Murder In Midtown

A 29-year-old pregnant SUNY New Paltz alumna was killed Friday by Keston “Cory” Brown, 27 of 946 Leggett Avenue in the Bronx.  Brown has prior arrests.

Brown is a Gristedes/Red Apple Group employee. He plowed his 2-ton Gristedes van into two women on East 37th Street just as the pregnant Ysemny “Semy” Ramos, who was planning to celebrate her third wedding anniversary that night, and co-worker Tassia Katsiambanis were leaving work.  The van held Brown and his male passenger, Yusuf Rodriguez, age 30.  According to witnesses, Brown pulled up alongside the women and began slowly following them.  The men harassed and yelled at the women, according to witnesses.  When the women ignored the men, the van slammed into the women, pinning Katsiambanis.  Brown accelerated with such force that the van toppled a parking meter, a signpost and a bollard meant to protect the parking meter.

Katsiambanis begged passersby rushing to her aid to help Ramos instead.  “My friend is pregnant. Please help her!” witnesses heard Katsiambanis scream. It was too late; Brown’s actions had cut the pregnant woman in half.

“She was full of love,” Renaldo Ramos said of his wife. “She refused to see the glass half-empty. She always filled up my cup when I saw it empty.”  According to Renaldo, there is no punishment great enough for his wife’s killer.  Semy described herself on her myspace page as a “devoted wife”.  Semy, a graphic designer, had just begun working at Israel Berger & Associates two months ago after being a stay-at-home mom.  Her family said she was “ecstatic” about being pregnant with a little girl.

The driver, Keston “Cory” Brown, fled the scene, but was quickly caught by police.  Police investigators found no mechanical problems with the vehicle.  Also, police searched, but found no skid marks at the scene.  (The presence of skid marks would indicate that the driver tried to brake, but none were found.)
Keston Brown.  Witnesses say Brown was ogling Mrs. Ramos and became angry after she rebuffed him.

A bit about Keston Brown’s employer:

John Catsimatidis owns the Gristedes grocery chain.  He is also in oil refining and owns gas stations.  He is planning to build oceanfront condos in Coney Island and is involved in corporate takeovers.  His motto is “We’re all salesmen.”  He is against regulation for businesses and plans to make a mayoral run.

Gristedes has declined comment.


Tassia has been released from the hospital.  She says, “I don’t know how to put the pieces back together”.  Of the friend she has lost, she says “I’m blessed to have known her.  I’m lost over the fact she’s gone.”

Semy’s family has now talked to the press.  They have made it very clear that they want justice for Semy, but the Manhattan D.A. refuses to try her killer for murder.  The D.A. may be contacted at 212-335-9000.  The address is:
Manhattan D.A.’s Main Office
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013 

Semy Ramos 1980-2009
Semy Ramos 1980-2009


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69 Responses to “Murder In Midtown”

  1. Critics are blowing this out of proportion. Keston Brown is not a violent person I am sure this was not done intentionally. Mistakes happen.

    • To all those who defend this guy, Brown, you are seriously warped.

      Drugs, alcohol and stupidity. That is what caused this accident.

      I would assume that the idiot defenders of Mr. Brown will hold a support rally, since he is such a wonderful human being. Hey, why don’t you invite the folks from Oakland who supported the guy who killed four cops. Always supporting the perp.

      Thanks for making this world wonderful to live in.

      • idiot.

        • I was there. Says:

          You have proven through-out this blog, YOU are actually the idiot. I know you are related to
          Keston, but that is not something you should be proud of.

          You are not really worth anyone’s time.

          I saw Keston at the scene, if he was intoxicated, he didn’t show any signs of it. He got out of the van like nothing happene and pulled at Ysemny, who was stuck between the wall and the van. He realized from the gore, she was dead.

          Freaked, ran away.

          He returned when he realized the van would link him to the MURDER. He tried to drive away but the van would not budge. This allowed the police time to get there and they nabbed him.

          I’m sure his intention was not to kill her, but just scare her . She blew him and his buddy off. He didn’t know the 2-ton van would hop the curb, topple the muni-meter, the protective bollards and a sign post. The weed and/or booze may have impaired his judgment and reaction-time, which accounts for there not being tire tracks.

          Once he stupidly gunned the engine to scare them, leveling everything in his way, he had no time to react.


          You are missed everyday we we spend without you Semmy. The only solace we have is knowing you did not suffer. My heart goes out to Ray and their kids.

