Redactico: In His Own Words


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“I offer no opinion, as is my habit.”

“I happen to be trained in sticking to the evidence.”

“I have been quite clear about what I think.”

“I would caution anyone interested in this story (and public about their interest) to exercise caution. Assume there may be hackers who want to target you.”

“I know he [Lee Stranahan] has been saying and implying things about me that are simply not accurate. …I disabled his account here at … after I read this post of his…”

“…threats have been made and law enforcement is involved…”

“I am not going to say where I got anything from anyone.”

“Clearly JohnReid9 has used this site [] to disseminate information.”

“Lee Stranahan has a new post up saying he will stop commenting on Weinergate, as it is in the hands of law enforcement. I am in total agreement…”

7/3/11: “Alicia Pain is not necessarily in the same category as the rest [Nikki Reid, JohnReid9, Marinela Alicea, Mark Alicea, PatriotUSA76]. I mean nobody is NECESSARILY in the same category, but she especially is not.” [I find this comment to be extremely interesting -ed]

In response to this question: Is there an active investigation by law enforcement? “No comment.” [gee, I would think if there wasn’t one, and you weren’t trying to mislead people or spread disinformation, you would just answer “No.” -ed]

“1) Who first mentioned JG to Lee? 2) Who first brought Marianela Alicea tweets to Tommy Christopher’s attention?”

In response to this comment: …St. Louis Activist Hub brought up the name Jenny George in CA initially., “You answered #1. On to #2! Hint: you answered #2.” [ummm STLAH was working off of az5thdstrct’s find  -ed]

Re a comment mistakenly attributed to Patterico:  “I found out about the Patterico comment from JohnReid9. I was appalled.”

“I do not publicly subscribe to the position that JohnReid9 is a liar…”

In response to: Did JR9 traffic originate from the LA area? That is where Nikki claimed to live.,  “That is not the kind of question I am going to answer.”

“It can’t be said enough: ‘Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber.’…”

“That has apparently made you [R0n] overly suspicious, to the point where you think longtime commenters here are sock puppets, or that I was an imposter when I last called you.”

7/20/11: “Law enforcement is doing something.”

In response to daleyrock’s comment: R0n – I know what your voice sounds like., “One day, we’ll all know what R0n’s voice sounds like. R0n’s Twitters tonight sound surprisingly sane. Guilty, yeah. But sane.”

“I see other O’Keefe related items [written by Patterico] that they cross-posted there [Big Government]. I’m not sure I even realized those were all cross-posted. But it was definitely not false for him to call me a BG contributor.”

I am surprised by Mike’s level of vitriol towards Dan

Re Mike’s feelings about Dan Wolfe disappearing: “I can see why someone might WANT to disappear, given everything that has gone on.”

“Dan Wolfe is a fraud.

And Dan Wolfe is JohnReid9.

In my opinion.

And R0n Bryneart is in league with them and Neal Rauhauser. … To sow confusion. And do other evil things.”

“Dan Wolfe: fraud. I tell him what happened to my family and he laughs.”

“Why would Dan refuse to cooperate with a law enforcement investigation that I told him was serious?”

“Dustin, if you like, I will delete the link to R0n’s post. I will also consider posting his IP, as well as … [personal and misleading] information I previously deleted.”

“I tend to discount the theories that Wolfe/Reid was a ‘troll.’ I think it was a full-time job.”

“I’m still not clear on whether the R0n/Neal/Darrah Ford side of this is connected to the Wolfe/Reid/Nikki side….”

“R0n isn’t just a ‘troll,’…”

“They [R0n and Dan] both have something to hide.”

“I agree [that ‘R0n’, ‘Neil’ and ‘Kimberlin’ are ‘in desperation mode’]. They are terrified.”

“R0n was going to do it all on his own. Now we need a different purportedly crazy lefty hack criminal to come in and take his place.”

“[GC] has written me to say that she is showing the DMs to Mike Stack but not to me. … Toe the line and she’ll dole out the tidbits. Otherwise, you and your desire to solve who has been menacing your family can go hang. I am more suspicious of her than ever.”

“…I have to wonder whether the person commenting here is even the real [GC].”

“It may become more clear when I lay out all the facts showing Dan Wolfe is JohnReid9.”

“Oh, and qritiq, who also claims to have secret evidence [BIG FAT LIE -ed] that she won’t let me see because she doesn’t like how I treated her, is now DM’ing with Gennette.” [HORRORS! – why would someone writing about Weinergate want to DM with GC?? Clearly SUSPICIOUS -ed]

“I believe we are going to get the bad guys and send them to prison. There was some progress on that front today. Were I one of the bad guys, I would be nervous right about now.”

“Just what is the interest of qritiq … in all this anyway?” [VERY SUSPICIOUS that a former political contributor for an alt-weekly would have any interest in political intrigue. -ed]

“My guess is that [qritiq] is just a nosy busybody who doesn’t have anything of value.” [Fuck you. -ed]

Re GC being permitted to respond to her accusers: “She will comment here when it suits me. Right now, it doesn’t.”

“What got Reid talking like that? I told him I am going to reveal all the reasons I think he is Dan Wolfe.” [any day now, any day… -ed]




off topic, but I ran into this tidbit too, just regarding comments pre-7/5:

I googled
koam – 1,290 results
@wittier – 590
koam @wittier – 572
koam – 171

Way too many, I know, I know.

Comment by koam @wittier — 7/5/2011 @ 6:36 pm


4 Responses to “Redactico: In His Own Words”

  1. Not James O'keefe Says:

    Why would anyone trust Patterico today?

    Patterico cajoled key people in Weinergate, most of them victims, to confide in him and provide him with private information not available anywhere else. He then triumphantly used that information to screw each one of them and smear them, using their real names, across the internet in a way designed to follow them for years.

    He’s manipulated information in a way that fits his own goals and creates wedges between his targets so they see each other as enemies who must be avoided and derided. If they didn’t, they might have had contact with each other and figured out what he was doing much earlier.

    Who did Patrick Frey out, and who is Patrick Frey protecting?

    Why was he doing everything in his power to make people believe Anthony Weiner was a pedophile when there was no evidence of that?

    Ask yourself who Patterico is absolutely loyal to. If you count yourself among them, proceed with caution. You’re probably expendable. Look at his track record.

    • “Why would anyone trust Patterico today?”
      i wud trust Patterico becawz he hates cats
      and becawz he sed he didnt like Wolfes
      and i think Wolfes are scary

      “Who did Patrick Frey out”
      probly he let his dog out

      “who is Patrick Frey protecting?”
      probly his sheep becawz you always hav to protect the sheep if there are Wolfes

      “Ask yourself who Patterico is absolutely loyal to”
      for loyalty obvusly you need a DOG not a DA
      ACDs are loyal AND protective so we are much beter than DAs

      also if you want a frend in washingtun it is sposed to be a dog

    • ronbrynaert Says:

      And why did Dustin aka @Dust92 spend PRACTICALLY ALL NIGHT at Ace Of Spades blog after Stack got SWATted leaving comments like “I also think it’s not proven underage girls didn’t exist just because some IDs were fake.”

      This was after he ditched his PatriotUSA90210 twitter account and strangely stopped commenting under his name at the Patterico blog he is so addicted to.

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