone number of the victim, calls the police and pretends there is a hostage situation.

    Other possibility; prankster signs up for internet-based phone VOIP service in the victim’s area code, signs on to the website of the VOIP provider, and registers the victim’s address as theirs for 911, then calls 911 and again, misinforms the police that there is a hostage situation.”

    Who are the most likely to do this, out of the following group?

    Political operatives
    A convicted bomber
    Shady sock puppets
    Assorted Anonymous members
    Dan Fucking Wolfe
    Assorted LA gang member(s)
    Unemployed editor
    Random weinergate puppetmaster
    Random Islamofascists
    Specific weinergate puppetmaster
    Five lords a leaping

    • Seeing opportunity for entrapment, this is how it went down:

      Pat picks out some cops he covered for previously, makes sure they’re the ones on duty and in the area. They’ve got a dispatcher who is also the proverbial ‘good cop’.

      Some associate does the phone number spoofing thing, calls 911, arranges for screaming police run to save the soon to be murdered wife from her maniac husband.

      Everyone’s in on the joke, Mr. & Mrs. Patterico are sitting with their feet up when the cruisers arrive. A short talk on keeping their story straight ensues, and then they go away to file a report consistent with the scheme.

      Now Pat’s got his fabricated swatting, it won’t leak, and he needs someone to zap with it. This is where it gets funny, because of all parties involved one would think he’d try to stick Rauhauser with it. Are they afraid to try this with him for some reason? Whatever the case, Ron is the lucky winner of the fabrication of the month from Patterico’s Pretense Productions.

      A sound theory? The one hole is the 911 call. You can pick the right dispatcher for the job in rural America, but in a location the size of Los Angeles? The dispatch center has at least two people on duty, so how do you engineer the right one getting the inbound call?

      Alternately explanation: Pat’s a bit desperate, all he has are porn mooks, and they decide to roll the dice and do it messy. They spoof the 911 call, and maybe it gets done when they are NOT HOME. This makes it safe for him personally, no trigger happy SWAT team member caps him, and he gets his fabricated complaint. This is lower risk, fewer moving parts, and it gets the job done just as well.

      Anyone care to theorize further on the two key points? 1.) How was it done? 2.) Why is Ron getting set up rather than Rauhauser?

      • neither are sound theories. you are forgetting that Ron was a witness. He was on the phone with Pat when it happened.

        I think Ron may be getting set up in an attempt to draw a line from Ron to Kimberlin, and then Kimberlin to Rauhauser.

        Or, possibly Pat sees Ron as someone who might cave under a lot of pressure, and be convinced to give a false confession implicating Rauhauser.

        I believe both of these tacks will/would prove untenable.

        • Liberty Chick Says:

          Or how about – Ron really does lie.

          When will people wake up & see that it’s not Patterico, or Stack, or me, or anyone else they’ve blamed? It doesn’t take a whole lot to research Ron’s tweets & Neal’s posts to see that they’re not true. They’re very carefully manipulated to seem like they’re true, superficially. They depend on the assumption that most people are too lazy to research. Unfortunately, they’re correct.

          That being the case, then the behavior and motives of anyone willfully advancing their narratives and NOT doing the research and NOT exposing their lies becomes just as suspect.

          • I don’t think the statement that I am the fake Patterico was very carefully manipulated to seem like it’s true. Or that I was Ron’s stepfather’s niece. Or that I was from Vancouver. Or that Dustin was some tweeter named something like McIlvain. Or that Stack was in a grunge band in Seattle, Or that I was responsible for the J.T.LeRoy hoax. I could go on and on (no offense Ron).

            Your comment did put me in mind of a frequent Patterico (and now cryingwolfe) commenter though.

          • I have to respectfully disagree.
            Patterico, for example, has spent the last few years vocally laying waste to his own online credibility by doing a lot of what he accuses others of. Dustin disingenuously twists half truths into “facts.” Which he bleats incessantly I’m still not understanding why you feel Prepostericity is a good guy and someone to support, regardless who he is going up against.

            Like the rest of us, they are not entitled to their own facts.

            Ron has been spectacularly wrong in the past, but it comes from his misreading cues in the information.

        • Liberty Chick Says:

          Also, no one needs to draw lines to get to Rauhauser. He [please post examples -ed] directly. Lots of proof of THAT. Including from Neal himself, he’s proud of it.

