Dumbass Theatre

I’m guessing those odds are zero point zero percent.


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  1. Zero point zero. A classic.

    BTW, what have you got yourself into here???

    • if you can figure that out, please let me know

    • hey, if you have a couple minutes, take a look at this? http://patterico.com/2011/08/12/weiner-document-dump-part-3-including-still-more-alleged-dms-from-weiner-to-nikki/

      Do you think Gennette (the Seattle college student RepWeiner tweeted the underwear pic to) would have a case against either “John Reid” (the guy who doctored her actual DM’s and created fake ones that he attributed to her.) or the blogger?

      (seems like the point of the doctored and fake DM’s is a bit of character assassination – and seems like that may have been the goal of publicizing them as well.)

      • I’m not an attorney and I don’t play one on TV, but I’m happy to make an uneducated guess.

        Not so sure it meets the definition of libel as there has to be some fallout due to the libelous statement that effects your professional, commercial or social reputation. If you’re a skanky ho that likes to chat up and flirt with married men online is there really any character that requires assassination?

        That’s what I’m thinking now but I have no backbone. So if you make a marginally compelling argument for this not to be the case, then I will fold and agree with you.


        • I haven’t made any statement to agree or disagree with. But I can tell you that the gal in question is a college student with a steady boyfriend and a job at a newspaper (so she does have a professional reputation to uphold – she wants to be a political journalist.) And I know personally that she is super-smart, well-spoken, and quite sweet. She says she never flirted with RepWeiner, and he never flirted with her. And since she hasn’t seemed to have told any fibs in the many months in which she’s been scrutinized, I believe her. (Although I didn’t to begin with, and I still feel bad about that.)

        • oh – it also helps to know:

          from soundbitten.com: 05/27/11: At 7:44PM, [porn star] Ginger Lee tweets, “OMG yes. RT @KMB2476: @gingerlee Btw, I just saw Anthony Weiner guest on Rachel Maddow and my first thought was ‘You know, that’s likely Ginger’s dream threesome.'” (Source: Twitter, Tweetdeck)

          05/27/11: Weiner sends gray underwear to Gennette Cordova at 8:30 pm.

          which leads to last paragraph here:


          • “I haven’t made any statement to agree or disagree with”.

            Sure you did. You said, “seems like the point of the doctored and fake DM’s is a bit of character assassination”. That is opinion, if I’m not mistaken.

            And, you met my marginally compelling argument threshold so now I agree with you.

          • ha – well as statements go, that would be a pretty wishy-washy statement. (I guess I mean even though I think it’s hincky, I’m not sure it would be a winnable case.)

            But I do think it is much better to agree with me than to disagree with me 😉

          • Why didn’t Weiner tell the New York Times about the fake teen that GC alerted him to?

            And if your claim is that Weiner sent an errant tweet to Gennette that means he lied when he said it was a joke on the day that he resigned, too. Unlikely and for what reason? He could have just said he meant to send it to someone else or not that at all.

          • I think it probably was “part of a joke” meant as a reply to Ginger Lee’s tweet

          • Also,

            I think there’s about 50 commenters in Patterico website that Gennette could sue first, if she really wanted.

  2. This is insane:

    The Andrew Breitbart gang is scary. Since when have they been quiet?

    In the real world, the guilty person sleeps and don’t say a god damn thing…while the innocent people scream to the high heavens.

  3. Scooby Doo DA Patterico sent a tweet to me last night and then deleted it:


    “@ronbryn Name one.”

    It was a response to:

    Patterico must need reading lessons since I pointed out thirty holes in the yellow journalism reporting of Kimberlin case that he’s relying on.

    (True story: Patterico and Liberty Chick are using ridiculous stories from a newspaper owned by the Quayle family to smear someone who accused Dan Quayle of buying pot)

    One key fact that Patterico ignores is that the judge on the civil case was corrupt and went to jail for being corrupt and he tried to bribe Kimberlin and it’s part of the goddamned case: http://ftp.resource.org/courts.gov/c/F2/902/902.F2d.585.89-2438.html

    He ignores six hypnotized witnesses, search warrant peculiarities, the most bogus identification procedures ever, and close to thirty other things he ignored on my twitter feed and blog.

    DA John Patrick Frey better get used to my Twitter page since it is documented proof that he broke the law by abusing his office to make menacing phone calls to me.

    It’s absurd that not one media organization, blog or journalist will report on this four month long witch hunt by Andrew Breitbart and Patterico and their lackeys, but I don’t intend to let the harassment slide…since Mr. Frey is a menace to the justice system.

