Suspect Reporter

On his post my-statement-on-being-banned-from-patterico, Lee Stranahan discusses the mental state of wordsmith Ron Brynaert as follows:

I’ve talked to Ron on the phone myself a few times and he seems – quite literally, no joke – mentally unbalanced. For example, he told me yesterday that I might have been talking to ‘a fake Jenifer Preston’. I say this with nothing but sympathy for Ron, who I believe is intelligent but clearly is in need of mental help.

I have to say, Stranahan should NOT be so judgmental. There IS a fake Jennifer Preston. She works out of the fake New York Times building that is just due fake West of fake Times Square. Oh, if you get fake-hungry while you’re there, there’s a fake Shake Shack nearby.



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2 Responses to “Suspect Reporter”

  1. I tried to explain this to Ron very gently. He is reacting to folks with a lot of erratic paranoia.

    He responded by promising to sue me.

    Now, I understand it’s not possible to diagnose someone over the internet. Ron comes across as unstable, but perhaps that’s just some quirk about how he gets online. As I suggested, perhaps a few days of sunshine off the internet would help. I need a few days off the internet every now and then. I imagine everyone does.

    Anyway, Ron promised to sue me and called me a hacker. When asked, he had zero evidence to back up his claims about me. He simply imagined that I’m a hacker and a sock and trying to harm him.

    I think at the very least, Ron should talk to someone qualified to diagnose him. There is no shame in doing so. If you’re his pal (you repeat a lot of his claims verbatim) then perhaps you should try to help him.

    There is a tactic of de-legitimizing victims that includes telling people they are unstable and crazy. If Ron feels that’s what’s being done to him, he should go over how many of his assertions were unfounded and actually proven completely wrong. I don’t know if Ron really has a single source or if any of them has been threatened, but I do know that behavior is happening, and it’s important not to muddy the waters by making accusations that are baseless. It’s just plain reckless.

    If Ron spends a few days offline, he can come back, look over his work recently, and try to make an honest call about if he’s proud of it. Either way, I urge him to seek a professional.

    • dude – I would try to help him, because I think he’s a bright guy and an exceptional researcher, but he blocked me on twitter – doesn’t trust me. He’s still doing some good work, but paranoia has got the better of him.

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