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I’m still not sure what drove this (obvious) troll to post on my site. Could someone (Pat?) have asked him to try to get me to censor Ron more than I have? Because I don’t think Paulo/Prepostericity would have been aware of my blog on his own.

The purpose of his first post at the Qritiq site seemed to be to trash Ron. After that, he tries to subtly discredit me. Below is a convo that he initiated with me.

  • Paulo Freire
    • Hi. Are you the person who has a blog discussing internet convolution concerning Weinergate? If so, I would like to talk to you off the record. I am being cybersmeared and basically worked over by Neal Rauhauser. I am looking for people who have been following this, and that I can trust.

  • Q

    • what does Neal have to do with Weinergate?

  • Paulo Freire

    • I don’t like facebook. You have my email address through your blog. I stopped posting on your blog because two people I may sue in the future for cybersmearing are allowed to attack me. That’s not cool. I am a private citizen who has absolutely nothing to do with Weinergate and do not appreciate being emotionally terrorised on the internet, simply because I exposed con artists.

  • Q

    • didn’t you attack people on my blog also?. Also, you accused Neal of accusing you of something to do with Weinergate without saying what it was. I think you should just talk straight. I’ve found that when one’s comments are straightforward and honest, then the vast majority will not believe smears against you, and the smearers wind up looking ridiculous. When you are secretive, it can make you seem suspect.

  • Paulo Freire

    • You haven’t seen what Neal wrote at Daily Kos? You cannot be trusted. Thanks for making that obvious.

  • Q

    • I can’t be trusted because I don’t read Daily Kos?? I’m sorry, but I just don’t follow that logic.

  • Paulo Freire

    • It’s not rocket science to find Neal cybersmearing me at Daily Kos. Two cybersmearers were after me at your blog. I’m not going to participate in that atmosphere. You go see what he wrote about me at Daily Kos and then you’ll understand why you are completely useless and look like an idiot. I’m sorry I wrote to you in the girst place. I didn’t know then what I know now about you. That you haven’t a clue. It’s all fun and games for you. Real people are getting abused, real people like me who did nothing wrong. Uhm, I’m reading more closely what you wrote before. I didn’t accuse Neal of being involved in Weinergate. I accused him of smearing me, a private citizen, who has nothing to do with it., I’m sorry I wrote to you. Please go away. You are now on ignore.. I hope you’re enjoying yourself while other people get hurt.

  • Q

    • I did not say that you had accused Neal of being involved in Weinergate, so why do you intimate that I did? And you continue to evade my original question: What is it that Neal accused you of specifically that had to do with Weinergate?
      Also, it seems presumptuous of you to think that I would go out of my way to read about you on Daily Kos. I am writing about Weinergate, not the trials and tribulations of Seth Allen. It’s true that I don’t have a clue about you, because I have no interest in you. But if you know something about Weinergate, I’d be very interested in hearing it.


Typical anonymous troll stuff – reminded me of Dustin right away. Uses the technique of saying that someone said something they never did say or imply; refuses to answer most direct questions. And then of course there are the antagonistic and nasty unwarranted insults. Much like Ken Danieli and @jeffeneff (as can be seen in postings at and other sites.) He also accuses others of attacks, when it seems that he started the flaming.

However, I would say that Prepostericity seems to have the wherewithal of a 12-year-old, and it does seem to be overkill for the likes of Kid Kenoma and Neal (neither of which seem to have any lack of brains) to go after him so hard.

But what do I know. This topic seems to have nothing to do with Weinergate, so I haven’t studied it and I won’t be following up on it.

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  1. That sounds absolutely NOTHING LIKE SOCRATES.

    And um why should anyone tell you something that you’re too lazy to Google?

    This is the same silly nonsense you claimed about not knowing about threats against patterico a few months ago.

    Ignorance and laziness aren’t admirable traits.

    • But here’s one link….the person to ask why does Socrates matter is Neal Rauhauser who you can Direct Message anytime you want….

      but hey don’t let me ruin the clown act that only me and probably three other people are reading

      • Don't Forget The Source Says:


        • of “JG” name?
          Or was it @az5thdstrct pulling a Dan Wolfe. Consider the timing before and after.

