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Women For Hillary

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The pundits keep saying that my ire will wear off and by the time of the general election, I’ll blithely vote for Obama. I don’t think so. I do understand that a vote for McCain is a vote for wire-hanger abortions. And a vote for McCain is a vote to take all the money I’ve paid into Social Security and give it to private industry.  But I still don’t think I’ll be rushing to vote for Obama.

Unless Mrs. Clinton is on the party ticket, I will likely be writing her name in on my ballot. And if McCain wins, we can try again in 2012 to get HRC into office.  Whereas if Obama wins, that possibility would be most unlikely.


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Yes, She Can

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Hillary takes off the Gloves

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from the AP:
”My opponent [Obama] says that he’ll take on the special interests,” she said. ”Well, he told people he stood up to the nuclear industry and passed a bill against them. But he actually let the nuclear industry water down his bill; the bill never actually passed.”

Clinton was referring to Exelon Corp., a Chicago-based energy giant and nuclear plant operator, whose executives and employees have contributed more than $200,000 to Obama’s campaigns.

Clinton told GM workers, ”I’m announcing an agenda to rein in the special interests and save the American people at least $55 billion a year. Money that can go back into your pockets. Money we can use to create new jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, make college affordable and so much more.”

She said she would force oil companies to invest some of their record profits in high-wage, clean-energy jobs. ”I’ll end their special tax breaks and given them a choice: Invest some of your profits in alternative energy or we’ll do it for you,” she said. ”People have been paying through the roof at the pump and it’s time the companies paid their fair share.”

In addition to earlier proposals to cap interest rates at 30 percent, Clinton said she would prohibit credit card companies from imposing hidden fees and sudden rate hikes.

She promised to stop insurance companies from refusing to cover the pre-existing conditions of their clients.

”They spend more than $50 billion a year trying to figure out how not to cover people,” Clinton said. ”I’m going to save them a fortune and a whole lot of time, because here’s the new policy: No more discrimination period. So even if you have a pre-existing condition, you can get the health insurance you need no questions asked.”

And she backed tax revisions to force Wall Street ”to finally pay your fair share in taxes. Because it’s outrageous that a teacher making $50,000 pays a higher tax rate than some Wall Street investment managers making $50 million.”

Next VP

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I think Hil will pick General Wesley K. Clark to be her running mate.  He is from Arkansas and (bonus) part Jewish.