    Patterico knows he shouldn’t be making all those tweets about Brett Kimberlin since Socrates made a death threat against Brett and there is a final judgment due in a few weeks. Patterico is acting like a two bit gangster.

    Every time Patterico tweets about Brett Kimberlin he is committing a potential crime. He should tweet about the thug Neal Rauhauser…not kimberlin who has nothing to do with OWS or Neal.

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      “Patterico knows he shouldn’t be making all those tweets about Brett Kimberlin since Socrates made a death threat against Brett and there is a final judgment due in a few weeks. Patterico is acting like a two bit gangster.”

      Why do you & the snuff-tin crew keep lying about that lawsuit, intentionally intertwining it with Socrates’ arrest? There is no “final judgment” in a few weeks because the prosecutor said the “death threat” charge was crap & opted not to pursue it. I explained that to you guys 100 times, yet you still lie about it. Why is that? What do you have to gain with your lies? Anyone with a functioning brain can read the case file, the truth is there for all to see.

      The defamation suit against Socrates is what will be decided in a few weeks. Again, anyone who read the complaint and the case file asks why it hasn’t been thrown out – it’s a ridiculous suit with ridiculous charges that are not accompanied by evidence. Had Socrates shown up for a single hearing before the damages phase, it would’ve been tossed. And you and any legal minded person looking at it knows that. You pretend not to know it.

      Whatever your opinion of Socrates, whatever history you and others have with him, it doesn’t negate the truth about the facts of today. And all of you are intentionally distorting the facts, which I find to be extremely suspicious and telling.

      I find it baffling that no one else but the snuff-tin conspiracist himself has actually bothered to read the case files. Why is that? I even gave you the name and number of the police officer to call and speak with. Yet you haven’t. (Come to think of it, I also gave you a list of all the other police departments that have been involved in investigating the post-Weinergate harassment – and yet, none of you have contacted any of them to request the police reports…why is that? You’d have the truth in 5 minutes – why don’t any of you conspiracists want the truth?)

      You’ll all go ahead with your ludicrous claims that I’m leading some sort of conspiracy, that Pat & I are in it with Socrates. I told all of you how I came to work on that VR post on my own accord, by chance while working on another piece related to an Indigo Girls GOTV event that Justice Through Music covered last SUMMER. I told all of you that I never knew of Socrates before October 11th, 2010. The problem you and your snuff-tin crew have is that I know the truth, and the evidence you DON’T have establishes that truth.

      Your attempts to discredit me are not appreciated and I don’t particularly like anyone trying to intentionally interfere with my professional work. But, given the fact that those of you pushing this snuff-tin nonsense have zero credibility, I won’t spend much more time setting the record straight. My writing on that piece was truthful – you may not care for my writing, but I did a lengthy amount of research on the piece and I used many references and cross-references. You work very hard to try and discredit the IndyStar publication and the New Yorker. Yet, several other references are also right there in the piece. So, are you also discrediting Time magazine and court documents as well, then?

      When I was made aware after publishing my piece that Kimberlin was unhappy with it, I offered him via email the opportunity to provide a list of items he felt warranted retraction and his reasons why. He never provided anything in response. I believe Patterico did the same with respect to a follow-up post he wrote after he saw my piece – if I am not mistaken, he also never received such a response from Kimberlin.

      That being said, there sure is an awful amount of attention being given to something that the subject himself never took further issue with. And an *immense* amount of sustained activity aimed at manipulation and disinformation. For what purpose? Why? And why, a year later?

      I have told the truth this entire time, and all the evidence exists to prove that. I have nothing to hide. Because the truth is on MY side, certainly not yours or your snuff-tin crew.

      Your complete and utter lack of interest in pursuing evidence that is so readily available to anyone who wishes to know the truth is what speaks volumes of all of you. Why pursue the truth when you can pretend that a couple bloggers created some intricate hacking racket to falsify police reports and make it look like 7 different police departments are all in on the elaborate scheme.

      Right, that’s soooooo much more likely. Good luck with that.

      And lastly – Pat is a victim in this. So are his wife & kids. And anyone who has been too damn lazy to go do the legwork, just as I mentioned above, doesn’t deserve an opinion on the matter. When this is finally all over, because it will be one day, I hope you all feel the kind of guilt that bothers you deep in your souls. Dislike the guy, disagree with him, hell, hate him if you want – I couldn’t care less. But I know the truth. And denying the truth, simply because of what your feelings toward him are, is disgraceful. At the very least, think about his kids. It’s shameful not to pursue the truth when so much of it is so very easily attainable. No, too many prefer to go after the dirt – that’s so much more fun. It’s also irrelevant to crimes committed against him and others. You restrain the truth to hurt him, and you hurt everyone affected.