          • Sources matter Says:

            That’s a distraction. az5thdsstrct got it from STLAH. There is zero evidence that az planted it with him.

            And the JG name wasn’t the only tidbit to first pass through STLAH, who has a long history of animus toward ____.


          • 1. Thanks for making my point for me with that link.
            2. A likelihood is not the same as a distraction.
            3. Evidence not being printed doesn’t mean there isn’t any.
            4. Timing is everything.
            5. Surprised you reacted so quick; thought you might be camping.
            6. Gee, how’d I know that little comment would upset you?? LMAO.

          • I found that stuff long before either tweet…as you all should remember since Jennifer George posted Jennifer Preston’s 6/14 email which was sent two days before Weiner resigned and three days before story went up (nyt article says 6/18 but actually went live on 6/17)



            But here’s something to think about…although I didn’t find the info there initially….there was a Daily Kos diary that I found while searching which already had the jenay info….i’ll have to check my notes again – because i couldn’t find it last time i checked – but i believe the diarist was milowent….it was deleted right when the Tommy Christopher thing happened….and i couldn’t find it in a cache.

            Whomever it was I followed the day i saw it…hoping to ask him why….but i got distracted and never did…

          • az5thdstrct Says:

            Suppose this your attempt to get me to respond? What is the meaning of “pulling a Dan Wolfe” in your mind?

            Fact, that you’re still guessing, proves you’re reaching. Your readers should know that you are not even close to the truth regarding me. Your readers should know this so they can make their own assessments in your research. Which in regards to me…is guessing and not remotely close to the truth or fact.

          • Ron suggested that you altered your voice when you called Lee’s show. Could you speak to that?

            Also, your tweets are quite moderate – not outrageous, not un-PC, so why the anonymity, even down to your email address?

            Also, why did you distract Liberty_Chick (you pretended LC was somehow attacking GC) when she tried to warn GC about the possibility that Stef was a sock? LC’s intent seemed clear to me immediately, and you seem like a smart guy – so why so obtuse during that exchange? I hadn’t noticed you being such a big GC defender before that twitter-fight or after.

          • az5thdstrct Says:

            Not convinced that answered what “pulling a Dan Wolfe” was. Timing before or after? What do those phrases mean?

            WTH? What does that mean???

            Could I speak to altering my voice? You trek into Ron’s rabbit hole that I altered my voice! It’s my voice. High pitch? You should hear me sing. It’s HIGHER. You really should assess who you consider (Ron) as credible input. Trust Ron for your own thinking…or not. Up to you. I did not alter my voice or area code.

            You pick, me or Ron. All I offer is that when said and done, you’re readers should know regarding me this an assessment point. You’re wrong and misleading or not. I’m offering to your readers to take an assessment that your’re not only guessing and reaching but factually wrong and taking your readers down a wasteful rabbit hole. It is what it is. From this point, your readers can trust you or not. I’m offering you’re wrong/guessing about me. Wasting your readers time. I’m trying to help you and your readers, but still up to them and you. In fact pursue.

            Because I know the truth about me. I’m offering your readers to make an assessment. Who’s wasting their time? Me or you?

            Anonymity? Because of people like you and Ron. Is Qritiq your real name? Qritiq, why the anonymity? Why don’t you let your readers know what your real name is, what your role is regarding this story. A chance for you to lead and not ask your “why anonymity” question again. Are your a reporter? Do you contribute to a MSM or notable blog other than Qritiq.wordpress? What’s your offer?

            GC? Qritiq, Pleased you read my tweets. I’m hoping you continue to do so. I made assessment that GC was not central to conspiracy. I let weeks go by allowing for that possibility. At some point as you know, this story became consequential. My request after weeks of insinuation to many including Liberty was to provide facts and not guessing. That’s it. When consequences became apparent, I was requesting journalistic facts to push angle forward… OR Don’t. Was I wrong? Who knows. That’s my assessment.

            Do you disagree with that? Do you have proof that GC central to ‘conspiracy’? Planned it or abides in it? I’m open to read it.

          • all of my readers know my name. plus I told a couple of reporter friends about this blog when I first started it. So… not exactly anonymous. Do I want a sometimes-ranty blog, where most posts only make sense to about 8 people, to be my calling card? of course not.