          • Destiny Brown Says:

            Yes this was a tragic story, and nothing in the world could make that day any different. My heart goes out to the Ramos family. Its also sad that both families lost great parents. On behalf of my fiance Keston, He is a loving and devoted father to his kids. He is also a good man to me. Hard working and would never intentially hurt anyone. And who ever created this blog, your just as terrible as the media. Ignorant is what I call it. Before anyone even had actual facts. Lies where put out on the internet and news paper. There for leaving a bad impression on keston. You alo displayed my address not thinking of the saftey of my home. Not knowing what other circumstances where at hand.

          • mizz light and sweet Says:

            u are a real blind bitch i was there too and he never said anything to the ladies even her friend told the press that she did not hear keston brown say anything to them so what are u talking about so much for eye witnesses who know wat there talking about!

      • Anonymous Says:

        you dont even know what really happened so hw bout you stay in your place and keep what is supposed to stay over there, how you gone say soething and you wasnt even there i am his nephew and i know more than you

    • To all them people saying its not intentional it was an accident he a good guy he would never hurt anyone he chosen to drink and drive and tear apart two families with 7 or 8 kids one side look for there mother who is dead and looking for him cause if he was sober he would have knew to pulled in neutral or at lease reacted quicker

    • Hello Star. I wish you could have seen the look on my coworkers faces when they watched Keston Brown pull only half a body out from under the van. A mistake is when you say the wrong thing. A mistake is NOT when you take 2 lives (one unborn) & then choose to run away while all of midtown watches.

    • so U thNk DriNKun And DrivIng Is A MIstake?? Blown Out Of proportion.. u didnt see the pictures and pictures a worth a thousand words.. Thy Would Hv Blown Ur MIND..

  2. @Star
    girl what Keston did was fucked up, and u here defending his actions look’s really ignorant. This was not a mistake this was stupid as fuck.

    • You don’t know what happened…it was a horrible accident; He would never hurt anyone like that intentionally. You are stupid as fuck…

  3. The fact that Keston fled the scene leaving a pregnant woman dead and another woman injured shows that he is a murderer and a coward. My heart goes out to the victims loved ones and husband. I lost my ssister to a hit and run and they still have not found the piece of crap that did that. OnlyGod can show mercy to Keston an I am glad that I am not God.

  4. Keston Brown is no count ‘brotha’ from the Bronx; he has always been a dumb jackass who thinks he’s all that. I’m sure Bubba will love having him as his new room-mate. May he rot in hell.

  5. i don't kno Says:

    i know what he did was wrong, but keston is not a bad person, now running after he had hit the young women was stupid on his part. I have known keston for over 9 years, i wish the best for his 4 children, and with him being locked up now im sure that the government will help support his children as they always have.

  6. I knew brown fromhigh school and he is honestly not a bad person, he made a big mistake when he left the scene. I feel sorry for the Ramos family that lost their love one’s. If you do the crime be man enough to do the time….

  7. I am a mother of three also, who is the same age as Semy, and I put myself in her shoes and think how horrible it can be to have your precious life taken from you so quickly. I never met her but I started crying and thinking how that could have been me or how life can be taken from you just like that. I wish her husband and children all the best and I will pray for them everyday. I hope they find some peace to this all one day. I believe that brown should pay for what he did, and they souldn’t let him off easy. MayGod bless the whole family in this horrific tragedy.

  8. My heart goes out to the Ramos family. Such a tragedy.

  9. This is a disgusting article full of inaccuracies…You are responsible for printing accurate info…

  10. Marsha- you are a damn fool.

    • I hope brown gets what he deserves he was drinking when he knew he had to drive and the other guy had weed you don’t just go to work wit that like show and tell that should get him time and if its true he ran even if the van had been acting up that’s more of a reason to keep a clear head we don’t know we wasn’t there I say make him an example and you can blame the system its time it stops how many people got to die cause its never the driver its a good person that die
      Rip semy god has gain an angel

    • Sarah kiss my ass!

  11. You are right Marsha; it was another Keston who done did it .

    • Were you there? Do you know what really happened? It was my Nephew but we are getting bits and pieces of the story….Folks are good at jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story…



  12. this is a very tragic story. I personally kno the Ramos family he was in my house the day before this happened with plans on moving with his family. Its so hard to see your childhood friend that you grew up with and this happening to him and his children…SORRY RAY FOR EVERYTHING>>>>> LOVE UR 51st STREET FRIENDS>>>>>

  13. ray ramos Says:

    My wife was killed by brown. he was drunk. he was wrong.if the van was bad he should not have driven. if he was pressured to drive he should have stood up as a man. i dont know him but he was wrong that much is clear. he should pay however the law c’s fit. there will never be justice for this… i love you semy… i miss you semy.