      And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. Conspiracy theorists and manipulators are not worth that much of my time. Their time is running very short, anyway.

      • Pat has a credibility problem. He has for years.

      • Mandy loses what ever credibility she ever had by continuing to claim I’m in Neal’s crew.

        I’ve done more against Neal than anyone else.

      • Mandy didn’t respond to one actual fact. And the Time article was written by a relative of someone who gave money to Kimberlin, Velma.

        [Redaaaaaaaaaaaaaacted. Simply because I don’t agree. -ed]

        Her tweets are full of venom and so are her socks posse friends….

        Patterico is a coward. Sends a dirty dog and a woman who thinks Red Eye is funny.

      • This is an excellent example of Mandy’s bullshit blend of a few facts laced with sensational lies, intimidation, manipulation, disinformation, smears, bullying and intense provocation.

        She says she knows the truth, and anyone who disagrees with the infallible Liberty Chick (“the truth is on MY side”) is Alinskying. No gray areas. Mandy is a beacon of (subjective) truth which means YOU are a sinister liar.

        “You restrain the truth….” says Mandy. See what she does there? Or “And all of you are intentionally distorting the facts, which I find to be extremely suspicious and telling.” (No. That would be you, Mandy. Impressive smear though.)

        “Again, anyone who read the complaint and the case file asks why it hasn’t been thrown out – it’s a ridiculous suit with ridiculous charges that are not accompanied by evidence. Had Socrates shown up for a single hearing before the damages phase, it would’ve been tossed. And you and any legal minded person looking at it knows that. You pretend not to know it.”

        Mandy’s legal spin sounds good, but her reasoning sucks. “Socrates” lost that matter to a murderous psychopath with a history of lying. He lost on the facts, which is pretty sad. He’ll lose on his deranged motions to reverse the decision and grant him $100,000, too.

        If Mandy’s unemployable in this, or any economy, maybe she did it to herself through years of her own public bullshit.

        Would you hire her to represent your company with a history like that?

  4. And there has to be something wrong with our justice system if James O’Keefe can get charged with felonies, but then after getting a sweetheart deal reducing it to a misdemeanor and going on probation, he’s able to attack journalists for using the word felon or wire tap (even though it was in the original charge) along with his boss Andrew Breitbart – who won’t even tell the courts how much he pays O’Keefe) and thug prosecutor Patterico.

    O’Keefe is on probation and he should shut the fuck up about his case. It’s absurd that Patterico, Breitbart, and the vicious SimonTemplarPV menace journalists and bloggers for a fucking criminal who entered a senator’s office under false pretenses dressed in disguise and got a sweetheart deal probably because of backdoor political connections…..um like a co-conspirator being the son of a US attorney, for one.

    Shut the fuck up about O’Keefe, breitbart gang, until you want to tell the full truth about what happened.

    Why were the criminals in the senator’s office?

    Why was there a criminal in the car with a walkie talkie acting as a look out?

    Why were the criminals disguised?

    How did they get such a deal?

    Why do clowns in Media Matters and Brad Blog focus on stupid shit like recording conversations (O’Keefe is a journalist…he can record…doesn’t matter what a judge rules…it will lose on appeal) and wearing costumes instead of the real issues in that case.

    And seriously, Breitbart, shut the fuck up, you’re a hate merchant and all you do is try to antagonize. It’s ridiculous he wasn’t charged in the break-in, since he bankrolled it. And that’s another thing that Brad Blog and Media Matters and Salon fucking ignore.

  5. Hey fake-ass Indict Breitbart gang,

    Here’s your chance:

    That is a confession by Andrew Breitbart that he knows all about why O’Keefe broke into a Senator’s office. That it was some sort of “honey trap.”

    There weren’t any laws broken in the ACORN or NPR or Sherrod stories…but Breitbart should be probed for his role in the Senator Landrieu phone tampering or bugging or polishing (whatever breitbart thugs want to pretend it was supposed to be) case.

    Also, what about this?


    How can someone on probation menace a CNN reporter? Why doesn’t the indict breitbart gang care about that? Why didn’t the CNN reporter contact O’Keefe’s probation officer? Why hasn’t she sued? Why is that story barely noted by the left – who focus instead on ACORN and NPR and Sherrod (who were done in – justly i say – by Congress, NPR executives and Obama reacting to Breitbart and O’keefe….so they are mad at the wrong people).