          • az5thdstrct Says:

            Well, I believe I know your real name. Doesn’t matter. You either believe I “pulled a Dan Wolfe” or not. That I “altered my voice” or not.

            You’re guessing or not. I told you the truth.

          • who told you that I mentioned you in the comment?

          • Does anyone think @az5thdstrct is older than 25?

          • az5thdstrct Says:

            Qritiq…you did. I follow you. Easy research. Thus Ron asked you to listen to my voice on TBR,

            You may not want my help regarding ‘rabbit hole’. That’s fine. I can at least leave up to your readers on your credibility.

          • az5thdstrct Says:

            I think az5thdstrct is older than 25

          • re ron’s comment – i did not have a diary on kos about jennifergeorge. i may have posted in kos comments about the yfrog theory before it was disproven, but that’s about it, i am not a diarist there. i remember reading the early speculations about jennifer george – some might have been on kos, but people were just googling different “jennifer george” people.

          • it might not have been milowent’s diary….i just remember it being a sock that was liberal but was trading tweets with conservatives…

            The diary was short appeared in first few days of weinergate…..and had barely anything in it but a profile for Starchild111 that said Jenay.

            I’ll have to check my notes from way back in June….

          • weird


            Should we really trust an unsourced statement coming from Tommy Christopher? Some people wonder if he even exists, or is actually Breitbart himself.


            I SPOKE TO TOMMY CHRISTOPHER (4+ / 0-)

            He convinced me to the tipping point that the girls I identified are different girls, despite the extremely unique spelling of the one girl’s name, and the proximity in age to that girl.

            TC described the steps he took to verify the girls’ identity and I can’t say I could have verified it any better. Though there’s still a shadow of a chance that he’s being played, he says he’s spoken on the phone to the parents so I at least know this isn’t “veronica” working him over.

            Also, the now redacted photo of the girl in the twitter conversation apparently doesn’t resemble the girl I identified.

            Diary deleted. Apologies.

    • Apparently you are the lazy one Ron – I’ve stated quite clearly that the blogger threats were not my main interest in this story. You need to read more carefully.

      • How am I being lazy,?

        You claimed ignorance first. I think I’ve read most of your words on Weinergate.

        Selectively parsing what you are interested in makes no sense since obviously there is some sort of connection between what happened and whatever threats really happened.

        Heck, all I know is someone got a scrubbed police report of me and put it on Patterico after he put up a post that many thought meant he was taking my “theories” seriously and everyone knew we were talking….and Lee kept slamming us both and lying about how Patterico had used JohnReid9 as a source for Maggie emails, which he didn’t, and he left a fake comment on the site – which lol johnreid9 told patterico about -:

        …and then Dustin kept bringing it up to smear me….then pretending like he wasn’t and i was wrong to be upset at him repeatedly bringing it up.


        Then look at you. What was your first post? A tip you sent to Lee Stranahan and then you deleted it.

        Your second post was then a smear against me.

        And you wonder why I don’t like or trust you?

        Neal Rauhauser, Lee Stranahan and Jennifer Preston are the only three people that could have had a motive to do that. And it wasn’t done for no was to scare me from the story.

        What’s the point of this post, then? If it’s to say Dustin might have been acting as Socrates in whatever that convo is from (how would socrates block you?) then sure maybe….but so?

        Anyway, the only person I’ve never seen Socrates not argue with is Dustin.

        That’s what made him the ultimate troll, there was just no way to ever reason with him…he would just move the goalposts.

        The complaint against Socrates specifically mentions workplace complaints…so i suspect we only know a small part of all the harassment he’s been engaged in over the years.

        He obviously controls multiple socks, too.

        But, again, i don’t think he has anything to do with Weinergate….it’s just part of Neal Rauhauser Lee Stranahan confusion.

        How about writing a post about what you’ve learned from GC, Goatsred, Patterico and everyone else in your months of investigating or something resembling a theory that ties up everything?

        • your link doesn’t go to a particular comment.
          you’re wrong – i’ve never spent any time wondering why you don’t like or trust me.
          Are you saying that DW was Pat’s source on the Maggie stuff?