          No one ever “had any use” for Ron. Hell, barely any of us even knew Ron. Not until Ron inserted himself.

          My intro to Ron? I come home from vacation the first week of July, having spent very little time online, to find a barrage of tweets from some Twitter account telling the world I’m in the FBI, and then that I’m a hacker who hacks government websites. I am neither, not even close to it.

          I look and the tweets are from @ronbryn. I proceed to tweet publicly, asking why I have deranged tweets from some dude I don’t know & why is he accusing me of ridiculous things? I then tweet to @ronbryn and ask why he’s saying such things & offer to answer any questions he has. He responds with some angry tweet, telling me to stop harassing him & again accuses me of being a hacker.

          I’m left entirely perplexed by this. I don’t know him, I don’t why he’s falsely accusing me of things, I don’t have any idea what he’s referring to by “harassing him.” I’ve been away all week & I’ve never tweeted, called, emailed the guy EVER.

          Fast forward 6 months and now Ron Brynaert is tweeting lies about me DAILY. The same for Patterico, Stack, Breitbart, Aaron, and others.

          So, since this blog seems to be so interested in developing theories, why don’t you guys tell me:

          Why did Ron Brynaert insert himself into the lives of all of these people? I can tell you 100% – it’s not because I or Patterico or anyone else looking at Weinergate “had any use” for him.

          So – why then? Why did Ron Brynaert insert himself?

          • well, I think I can answer that at least partially, but I think I will probly wait for Ron to weigh in.

          • Liberty Chickl Says:

            Qritiq –
            I’m talking about instances like this:
            “@Liberty_Chick and her porn pals & anonymous trolls spread hate, gaybait and make threats on behalf of @AndrewBreitbart…”

            None of that’s true. Flatly false.

            But Ron will go & find any instance he can that fits that description out of context, to make it LOOK true. He’ll find something someone I don’t know tweeted @ me or cc’ed me on a tweet that was unsolicited, or maybe a joke I or someone made, or RTs – as in one instance, a RT of a crazy spambot.

            If I tweet legitimate questions to Ron, he’ll tweet that I’m “harassing” him.

            And then, he’ll conveniently tweet articles about cyberbullying. You know, just in case anyone looks at his timeline, it’s got to look convincing, I suppose.

            That’s the manipulation I’m talking about. And that’s only a mild example.

          • I know exactly what you mean about Ron’s tweets because he did exactly the same thing to me. So, I ignored him for a couple weeks and he either got bored with tweeting outrageous things about me or ran out of accusations. Then he moved on to someone else. I know from experience that tweeting back at him just ratchets things up. And I think you may be giving Ron way too much credit as to the forethought and planned purpose of his tweets. Ron still writes things about me which are mischaracterizations, insulting, or simply false. Maybe I often give him a pass on that because I’m quite sure readers will give more weight to my words than to his.

            I’m trying to think of a way to address this topic more fully without Ron suing my ass. Have a couple ideas and will try to post on it.

          • Heh. You said ‘insert’.

          • Liberty Chick Says:

            I don’t have the link handy, but one example of Neal drawing these lines himself is the comment he left at this very site where he outlines how & why he contacted Velvet Revolution (on a false premise, I might add), and how he is now doing justice on VR’s behalf. I think it was in “The Conversation” post.

      • “Anyone care to theorize further on the two key points? 1.) How was it done? 2.) Why is Ron getting set up rather than Rauhauser?”

        It makes more sense to set up Ron and squeeze him for information he gathered, including emails, etc. to see who his contacts/sources were and what they were thinking and saying privately.

        Inexplicably, Ron believed in Patterico and Wolfe, which made him easy to manipulate for both of them.

        Re: How was it done?

      • Qritiq,

        In the third paragraph of the original post from Anonymiss above, could you edit out the name of the woman mentioned, and/or edit that last line of that paragraph completely.

        • Why do you want names edited out????

          • Because it names two people with the line “soon to be murdered (woman’s name)” which is ugly and chilling.

            No one wants to see that next to their name, or the name of someone they care about. Or any other real person, really.

            There’s no reason for her to be subjected to that.

      • No offense, but these theories don’t hold up.

        The first one, a mass conspiracy involving multiple police officers and employees in one or more jurisdictions…. No.