  6. patterico and breitbart are clowns..they keep pointing to an agreement the govt made as if that’s all that matters…

    if okeefe – for some bizarre reason – objected to the deal any rational person knows the govt would have probably gone after a felony conviction…and the document that patterico refers to even says ominously that other rules and regulations about federal buildings apply…..

    they also should have gone to jail but didn’t…which breitbart and patterico fucking ignore

    even conservatives doubted okeefe and breitbart


    They wouldn’t have needed to get access to the telephone closet in order to observe people answering the phone, and attempting to access it under false pretenses (representing themselves as telephone-company technicians) strongly implies that they wanted access for other reasons.


  7. that’s 100 percent correct…and Frey should stfu since he’s a DA and he’s defending someone still on probation

    he has no ethics

    • I, for one, applaud* his passion for righting such wrongs by calling out anyone who erroneously accuses another person of having committed an illegal act. Peoples’ lives get ruined that way.

      *Well, I would applaud it if he, himself, didn’t frequently accuse people of illegal acts.

      • As Scooby Doo would say, “Blocked!” 🙂

        • But if I’m blocked, how will I read all that juicy, misleading public vilification of all those unwitting pawns… er… “criminals”?

          • All of Patterico’s truths are incontrovertible, there’s no need for the jury to show up.

            BLOCKED, AGAIN until i decide i want to abuse my authority to scare you for more info!!!

          • Jimmy must be an anarchist.

            Patterico minority reported me so he is completely justified to refer to me as a criminal. I lost my case in the future, so the trial has been cancelled.

            Once I sell all my stuff I’m going to buy a ticket to Los Angeles so I can report directly to jail.

          • So sorry to hear you lost your future case. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

  8. One person has publicly demonized people who haven’t submitted to him or his demands, calling them criminals, or going right up to that line.

    The guilty would probably say ‘fuck off,’ or just lie, but people who don’t think like them are all too eager to show that they’re not guilty. It makes them too willing to jump through increasingly unreasonable hoops to prove it. If in the process, if you say no, he’ll tell the world it means you’re admitting guilt. Congratulations. You haven’t done anything, but you’re Public Enemy #1 because you didn’t agree to get steamrolled.

    There’s something very wrong with this picture.

    • Pretty much sums up the strategy. If you can see into the back channel you’ll find many lame entrapment attempts accompanying the smears. The hope is to provoke the frustrated target into some sort of reaction.

      It’s a good game, at least until you try it on the wrong guy, then it gets ugly fast 🙂

  9. Riehl World View: Patterico, Or Patrick Frey’s Divisive, Dishonest, Weak-Minded And Uncivil Tactics

    ‘The Demagogic Bloggers on the Right’ : The Other McCain

    • Riehl: “I don’t have time to dig up all the ugly crap Patterico has spewed over the years, most out here know the unseemly reputation of this alleged civil servant.”, “And people who employ such duplicitous tactics will always end up on the losing end, having lost more friends, than they’ve made. Ultimately, I don’t know what this hysterical manchild Patterico’s issues are. But I am very glad they are not my own. Filed under loser, as that’s precisely what Patterico, aka Patrick Frey, appears to be.”

  10. Methinks someone has been honing his “I will ruin your life, you threatening criminal!” chops all over the internetz for years and needs another hobby.


    PS: Qritiq, this is your cue to destroy me here, in writing. Or else. If you don’t, you’ll be declared a disappointing, thuggish (he loves that word) enabler of nefarious scum who think differently from He Who Must Not Be Questioned and Who Does Not Thrive On Any Drama He Provokes.

    There’s a long list of people accused of being Alicia Pain and subject to character assassination, harassment, humiliation and even fear of harm. Surely his judgment isn’t so flawed that he accuses everyone of being that psycho because he believes they really are. Whoever made up that hot mess also handed him a cudgel to beat the shit out of anyone he chooses.

    If you don’t believe Alicia is everything he said because you believe he shades the truth, then you’re actively victimizing him and his family too, and you’re part of the problem, and therefore probably a terrorist. If reading and evaluating what he writes raises questions about his honesty, it’s your goddamn fault, you godless fucking terrorist.

    If he did anything else for a living, would you believe his claims of “swatting” and other victimization unless you saw a police report that came directly from the local police department?

    • Hysterical ManChild Says:

      Among dozens of telling comments from the link above:
      “Comment by ThomasD on 12/22 @ 4:04 pm #

      My hand hurts and I don’t want to spend a long time typing about this. Any chance we can talk on the phone?

      Says the lawyer.

      Paper trails and all that…”

      He does that a lot, huh. Who knew?