          • It doesn’t have to…There’s a ton of comments on that thread about what Alicia Pain did and how Dustin ran with it.

            “Are you saying that DW was Pat’s source on the Maggie stuff?”

            I never said anything like that at all. Not even remotely.

            I said lee lied and said johnreid9 was the source when patterico wasn’t following that account at the time. Something anyone following this story should already know. I don’t know any of Patterico’s sources.

            You’re such a goofball clown….with what you respond to…

  2. Who (& who) sez “uhm?”

    • Interesting.

      I did a search on “uhm” on Patterico and it came up once. In an alleged Direct Message sent from the real Weinergate teen to the fake Weinergate teen on April 13.

      I wrote a story about the real Weinergate teen….and the tweet she made seconds before Rep. Weiner tweeted to GC.

      • Ethylkxaaa Says:

        And who else?

        • uhm is a gerbil stuck down your throat?

          no one as far as i know…since i um spell it um not uhm if that’s what you’re implying and um one use of one word one time MEANS NOTHING ANYWAY

          But is that the right answer, Qritiq or troll or who cares?

          Aside from seeing it a few times at Breitbart site I didn’t see anyone spelling it uhm if you do, spit out the gerbil and share with us..

          playing stupid games makes you a troll…and just koam and qritiq would focus on stupidity like spelling something once….

  3. Absolutely Seth Allen of South Easton, MA.

    These are the very words you can hear on the audio of him appearing at a hearing in Montgomery County, Maryland, last month. His prior conduct, his demeanor, and the things he said during the hearing got him arrested and jailed for two days.

    I don’t think Seth is a bad guy, but he is a conspiracy theorist with the attendant paranoia and he is vulnerable to manipulation because of this.

    What we’re seeing here is a common pattern for a certain group of people active on the internet today.

    1. locate vulnerable individual such as Seth Allen, or Ron Brynaert. Paranoia and impaired judgment are pre-requisites.

    2. manipulate them into believing that some group or person is the root cause of whatever paranoid theories they had which initially got them noticed.

    3. incite stalking behavior from the victim, telling them that just one more blog post or a few more tweets will be all it takes to forever end the menace they perceive.

    So, Seth, I know you are reading this. Let’s review what really happened.

    1. You were guided to attack someone and you provoked the target to the point where they sued you and you got outed.

    2. The person involved in the planning simply cut you loose – they never imagined you’d get caught, and now they don’t know what to do, or they’re unwilling to pay the $40,000 retainer to defend the libel case.

    3. You turned to one other person in that circle and they “ratted you out” – your words. My view is that they did the responsible thing and kept you from spending the rest of your life in prison.

    There is just one conspiracy in play here, Seth, and you’ve been a tool of it for the last two years, a pawn to be guided, and once you found real danger they abandoned you to your fate.

    Call them and ask for help. See what sort of response you get.

    I think all you really have to do here is be completely honest about how you came to be in the predicament you face today, and then it will be the people who guided you to it that suffer the consequences, not you.

    I’m going to send you an email that will suggest a path you can take. You’ll have to come clean on what happened, including turning over all communications you had with them and describing how you were paid, but then it’ll be over.

  4. And here is the likely first cause behind all of this.

    James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles clearly violated Maryland wire tap laws. You can’t record someone without their permission here – it’s just that simple.

    The Baltimore city prosecutor begs off – too busy with violent crime, so the IndictBreitbart effort is launched.

    This frightens and infuriates Breitbart, so his toadies come hopping along, they find poor Seth, and he’s just the right tool to get at the guys behind The smear goes on for two long years, screwing up their fundraising.

    Then HBGary CEO Aaron Barr mouths off about having information on Anonymous in the Financial Times. Sabu notices, and soon Mr. Barr is out of a job and his company’s email is spattered all over the net. I pick through the debris field, writing a report that is seen by House and Senate staff, and during that process I make contact with Velvet Revolution.

    Now I had a problem last fall, some crazy guys making up this huge conspiracy theory about me (Google:Twittergate) and it did to me what Seth did to others – you can’t Google my name without seeing a big wad of troll droppings for results.

    Greg W. Howard and Patrick Swift Read were always the public face of this attack on me, but hovering in the background was ZAPEM. I never could identify her, beyond knowing that she was female, and that she was probably in New Jersey.