    • Ray sorry for your lost I was at the funeral yesterday but I didn’t know how go speak to you my heart goes out to you and yours

    • John from IBA Says:


      I worked with Ysemny at IBA. She was a wonderful person and she will NEVER be forgotten by myself, or any of her co-workers at IBA. You and I met at the holiday party this year, and unfortunately again at her funeral. I tried to tell you how much we miss her smile, cheerful disposition, and stories about you and her ‘goof troop’, but I had trouble at her funeral getting my voice loud enough for anyone to hear as we shook hands.

      I want to reach out to again offer my deepest condolences and urge everyone reading this to donate to the fund set up in Ysemny’s name for her children.

      May Keston rot in jail for as long as we are without Semy, forever.

  14. Keston Brown will rot in hell, but not before he endures a life of fear and humiliation in prison first. Good. He deserves it.

  15. And if there’s any cosmic justice, this stupid and heartless Marsha will follow Keston straight to hell.

  16. DARIUS that the nice way of putting it he need to see the pain I seen on rays face when he was in the funeral the pain he felt when he was told with no harm to his family but just to feel the pain ray had on his face hurt everyone even more to see someone like that cuz of his stupidity then let the inmates judge him then the courts the prison system then god

  17. Keston Brown was a good guy, i personally knew him what he did was wrong but no one is a saint. People do stupid shit all the time what happend was not done intentionalty like i said he was wrong but it was a mistake what ever heppend to him now is up to the court system. even though he is going to pay in jail and the moms is paying with her life the people that pays the most out of this are the family Keston had 5 kids and the other woman had 3 + 1 more on the way all i can say is good luck to them all and i truly feel sorry for the families that have to pay for something that should of never happen.

  18. To the Ramos Family:
    My heart breaks for you. I had the unfortunate horror of seeing the aftermath of the accident from where I worked. The vision will never leave my mind for as long as I am alive. I will always remember “Semy”, and I will pray for her always.

    My deepest condolences.

  19. How is it that Keston Brown, the driver, “accidentally” ran over these two women? Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that he and his friend were harassing these ladies just prior to “accidentally” running them over? You have to be pretty naive to believe that. My intuition is that Keston Brown did not intend to kill these women. What possible motive would he have for that? However, I do believe that he is an idiot who thought it might be amusing to give these women a scare, and for that motivation and its consequences he deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. What a nice guy…drinking and smoking weed while supposedly on the job, driving around in his company car badgering women on the streets. Yeah, really great guy. Lots of people seem “nice” to a lot of individuals in particular contexts, but you never really know someone’s darker side until you see it.

  20. And to the keeper of this blog…why would you edit out my curses directed to Marsha, while she herself was calling other people “idiot fucks”? Why exactly is it that her viciousness went uncensored?

  21. Darius – Marsha was repeating a prior commenter’s words with that phrase. I didn’t edit the original commenter, because I like to keep the blog as open as possible. However, I aim for a PG/R and when I feel something is an X, I may edit it. I did try to keep the intent of your statements intact.

  22. Ray my heart goes out to you and your kids. Your family and how much she loved you guys was all Ysemny used to talk about. I knew her for over a year and I could tell you this much i will always love and remember her. Its very hard to come to work and just be a few steps from where she used to seat or to come in that room and feel that emptyness she left us. Its true what they said God only takes the good ones.
    RIP Ysemny Sem!!!

  23. First of all i know keston personally and all that he drinks and gets high is false. the media made things out to wat they not… it was a terrible accident and our Hearts go out to her family..



  24. Mizz Light and sweet! Says:

    This Was and accident all of us that know keston know that he is not a killer and further more the press needs to get there facts str8 he did not leave and the second victim said that he was not harssing them in any way it was accident!!!!! im sorry she was jilled but it was not done on purpose!

