I Heart Bas

A screencap provided by @PruPaine shows that @starchild111 was following @SebastianBach.
Click the pic to see the sharper full image.

2nd row, 3rd column



Lisa Weiss is a huge Sebastian Bach fan and so also follows @SebastianBach.

twitter says there are zillions of twitter accounts, but the truth is closer to Business Insider’s estimate of 20 million active accounts.

@SebastianBach is followed by 170,222 twitter accounts.

@LiberalLisa follows 55 accounts.

According to the screencap, @starchild111 was following 26 accounts

(and assuming that the starchild111 screencap has not been doctored…)

You do the math.



(P.S. “starchild” is a reference to Paul Stanley of KISS. It seems the twitter account name “@starchild” was already taken when the @starchild111 account was created. )


7 Responses to “I Heart Bas”

  1. Sebastian Bach also replied to her once, maybe twice….plus he also said his Twitter account had been hacked

    …and she’s tweeted Slash, too. I tweeted all this months ago….but still haven’t put it together in an article.

    I still want to know what alias she uses when she defends Weiner all over the web like she claimed in facebook message to him that he ignored after weinergate broke.

    i love the way she jokes about her Weinergate role to celebs when she tweets them now.

    And she’s back to harassing Van Jones again. She has a group of about 10 celebs and politicians she tweets to obsessively.

    • Of course,

      Another way to calculate “the math” is that someone like you found out about LiberalLisa and made it so people would think she was behind Starchild111 account….

      but Qritiq belongs to the Stranahan Stranded Wind “tunnel vision” gang where there’s only ever one explanation…and you’re crazy if you see others.

    • michaelianblack Michael Ian Black
      Need a new career. Does anybody have any experience in the jerking off strangers for money industry?
      22 Apr
      in reply to ↑

      @michaelianblack i do!
      25 Apr via web

      • Aside from the obvious that’s a weird joke to be making while having cybersex with a US Congressman on social network sites…

        …women that work in Las Vegas wouldn’t usually make self-deprecating jokes about being hookers if they are or aren’t.

        but who knows..i give up on predicting what’s what…

        But I wish Lane Lipton would use her connections to get Lisa’s – very, very, very real since he has at least four of five pictures and a facebook page – friend conservative pit boss @Kirk51 a job as a TV or film critic.

  2. LOL

    ““starchild” is a reference to Paul Stanley of KISS.”

    Um, no it’s not unless you know something you’re not telling us.

    While it’s true he used that name a hundred years ago in Kiss (which was ten to fifteen years before skid row and G n R claiming it’s a “reference” to him when it means other things, too, explains why you would contact Lee Stranahan in first place.


    i seem to remember another woman who contacted Lee Stranahan…..

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