    But people just couldn’t shut up about Weinergate, and things started to fall out.

    Howard and Read have offended a number of their supporters badly. I have a big dossier now on things they’ve done thanks to their poor relationships with others, stuff I’ve not released, stuff that doesn’t quite rise to the level of needing law enforcement attention, but I bet there will be civil suits sooner or later.

    Patrick Read betrayed ZAPEM’s first name, Michele, in a ranting email to me a couple of months ago. We suspected that [redacted] was her last name from a slip she made in an obscure social media profile elsewhere.

    Mandy Nagy, Liberty_Chick on Twitter, made another slip during hurricane Irene. She was having trouble traveling – a downed tree or some such, and she reached out to ZAPEM and Mike Stack, owner of the goatsred account of Weinergate fame.

    I don’t have the specific tweet handy, but it basically indicated that they were near enough to rescue her and that she knew them well enough to trust them for this. Nagy, O’Keefe, Stack, and ZAPEM are all close enough to meet somewhere on short notice – if they feel the need for a long walk in an open area after reading this, Washington Valley Park is roughly the geographic center for their locations.

    The name slips and the geographic slip, coupled with some other sleuthing I wasn’t directly involved in, yielded this Facebook profile. Others are quite excited, I am not yet 100% convinced that Michele [redacted] is both ZAPEM and sister or sister in law of Mandy Nagy.

    I have to stress that this is NOT CONFIRMED. And all we need is another Jennifer George, dragged through the muck for something she didn’t do.

    [link redacted – speculative]

    Meanwhile, back on the intert00bz …

    ZAPEM, determined to bring me down, unprotects her Twitter account, giving me all sorts of goodies, then she begins to harass various aspects of Anonymous. Not quite as grim as the provocation Aaron Barr offered, but eventually one of the little ones comes to me and asks about ZAPEM. I don’t share anything they couldn’t get from public searches, and I tease them with a bit of the information I provide here.

    A few hours pass and then a very big dog from the Anonymous pen comes knocking, puzzled over why one crazy person with a Twitter account is so important.

    People have a view that Anonymous is all crime, all the time, but that’s more properly the mysterious transnational behavior problem that is LulzSec. Most of the Anonymi are more interested in free speech and technology – “We don’t break into things, we break out of them”.

    We start talking, comparing war stories clear back to the 1990s, and it turns out big dog and I didn’t know each other, but our circles did cross. Pretty soon an obscure IRC channel on an obscure network is full of people that went quiet ten years ago, all making popcorn and getting ready to watch the fun.

    Fun? Absolutely – because now Anonymous understands that Velvet Revolution is the only victim of HBGary that has both standing and the will to pursue them. They understand that Velvet Revolution has faced an organized smear that is pretty transparently attributable to Breitbart associates. And now there may well be a connection between the two.

    So ZAPEM went out in an ill advised effort to recruit Anonymous as her personal army, and instead she just put Breitbart & Co. square in their gunsights, with more than adequate reasons for them to take the same sort of interest in them that they did in HBGary.

    Freedom of speech and association are inalienable rights. That isn’t a free pass to assemble a pack of yahoos and smear someone you disagree with, and if the purpose of that smear is covering a string of state and federal crimes calculated to interrupt the right of free assembly on election day for minorities and the poor?

    No movie producer would go for this story line – it’s too far fetched. And yet here we are at the end of a long trail of bread crumbs, and while some of the particulars are up in the air, the overall pattern is pretty clear.

    One final pithy quote:

    “No one of us is as cruel as all of us.” -Anonymous

    • I don’t pretend to understand this controversy, but I did look at the facebook link Neal posted. That person did not seem to be highly political or extreme right wing. And looked nothing like the @zapem avatar. Also, from the limited contact I’ve had with @zapem on twitter, I would say that no-one that dopey could possibly be related to @Liberty_Chick.

      Actually, @zapem seemed to have an old grudge against me (it is doubtful that someone in Mandy’s family would just happen to be familiar with this blog) and sounded a lot like Dustin/other anonymous trolls.

    • Journalists have been sent to prison before by dopey judges.