  25. ilovejjandb Says:

    Its a sad situation for both families….. both families r suffering, maybe 1 more than the other. Dnt b so quick to judge…. everybody makes mistakes and everyone has to answer to GOD in the end so y keep up the hatred and ignorance. RAY must be devastated to have had his lovely wife in the morning and never cldve thought she would return in a coffin. keston’s fiance, i know how painful this must be for her…..she loves someone who everyone HATES right now, and she is innocent and u have her address posted on the web? that is crazy, wat if someone wnted revenge for ray and semy and tried to harm her or her innocent children? …its just tragic all around. I WILL NOT DEFEND ANYONE, I WILL NOT BASH ANYONE, I WILL PRAY FOR ALL INVOLVED.

  26. RACHELLE-ANN Says:


    Have anyone you love accidently killed someone,
    And you are helplessly at their side waiting for their song to be sung,
    With unbelievable memories pouring like a burst damn,
    And the only thing you can do is hold his hand…..

    A person so loving they wouldn’t even hurt a fly,
    But all that changed when he closed his eyes,
    Many of us drink thinking NOOOOO!!! we could never be unstable at the wheel,
    He was no different from us BUT now he knows exactly how it feels…….

    He killed two people, Mrs. Ramos and her unborn child,
    And Mr. Ramos will never see them smile,
    Because he was robbed of his family on that unfurtunant night,
    And I pray they both went to heaven on a painless flight….

    I look into my love one’s eyes and I see his soul,
    Of regreat, emptiness, humblin and cold,
    He made a life’s decision which ended up to be a great mistake,
    And now it’s too late but he wide awake…..

    He’s awake to all the judgement that awaits him,
    From losing his family, going to jail and living with a sin,
    He’s scared, sorry and an unbelievable reck,
    But all those feelings can’t bring Mr. Ramos family back….

    Have anyone you love accidently killed someone,
    And you are helplessly at they side awaiting for thier song to be sung,
    With unbelievable memories of us pouring like a burst damn,
    And the only thing that you can do, is say a palsm……

    I’m am a family member of the Browne’s family and I’m not here to respond to stupid remarks I’ve seen…..
    Mr. Ramos I can identify with the pain you r going thro BECAUSE “NOW” I HAVE BEEN ON BOTH SPECTRUMS….Out of all the comments I have read on the blog you are the only persons even in your time of weakness have strength to see the bigger picture of this heart breaking situation and it testifies to the kind of human being you are…..
    I am so so sorry for your lost and may Mrs. Ramos RIP……


    From your neice who will continue to pray…….

  27. Anonymous Says:

    is hard to believe is going to be a year already and i still wait to see you in the kitchen where we used to eat together the four of us, or listening to a song you liked and reaching for the phone to dial your extension to do a sing along. it’s still hard to admit you’re physically gone because you are always with us.. love you always

  28. John from IBA Says:

    Nice posting Ray. We all miss Semi so much. You’ll be happy to know the flower left where she was killed has taken after her and never quits working. It has produced 8 offspring so far, which have been given to coworkers close to her. After nearly a year, I daily pass where she was murdered and think of her.

  29. BoutonStaff Says:

    I had the honor of attending school with Semy and she was the most kind hearted person you could ever meet. Almost a year later my heart is still very heavy and I pray every night for her kids and husband.

    Semy you are missed and will never be forgotten.

  30. anonymous Says:

    I know Keston for as long as he has been in my friend Destiny Brown’s life. His decisions were all wrong on the day of. If he did drink, drive and decide to drive the van in bad conditions then he should do the time that the state thinks he deserves. That beinbg said, Keston was a nice person to me and all of destiny’s friends and family member. From what I know of him he does not look like a guy who would want to hurt anyone intentionally. He didn’t plan that day to drive into a great girl who was expecting a baby girl. But he did drink and drive and that cause the life a mother who’s family is hurting. I can say that my friend destiny is hurting too. Keston should do some time in jail to reflect on his actions and then come out with a different perception and go back to being a great dad and husband. My thought are to the ramos family and to my friend destiny who has raised three beautiful girla now practically on her own. Be strong girl. Let him do his time and understand that if the roles were reversed and keston would have lost you while you were pregant he would have probably wanted that person to rot in hell because he loved you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      if you were truly her friend u wud tell her personally ur feelings instead of being annoymous. If it was her yes he wud want justice, but that doesnt mean he’ll b heartless.

