We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming

NOTICE: This is not a Weinergate-Related Post. Please move along.


I’ve been stupid busy, so I haven’t seen the news lately and I don’t know much about what Occupy Wall Street is about. But I do know that most of the people working in the Wall Street area are from working class backgrounds, so it struck me as perhaps not the most appropriate place for a protest.

When young people protested in D.C. during the Nixon era, their numbers and their proximity actually did intimidate Nixon. And, while the protesters may not have met all of their goals, they were successful in influencing policy.

So, if I were to protest, my preferred location would be the White House lawn. Which sign to carry could be a difficult choice though. Just a small sampling of possibilities:

“Geithner Gotta Go”

“Buh-Bye Bundlers”

“Stop The Privatization Of Public Education”

“Health Care, Not Unconstitutionally-Required Health Insurance

“Stop Killing Libyans”

“Double The Peace Corps Like You Said You Would You Utter Disappointment”
(I might need some pretty big posterboard for that one)

“HRC 2012”


But if you just want to protest against the rich, I’d say take it to ’em and Occupy Greenwich.

The sign to bring? – “END THE HEDGING”



One Response to “We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming”

  1. Liberty Chick Says:

    Heh. I agree with a lot of that!

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