  6. wolfecries Says:

    To clear things up: I heard Pat’s call and I heard the dispatcher. You guys do a great job of continuing to muddy the waters. Ron has been pushing the agenda that mine never happened, and that he heard Pat’s.
    Now it’s a frame-up?
    You are accusing him of a Federal Crime?
    I still have my reports and calls and they are coming out soon.
    Why haven’t you guy’s accused me of a frame up?
    People have seen/heard the proof.

    And to the junior detectives harassing about “discovering” that my name is still on qritiq’s blog as “bleeker”, congrats, you win the prize.

    Neal–TY for all that proof this week that you WERE targeting me and all the chatter here about swatting. Sean has the NCIC stuff you asked for ,the license plate info you asked for and more. If the FBI comes by your house a few times a month like you stated in youur emails to him, why ask him for his help?
    Now the [waiting for reports to be posted -ed] on the police reports.

    • I’d be surprised if Ron could succrssfully run a coffee maker. Besides, he’s a hot head, not a plotter. Dan Wolfe, on the other hand….

      Did anyone notice that one of the emails published by the Smoking Gun looked like Wolfe was sending it to himself?

      • I guess anyone scouring them over or who would have written them to me could have noticed??

        • Scouring them?

          I read them months ago when they came out. I read the ‘To’ and ”From’ lines to see who was sending the emails and who was receiving them for context.

          That one email confused me because it made it look like Wolfe was both the sender and recipient (I may be remembering it wrong. It was 6 mos ago and I haven’t gone back to double check.)

          If Wolfe was both the sender and recipient, then it looks like he gave the Smoking Gun the emails himself, doesn’t it?

          When it comes to what the person writing the emails to you would have noticed, well, he appears to have missed that one.

          • Poorly run fabrication, involving people dumb enough to go along with it, but just persistent enough to pick it apart once they realize they were left holding the bag.

            Tick Tock. Pick Pick Pick. Stack outed. Pick Pick Pick. Fake teens outed. Pick Pick Pick. Seth Allen outed. Pick Pick Pick. Aaron Worthing partially visible and left without a retreat. Pick Pick Pick. Who’s next? Tick Tock.

      • Disagree. Ron has a coffee maker, and it’s hooked up IV.

  7. 4chan has the right standard in this case – YouTube or it didn’t happen. Given that most everything around Breitbart is fabrication it seems best to get confirmation from Los Angeles County itself as well as the audio.

    So, serial fabricators, prove it or STFU.

  8. A question for Dustin, Patterico and Liberty_Chick:

    How do you each feel about @TRPWL & friends’ sick tweets over the last few days?

    Are you disgusted at all?
    Would you write/say/retweet those things yourself?
    Do you think it’s ok?
    Do you think those statements reflect on you since you’ve aligned yourselves with @TRPWL et al.


    Aaron Worthing is now too sick, too tired, and too busy with the plumbing in his house to post his 200 page response lol..

      • That is true Q, but no motions by him or via him have been filed by him or via him as of the close of business today.

      • Aaron Worthing is pretending that I’m leaving comments at his blog.

        Neal is pretending that he isn’t also Gaped Crusader, Just Call Me Lefty, Anonymiss, Beth Becker’s panty raiding roommate, and leaving comments at Aaron’s dumb blog.

        “all you zombies hide your faces,
        all you people in the street,
        all you sittin in high places,
        The rain’s gonna fall on you”

        As the greatest screenplay writer of all time, Paul Schrader, put it in Mr. Bickle’s mouth: “All the animals come out at night – whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”


          Is this really acceptable behavior on the left now? This guy is asking for a picture of my wife? And Kos is going to allow that, and people will not criticize it??

          Comment by Patterico — 7/5/2011 @ 7:05 am

          Mandy Nagy
          Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy
          @ronbryn How abt I just ask anyone I barely know & don’t know at all on Twitter to never attack ur rape victim sister? Will that suffice?
          27 Dec

          Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy
          @ronbryn I’ve no idea who’s friends w me on Google+ & I’ve no control over ppl’s tweets. You attack me, like ur sister, also a victim. Scum.
          27 Dec

          Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy
          @ronbryn They ignore because they too see you’re lying. btw have you nothing to say about your thug friends’ blog posting ppl’s kids’ pics?
          27 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply

          (Mandy, I’ve criticized people on both sides for acting like vile thugs and I have no friends on either side. I work alone, as you full know, and it’s absurd to claim I’m linked to Neal days after I exposed an [edited] he made to Cheney, bragging about being a dead beat dad while attacking his ex-wife as a drug addict, and boasting about how he used a martial arts move to hurt his wife so badly – but not leave a mark – she never tried to “attack” him again.