      Every news organization in the country would defend O’Keefe and Giles to prison when they were acting as journalists, no matter how much noise dopes like Rauhauser and Brad Freidman want to make.

      I was one of the few that thought the jailing of Judith Miller was wrong….and the fact of the matter is was her reputation was completely shot but after she got out of jail – and she was supported by all journos – she quickly recovered.

      The same would happen to O’Keefe and Giles if they were ever jailed for such a ridiculous, unconstitutional reason.

      The real reasons to probe O’Keefe are how he managed to get such a sweetheart deal in post-9/11 period dicking aroudn in a senator’s office. Democrats must have helped arrange’s the only explanation.

      Also, why is O’Keefe still allowed to do stuff with Veritas and Breitbart while under probation? He could just use his pen or keyboard like most journalists or make straight documentaries for two years….but instead he’s still clowning and tours the country taking bows for stuff that got him arrested.

  5. Far fetched?

    It’s stupider than L. Ron Hubbard.

    A pack of lies from a pathetic ass clown.

  6. kidkenoma Says:

    Uhm, “…the person to ask why does Socrates matter is Neal Rauhauser who you can Direct Message anytime you want…”

  7. “Let’s review what really happened”

    Socrates works in some way with Markos in order to attack critics.

    He trolls the net looking for anyone who criticizes Markos, Daily Kos or Netroots and mixes up the truth with ridiculous crazy wackadoo theories which makes all of Markos critics look nutty.

    Neal Rauhauser did something similar at Firedoglake when he left diaries about the Project Vigilance hoax…at the same time he sent tips to every blogger on the left about HBGary – most are probably bogus.

    He has diaries about spreading conspiracies around etc. at Daily Kos…..

    It’s the same thing that Neal Rauhauser did with Adrian Chen at Gawker. Make everyone look like fools.

    How much does Markos or Velvet Revolution pay Seth Allen is the real uestion.

    That’s the beauty of the online netroots: Tommy Christopher, Neal Rauhauser, Markos, Max Blumenthal, Mike Stark, etc make videos where they scream and rant and rave or blog crazy stuff….but they’re not crazy….

    only their critics are.

    Neal Rauhauser is the nutbag conspiracy theorist who blamed te “Christian Infowar Militia movement” for Weinergate and tried to sell it to jen preston at the new york times, too.

  8. Ethylkxaa Says:

    Sometimes it’s the little things.

  9. Seems like a strong desire to draw a line to Breitbart may have clouded logic re the identity of @zapem.

    While I’m sure they could never i.d. her, I do know of a couple of crack detectives who may be able to determine what kind of pizza she likes. They have almost a 50% success rate!

    • kidkenoma Says:

      “crack detectives” (LOL)

      • When I called Jason Leopold a crack investigative journalist the other month at your blog did you laugh out silently at least?

        According to Kid Kenoma, Ken Danieli is the pizza man….and there was only one so neither of these jokes make one bit of sense…

        And also after Ken Danieli – as Kid Kenoma claims – tried to get me to say stuff meaner about Lane Lipton proving he hates her, the kid conveniently forgets that Mr. Wittier aka Koam aka Ken Danieli then mocked me by alleging that she had nothing to do with anything.

        Back in character, kid, i like you better when you don’t take the obvious Team Rauhauser side.

        • kidkenoma Says:

          Koam/Wittier/Danieli’s push-pull cognitively dissonant double-bind inconsistency destabilizing tactic is standard operating procedure in some circles.

          Seemed to work pretty well too, judging from the results posted here.

          “…take the obvious Team Rauhauser side.”

          Shit, I thought I was supposed to BE Rauhauser.

  10. I find it interesting that Neal Rauhauser peddles what he claims are real HBGary stories based on docs obtained by Anonymous to liberal blogs and journalists while making up hoax stories about Project Vigilant at FireDogLake where EmptyWheel and others did lots of work on HBGary

    And I find it more interesting that he is using @WeOccupyAmerica to speak for Anonymous when he brags he worked on 44 Democratic campaigns. And that he is pulling them into Weinergate, as well.

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      Ron is right, all of this is correct. It really is. I was investigating the HBGary stuff at the time because I was going to write about it, and about all the skewed media follow-up, including the claims that went into the report that Kevin Zeese & company submitted to Congress. Those claims became more and more exaggerated by the day, especially when any of Neal’s crew ended up on podcasts. It was turned into a tool for other political purposes.

