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“Adios!… Bloomberg out.”

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from N.Y.Times:

Bloomberg Builds His Own British Empire

Michael R. Bloomberg, imagining life after City Hall, is exporting vast quantities of financial, social and political capital to London, where he has long yearned for influence.



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more from the story…

It is the biggest development in this city’s buzzing financial district, and even Olympics-jaded Londoners call it grandiose: two bronze-and-stone towers, connected by sky-bridges atop the ruins of a 2,000-year-old Roman temple.

Bloomberg Place, roughly the size of a Manhattan city block, is the future home of Michael R. Bloomberg’s company… only one piece of the mayor’s growing British empire.

He is underwriting a major expansion of one of England’s most prestigious galleries.

He has the ear of London’s mayor, who dispatches aides to City Hall in New York.

Bloomberg and his aides court the London’s elite, holding expensive dinners for Downing Street officials. Bloomberg — an Anglophile with a taste for English Regency style — is exporting his vast quantities of financial, social, and political capital to this city, where he has long yearned for influence.

Bermuda is a weekend escape, but no place has captured the mayor like London


Steve “verngasm” Kineson is back.

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@verngasmsteve kineston I guess I’m a wanted man now so off the radar I go if no one hears from me its all right love ya (7:37 PM 7/4)
verngasm   steve kineston verngasm is back now your all in trouble  (8:47 PM 11/17)
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Why Weinergate Is Still Important

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Nothing’s as old as old news.


So why am I still fixated on Weinergate? I’ll tell you why (anyone feel a rant coming on?)


First, I understand that some people are concerned with the threatening messages that some bloggers have received. Look, I think it’s terrible when any writer or journalist is threatened; when underhanded folks try to shut them up. And of course, I hope the person(s) to blame is caught. But I think there is a more paramount concern here.


Secondly, I know some people (many of them liberals, actually) are completely disgusted with RAW’s behavior, and simply no longer want him to represent them in any way. This is really not my issue. While what RAW did was certainly dopey and reckless, his behavior is less worse than smoking at a cocktail party or visiting a strip club. In other words, while I’d be somewhat concerned about his lack of judgment, I really couldn’t care less if he wants to sext forever and a day with consenting adults.


And by the way, I likely disagree with about 70% of RAW’s policies, so why is it I’m concerned about this?


In this country, we are supposed to have a balance of power. That means the executive branch should not be able to decide who may or may not be on your local ballot, even when that candidate goes on Fox News every chance he gets to call out the President for being weak.  As for the top of the legislative branch, when Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco came out and said that people in Queens shouldn’t be permitted to have the candidate of their choice even appear on their ballot (because she couldn’t get her work done), I about lost my ish. (Interesting tidbit: The Deputy Mayor of New York City is married to Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff. Isn’t that interesting?) (Another possibly interesting tidbit: Bloomberg has registered a new campaign with the state.)


And furthermore, if my campaign contributions are going toward blackmailing, lying, honeypots, disinformation, or anything like that AT ALL, even if it’s just at the mayoral level, well I sure would like to know about it. I suspect a lot of people would.


If we don’t get some hard facts about where the funding came from for the months-long social media disinformation campaign against Rep. Anthony Weiner, I may feel obligated to write about it in the days to come.


And I got A LOT to say.



postscript: since there has been so much disinformation and purposeful distraction on this topic, I may be deleting or editing comments that I find to be less than 100% sensible. Kinda sad, because I’ve never had to do that before.











Murder In Midtown

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A 29-year-old pregnant SUNY New Paltz alumna was killed Friday by Keston “Cory” Brown, 27 of 946 Leggett Avenue in the Bronx.  Brown has prior arrests.

Brown is a Gristedes/Red Apple Group employee. He plowed his 2-ton Gristedes van into two women on East 37th Street just as the pregnant Ysemny “Semy” Ramos, who was planning to celebrate her third wedding anniversary that night, and co-worker Tassia Katsiambanis were leaving work.  The van held Brown and his male passenger, Yusuf Rodriguez, age 30.  According to witnesses, Brown pulled up alongside the women and began slowly following them.  The men harassed and yelled at the women, according to witnesses.  When the women ignored the men, the van slammed into the women, pinning Katsiambanis.  Brown accelerated with such force that the van toppled a parking meter, a signpost and a bollard meant to protect the parking meter.

Katsiambanis begged passersby rushing to her aid to help Ramos instead.  “My friend is pregnant. Please help her!” witnesses heard Katsiambanis scream. It was too late; Brown’s actions had cut the pregnant woman in half.

“She was full of love,” Renaldo Ramos said of his wife. “She refused to see the glass half-empty. She always filled up my cup when I saw it empty.”  According to Renaldo, there is no punishment great enough for his wife’s killer.  Semy described herself on her myspace page as a “devoted wife”.  Semy, a graphic designer, had just begun working at Israel Berger & Associates two months ago after being a stay-at-home mom.  Her family said she was “ecstatic” about being pregnant with a little girl.

The driver, Keston “Cory” Brown, fled the scene, but was quickly caught by police.  Police investigators found no mechanical problems with the vehicle.  Also, police searched, but found no skid marks at the scene.  (The presence of skid marks would indicate that the driver tried to brake, but none were found.)
Keston Brown.  Witnesses say Brown was ogling Mrs. Ramos and became angry after she rebuffed him.

A bit about Keston Brown’s employer:

John Catsimatidis owns the Gristedes grocery chain.  He is also in oil refining and owns gas stations.  He is planning to build oceanfront condos in Coney Island and is involved in corporate takeovers.  His motto is “We’re all salesmen.”  He is against regulation for businesses and plans to make a mayoral run.

Gristedes has declined comment.


Tassia has been released from the hospital.  She says, “I don’t know how to put the pieces back together”.  Of the friend she has lost, she says “I’m blessed to have known her.  I’m lost over the fact she’s gone.”

Semy’s family has now talked to the press.  They have made it very clear that they want justice for Semy, but the Manhattan D.A. refuses to try her killer for murder.  The D.A. may be contacted at 212-335-9000.  The address is:
Manhattan D.A.’s Main Office
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013 

Semy Ramos 1980-2009
Semy Ramos 1980-2009


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Lolita Lifestyle

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i think these young women have their heads on straight:

Japanese fashion hits nyc