          Only scum bring in other people’s families. Patterico posted pictures of his wife shooting targets after falsely accusing me of swatting him, so don’t pretend my satirical tweet makes me a hypocrite)

          TRPWL Adult Wiki Media
          @Liberty_Chick @ronbryn damn ron its simple..leave mandy alone and we leave u and urs alone..otherwise..all is fair in love and sister love
          27 Dec

          (Even though Sean is publicly saying he’ll menace my sister for Mandy’s sake, she has the audacity to claim there is nothing she can do about it…and that I’m somehow a wackadoo for asking her to tell him to stop. Or to apologize for threats and disgusting tweets sent by her boyfriend to me).

          Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy
          @ronbryn @TRPWL My “pal’s” just a guy on Twitter who intervened whn he saw ur thug friends harassing me, still does. I’m not the boss of him
          27 Dec

          • Also,

            Mandy pretends that I didn’t defend her at Kid Kenoma blog. I fought with Neal’s Observer sock (whether it’s him or someone working with him, it’s still his sock) for calling her the c word and for saying disgusting shit about her. I also attacked Observer for making false allegations against other conservatives, including one that Mandy and her boss famously attacked, providing Neal Rauhauser and the beandogs with the last laugh in Twittergate: Greg W Howard.

            Kid Kenoma redacted future vile comments by Observer regarding Mandy, as well. Then he banned her/him/neal/nealwearingbethbeckersstockingschasinghiscats from his/her blog.

            But, of course, Team Breitbart and the porn gang and all you zombies, will claim we did that just to fool you…since we’re all in cahoots. LOL

          • Her silence speaks volumes.

            She either has a problem with it or she doesn’t.

            She has no problem speaking her mind, so it’s obvious that she doesn’t have a problem with what’s being done to your sister.

            Correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. @OceanStratagy Says:

    Remind you of anyone?

    “Ill put my marketing team on a smear campaign of you and your site and your emails , I have about 125 dedicated people to run PR , Blogs , Articles , Videos you have no clue who I am .”

  11. Ron is just jealous that it isn’t all about him, and that other people outside of Neal are in fact involved in the current case against Brett. Too bad Ron can’t see the forest from the trees. As I said Ron I am not Neal. And if I proved that to you, you would still think Neal was somehow involved with me. So you go ahead and continue to think your paranoid fantasies are the reality, as I don’t really care that much about them or your mental problems. All I am interested in is making sure that those that are pushing Brett into a hole get some push back of their own. If that makes me a bad guy Ron then of fucking well, too bad so sad as they say.

    • alright – I’ll bite: Lefty, please post your twitter id.

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      Is that right, Lefty? Pretty brave for someone who acts anonymously. You know who’s brave? Those of us who willingly put our real identities out there for all the bullies & criminals in the world to see. It takes some strong character to stand up every day without the protection of anonymity that you choose to enjoy in your cowardice.

      Also –

      “other people outside of Neal are in fact involved in the current case against Brett.”

      I assume you mean the current case *filed by* Brett – there is no “case against Brett”, Brett is the plaintiff. Assuming that’s what you meant, care to share who such people are? There were a lot of false accusations/insinuations in those initial court filings of Kimberlin’s (i.e. he conveniently snuck in that I and others are part of a conspiracy to “murder” him, which is utterly ludicrous and unfounded, let alone false – but since the case is not against me or those others, he knows we’d have no voice in that courtroom to defend ourselves or our reputations). If you or anyone else had anything to do with crafting such false accusations/insinuations, you/they should man up and reveal yourselves. If you’re so proud of your involvement, then why are you hiding behind Kimberlin?

      C’mon Lefty, reveal yourself. Only cowards throw grenades anonymously. (oops, bad metaphor).

  12. Tears for Fears Says:

    @Prepostericity (Bob Marley):

    @RBPundit @Liberty_Chick @AaronWorthing Dude, don’t forget me. I’m the one who got it done in court! I’ve got some new motions too.