      I have to say, now that Neal has confirmed his involvement with these people, I am finally coming to some conclusions I was previously unable to make. And after seeing Neal’s post above & how malicious he is and his blatant disregard for people’s privacy & safety, I am starting to wonder if maybe Neal and co. really have been relentlessly harassing and hacking Ron. I believe it is possible that some of the things I discovered are the same reasons why they would be targeting Ron.

      I never got to write my piece because I became very ill at the time (I have Lupus). By the time I recovered, the story was no longer in the news. But I never stopped monitoring new developments and relevant connections.

      Unfortunately, Neal has much of the timing incorrect, and has also incorrectly associated several of the connections he (Neal) has made. (btw, ZAPEM is in no way related to me, and I have never met her…nor have I met or ever spoken with most of the others Neal claims I have).

      What’s happening today with the OccupyWallStreet protests is directly relevant to all of this organized chaos.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Yo–since we be all righteous about “journalistic integrity” & how evil Rauhauser is for “smearing” various citizens, I’d like to get a little question answered here if I might.

        When the name “Kidkenoma” is googled, the third entry that comes up is this tweet from Liberty_Chick on 8/24/11:

        “Well, a person KidKenoma used to target sent an email today – he mentions “murdering” someone.Now see why we can’t just leave it?”

        I asked you once before, and I’m asking again…

        Just what the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?

        “Targeted” how?

        Who got “murdered” by who?





        Can’t leave what exactly?

        And what does that have to do with Kidkenoma?

        Or murder?

        Is this the kind of “journalism” you practice?

        Is this that fiercely cherished “freedom of speech” that you’ve blathering about so self-righteously in your recent tweets?

        Oh, and you’re so morally superior to these vile smearmeisters that you have such contempt for.

        Wotta joke.

        • sounds like you’re targeting LC now.

          • kidkenoma Says:

            Targeting LC by asking her to explain publicly tweeted unsourced smear innuendo from her?

            Whatever you say…

        • “kidkenoma Says:
          Yo–since we be all righteous about “journalistic integrity” & how evil Rauhauser is for “smearing” various citizens, I’d like to get a little question answered here if I might.”

          Your writing style mimics that of the fake Breitbart account that’s been trolling Ron and other people following Weinergate, among others.

          Is it still @AndrewBreibart, or did you change it again?

          • kidkenoma Says:

            That’s right Koam/Wittier/Danieli or “Noodles”, whatever, it does “mimic”.

            Wow, This is your biggest blockbuster since posting the bogus “Kidkenoma” tweets.

            And just as devastating.

            And totally consistent with your trolling at KK blog.

            I hope Mandy at least showed you her much tweeted about “bewbies”
            for your noble effort here.

            Lucky stiff.

          • fwiw – Redacted has diff IP from the troll. (if I had I’d to guess I’d say Redacted is not noodles either)

          • kidkenoma Says:

            My abject & profuse apologies “Redacted”, for mistaking you for a troll or something.

            Jeezis, what was I thinking?

            Tell ya what, just send me a blank all-purpose confession, and I’ll sign it.

            You can fill in the identities
            that I’ve been outed as so definitively, later from the Master List:

            –Fake Breitfart
            –Neal Rauhauser
            –Fake Neal Rauhauser
            –Fake @Kidkenoma
            –Socrates (LOL)
            –Joseph Matheny
            –Hacked Patterico
            –Jennifer George
            –Darrah Ford
            –Dan Wolfe

            …and so on & so forth…

            By the way “Redacted”, did you have any relevant comment to make about the posted topic, or did you just want to hi-jack this blog for my fan-club?

            I hope those “bewbies” were worth it.

          • Kid Kenoma sounds absolutely nothing like AndrewBreitfart who sounds exactly like um AndrewBreitbart but I think he’s much younger.

      • If you’re writing here does that mean you’re done answering interrogatories?

        • Oh the pea soup in Neal’s pea brain mind thickens..

          Are you implying Kid Kenoma is Socrates, now?