      • Hysterical ManChild Says:

        (These are not consecutive tweets)

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/22/11 11:19 PM
        @ronbryn Riiiiiiing …

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/22/11 11:17 PM
        @ronbryn When the day comes — and it will! — it will be satisfying. And you know precisely what I mean.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/22/11 11:08 PM
        @ronbryn Riiiing……riiiiiiing…..riiiiiing…

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/22/11 4:03 PM
        The decision by @ronbryn not to answer phone was the clue that I needed.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 9:12 PM
        @ronbryn Speaking of phones, I notice you won’t answer yours.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 1:14 AM
        @ronbryn More threats. Hacker!

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 1:14 AM
        @ronbryn Another threat.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 1:13 AM
        @ronbryn Threat.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 1:10 AM
        @ronbryn That sounds like a threat.

        Patterico (@Patterico):
        7/20/11 12:22 AM
        @ronbryn Tried calling you. You didn’t pick up. We need to talk.

  11. Hysterical ManChild Says:

    More threats of receiving threats and making legal threats and other strategic underhanded tactics.


  12. Hysterical ManChild Says:

    Anyone intimidated by a deputy DA and his tactics should read this. The commenters get it.


    They call Dustin “Dustbin.” Bastards.

    • Excerpt of comment 33 from the link sums this up:

      “This whole thing is a lesson on platter for why what Frey advocates is dangerous… it allows for easy smears, puts the smeared on the defensive, is perfect to enable moral preening on the part of the accuser, and has the practical effect of chilling speech.”

  13. Hysterical ManChild Says:

    It never seems to end.

    Read this if you feel like you’re being harassed.

    Here’s a preview of comment #89: 
    Jeff G. posted on 3/18 @ 2:38 pm
    Update: no letter received. Also, got a reply from the LA County DA’s office:

    Mr. Goldstein,
    I am interesting in speaking with you regarding your concern you addressed to the Los Angeles County webmail. Please call me at [redacted] at your convenience. I am not scheduled to work on Monday, so if you leave me a message, I will return your call on Tuesday.

    Take Care,

    Senior Investigator
    Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
    Employee Relations/Internal Affairs
    201 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1455
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    [redacted phone]
    [redacted fax]


    Also worth a look:

    What Part of ‘Asserting Private Knowledge’ Is So Hard to Understand? : The Other McCain


    • Unfortunately,

      In almost every instance Patterico was on the right side. He was attacking hateful things….and you are all going to fall into a tar baby trap.

      Jeff Goldstein is a scary menace and his socks and trolls are almost definitely involved in this whole mess.

      • He was on the right side of the initial issues, but he turns all those fights into nuclear marathons set up to punish anyone who dares challenge him or call him out. He has to eviscerate his target and leave that target with scorched earth damage for all to see. It’s not normal to do this for years at a time.

  14. Here’s one of Dollard’s Dullards, Douglas Matthew Stewart. Clumsy troll, dares people to crack his Twitter in public, sends muddled “I’m scary guy, but wait you’re scary hacker” stuff in the back channel. Entrapment lulz.


    Professional Punchbowl Turd Stranahan is less confused in his methods than Stewart, but he also produces lulz.


    Peculiar, creepy (and clearly impotent, FYI) porno troll “Sean Tompkins” is also a tough guy.


    I get other stuff from this Peter Pavel dweeb – runs English through some translator to another language, then back to English. Claims to be German, but I’ve got friends & family there, they say it’s a crock. This was the latest – prior to this menacing stuff I got some lame entrapment attempts.


    I’ve been scratching my head over the ebb and flow of this – I literally lost interest and decided to wait to see how the efforts to get O’Keefe’s probation pulled went, then to see what happened with the suit against Seth Allen and his associates.

    That it keeps flaring like this tells me someone is gaming the situation, and I’ll guess it’s people with names like @leducviolet, @Solaar, or @TheRealSomebody, and the rest of the group originally involved in Twittergate.

    If there really are a bunch of police reports out there beyond the stuff with Seth Allen this is a truly epic troll – time to alert Adrian Chen at Gawker – he loves this sort of thing. I’m going to send him a link to this now and we’ll see if Pat, Mandy, and the rest don’t end up staring in the Twittergate encore.

    • LOL

      You hold the patent on being creepy.

      And you convince no one when you use the word “lulz” like a teenager instead of the conservative Democrat who voted Republican up until 2002 that you are.

      It’s absurd to say because you have “friends & family there” in Germany that somehow proves Patterico is the silly troll you made up.

  15. … dishonest, slimy tactics… petty… vindictive… obsessive… jealous… hysterical attention whore… pathological need to get in the last shot…


  16. Saul Goodman, Esq. Says:

    To be clear, I do not represent that little prick, Dustin.

    Even I have standards.

    Saul Goodman, Esq.

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