    Looks like they forgot about you. Or? No mentions. No high fives. No thanks. No …nothing.

  13. Sorry Liberty_chickie, I will stand by the arguments of Aaron Worthless, with his bullshit I’m disabled argument lol. You must be curious who Lefty is then eh Mandy? Well I tell you what, when you answer [edited] for court (whenever Brett gets around to calling you) I will be there to say hello to you. Is that good enough for you?

    I don’t buy the Worthing argument that its OK to stand up and run hate blogs against Muslims or make fun of their religion or anyone’s religion for that matter all because he can. Screw that. He knew he was running a hate blog, and despite his wife’s feelings about it he did it anyway, and all behind a cowards shield. I don’t go out and make fun of peoples religion or their faith like Worthing does, so I don’t hide behind a skirt on that. Worthing on the other hand wants to claim he is afraid of Brett, a businessman protecting his interests who hasn’t done anything to merit your bullshit attacks as a claim to not identify him, I laugh at that assertion. Hell, Seth Allen wasn’t afraid of Brett, so why should Seth’s attorney be afraid of him?. Worthing inflames people, then when called on the carpet for it he runs and hides behind his wife’s skirt, claiming his wife and so forth would be in danger. Know what? If you do something dangerous, expect it to be dangerous at some point in time. Don’t run around all yellow belly like after your caught out on the North 40. If it might affect your family, why do it? Unless of course you don’t care about them, which Worthing apparently doesn’t.

    As far as you putting your ass on the line Mandy, you don’t. You are just a blogger masquerading as a journalist. Your ethics stink, but that is only my opinion. Others may love you, I don’t.

    Sorry if that goads you, but I could care less.

    @Q, you already have my Twitter id 🙂

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      I was never sent any interrogatories, Lefty. Sorry to burst your bubble. Never sent a thing. But you and Neal just keep pushing that lie, if it makes you feel like bigger bullies.

      “Brett, a businessman protecting his interests who hasn’t done anything to merit your bullshit attacks” — Lefty, can you please provide proof of any “attacks” I’ve ever made against Brett? The only thing I’ve ever done is write an article that’s based on facts included in court documents and widely published articles (and not sourced by Socrates, as you, Brett and Neal insist). I believe you have your victims reversed, as I and others have been harassed relentlessly merely for publishing the truth. As pathetic and ineffectual as that harassment may be.

      You wouldn’t know the first thing about ethics, clearly, when you do things like illegally post court audio on your website – you know, that website you use to disseminate lies and to smear people with false accusations not unlike what you’ve posted here.

      This campaign of vigilante “justice” that you and your associates have embarked upon has done nothing to further your friend’s legal arguments. Hell, at this rate, between you and Neal Rauhauser, *you’ve* done more harm to Brett’s reputation than any of those you’re fond of falsely accusing.

      Lastly, you sound like a very, very angry and bitter person, Lefty. I’m frankly quite relieved you don’t love me. I wouldn’t expect you to, that’s because I tell the truth.

      Sorry if that goads you, but I couldn’t care less. You don’t frighten me one bit. Truth is on my side, not yours.

    • Lefty,

      You’re trying too hard. That familiar hand up your sockpuppet ass is showing.


  14. I believe the word that’s been making the overused rounds of teh blogger formerly known as the “gaped crusader’s” ED cliche-ity, and yet applies perhaps more profoundly to Lefty than anyone else in the history of the whiteysphere, is…… “butthurt.”

  15. wolfecries Says:

    Amen—Hope he’s getting that cape lubed up because he’s gonna need it.
    You should just get a head start now Gapey.

  16. wolfecries Says:

    Happy New Year!!

  17. Tears for Fears Says:

    Bob Marley (@Prepostericity):
    12/31/11 7:27 AM
    @NYT_JenPreston Please cover the biggest current social media story. Motions Filed Against Speedway Bomber Brett …

    What exactly makes this the “biggest current social media story” in the eyes of a New York newspaper? Aside from your participation, Perry?

  18. […] 5. When you state a true fact – and someone who wants to hide that truth – broadcasts that you “support” someone that you obviously never supported – why does everyone pretend not to notice the liar’s obvious lie? (I previously wrote about this commonly used subterfuge tactic as it applied to Weinergate.) […]

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