          Shit, it’s kind of obvious he ain’t on Team Socrates/Rauhauser since he’s not bat shit crazy.

  11. Anti-Socrates Says:

    So Mandy, maybe you can explain a bit more about your associations with this serial stalker cum blogger Seth Allen? Did you in fact write a story based upon many of the stories he had written long ago? And, do you not think that two years of writing pretty much the same story is considered by many to be stalking? I mean, where in fact do you draw the line on using a stalker type for a source on a story you just decided to write about? Don’t you use due diligence in vetting sources? Or do you just write any old thing that comes your way that gives rise to your right wing extremist views or right wing bosses? Just curious.

    Also, when did you decide to write this story from Seth Allen’s blog? The way the timeline is shown is very intriguing to say the least which is why I ask. And I guess later on when you realized he was in fact a strange and scary type of person, you decided in his words to “rat him out” for his stalking or his scary messages to you. So how come you don’t write a story showing that your initial story on his work was potentially tainted because he is one of those scary stalker types that goes out seeking real justice when he decides he can’t get any justice by stalking? Where do you stand on this Mandy? Inquiring minds want to know the truth – if you can stand to face up to it lol..

    • how the heck can you know what her sources were? And IMO it’s kinda flame-y/trollish to imply that she doesn’t use due diligence when you don’t give any proof or example of that whatsoever.

  12. Anti-Socrates Says:

    @Q, I am following the assertions made here, plus what others have said on Twitter, and her own story which she produced. I don’t mention names other than hers. Plus Q, why not let her answer the questions 🙂 No trolling is going on. As for her story, the timeline is clear that she only had a few days to write a story, so I am asking how she did her due diligence on such a major story without much more than Seth Allen’s writings to go on?

    As for her sources, she only used how many for it? One? Two? And all in three days or less before writing it all? Can’t do too much due diligence in 3 days now can you? Well, I guess you can if its a smear story written by her bosses under her own nick or however that is done, but then what do I know Q?

    Sorry for sounding like a troll lol. I guess you can’t just drive by and ask questions here after following the long detailed stories posted here eh Q lol?

  13. Corky's Dad Says:

    Nobody here knows who “Anti” is.
    In case anyone wants to know what’s on Mr.Revolution’s agena for tomorrow, he’s gonna be stinking up the streets of New York City. Just look for the guy who looks like my son Corky from the TV Show (90’s) “Life Goes On”

  14. The Liberty girl is pretty well versed in this situation and has he facts straight. Its too bad that an obsessive-compulsive person like Mr. Rauhauser has been able to cause so much damage.

    Tick Tock Neal…its only a matter of time now 😉

    I have been forced to follow this and wish that I could have gotten to know the parties involved in which about half of them appear in this comments sections.

    To date it has ceased to amaze me how a “nobody” with apparent self-esteem issues has been able to keep this going for so long. I speak of Mr. Rauhauser.

    And shame on you Neal for dragging Ron down with you and your stupid obsession. Get over it. You beloved Anthony Weiner was a perv and a creep. I can appreciate you standing behind fellow progressives but at some point it needs to stop. But you (Neal) can not give it up. You found a hole and immediately looked for a shovel. Now you have reached a depth suitable for fracking and there is no way out of that hole. No one will throw you a rope ladder.

    But it was a fun game you introduced. Much like Whack-a-Mole. You pop up and the sadistic side of your personality wants someone to smack you back down into your hole. Your desires have been fulfilled.

    But now the game is over. The players have attained the high score. Now it is time to dismantle the machine and show everyone just how those moles pop-up and why.

    Keeping it real.

    PS-Notice the slight alteration in the spelling of your name?

    • thanks for the ps

      no one noticed

      • Not Neal RauLhauser Says:

        @Rocksem noticed. He welcomed the @NealRauLhauser account to twitter by asking if it was really Neal. He deleted the tweet a little later, though.

        • Not Neal Rauhauser Says:

          First tweet by @NealRauLhauser account, which was following 22 people including @Rocksem:

          “Hey everyone, Im locked out of my other account. Will be adding all of you soon enough”

          @Rocksem replies

          “Is this the real @NealRaulhauser?
          Stranded Wind Neal Raulhauser?”

  15. […]             A print out of this post. […]

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