      A gud friend of the Brown Family

  31. anonymous Says:

    I know Keston for as long as he has been in my friend Destiny Brown’s life. His decisions were all wrong on the day of. If he did drink, drive and decide to drive the van in bad conditions then he should do the time that the state thinks he deserves. That being said, Keston was a nice person to me and all of destiny’s friends and family member. From what I know of him he does not look like a guy who would want to hurt anyone intentionally. He didn’t plan that day to drive into a great girl who was expecting a baby girl. But he did drink and drive and that cause the life a mother who’s family is hurting. I can say that my friend destiny is hurting too. Keston should do some time in jail to reflect on his actions and then come out with a different perception and go back to being a great dad and husband. My thought are to the ramos family and to my friend destiny who has raised three beautiful girls now practically on her own. Be strong girl. Let him do his time and understand that if the roles were reversed and keston would have lost you while you were pregnant he would have probably wanted that person to rot in hell because he loved you.

  32. Destiny Brown Says:

    For all those who speculated and or made assumptions against my husband KESTON BROWN with out knowing actual and factual truth to what really happened. Here is an update. As per grand jury minutes. A detective (name with held) testified in the grand jury that the cause of the accident was steering failure resulting from a detached steering box that had been improperly installed on that vehicle. The detective ( name with held) testified that the steering box had broken away from the frame of the vehicle pre-crash and as a result the defendant could no longer control the vehicle. The cause Of Ysemny Ramos death was not due to intoxication. In addition, for those who said ‘he knew the car wasn’t working, he still drove it!” he took the van to a mechanic who said the car was ok to drive. Therefore, Keston did what was told to him. It had nothing to with standing up and being a man or pressure to drive the van. He was told it was ok to drive. For those who said he was drinking and driving… NOT TRUE! He voluntarily took an intoxilyzer test to show that he was not under the influence. In which he passed. He wasn’t drinking and driving. Everything that I write is on video and in the minutes. It has been a very hard year for both sides. In addition, I wish the Ramos family best of luck and hope that they can forgive.

    Keston is doing his time! And the situation has changed both families’ lives tremendously. What ever the lord feels is proper punishment will happen. I have great faith in all this. Only GOD can judge no one else can judge him. We cannot change what happened! However, I will continue to stick by him and take care of our children by myself. Keston is not a bad person at all. That’s why I stand by him. In regards to those who ask how me how I would feel if circumstances were reversed? If the roles where reversed and I knew it was an accident I would not want anyone to rot in hell. Of course, I would be hurt, be angry, upset and filled with many emotions. But for me to wish bad on someone and go and say God forgive me that is wrong. Now if the situation were changed, wouldn’t the other family want Liency if it was an accident? Both families hurt.. As for my husband Keston, he would definitely never heal. He has to deal with the fact that he’s going to be judged . Time doesn’t make things better. He just worsens things. How can he learn to deal with the fact he’s missed out on a lot . His 6 kids are suffering as well. And they are just as important!!

    He’s missed lot with our children. He’s missed my youngest birth. She doesn’t know him. No one is looking at my perspective and trying to understand.. When this whole situation happened , I had to keep our oldest out of school for a while. The media kepted coming to my home and her school. Cameras waiting outside my home. They would come to my home, always wanting a story, or wait for me outside of the courthouse to film me. I had an order of protection against some one and they found out my address due to the fact my address was displayed on TV and in the internet. This has also traumatized me a lot as well. More than you ever know. I don’t get help. I work to support myself and my children all alone. He’s not a criminal. Nor does he have prior cases. I am not writing to go back and forth, with who ever writes on this blog, Or to ignore what did happened. I am writing because this experience has opened up my eyes a lot. We need to know the truth first before we comment. Not everything we read in the newspaper or see on TV is true. Lies are written to make money. Not caring how everyone gets hurt. on BOTH SIDES!!

    • i hope you were there today and felt all the pain your husband cause that family oh by the way, if you were there what were your thoughts on that video… uhmm what was your husband trying to do then help or escape?

      • MzVexatious Says:

        Yea She was there and yes she seen all the chaos from the accident and Now what? u think all this nonsense u write is hurting her in anyway her only focus is on her husband, she’s not the 1 on trial, So Keep Your childish comments to yourself and focus on What Going on in Court. what she thinks is none of your business and an Accident is an Accident ask your mother cause i bet you where an Accident yourself…. Ty Have a Great Thanksgiving

        • i know she’s not the one trial, her husband is for the stupid “mistake” he made that cause “the accident”. i know shes standing by her man and nothing ill say is affecting her, but what her husband did affected and will forever affect the lives of her whole family including her kids that have to live day by day knowing that their mom is not with them to tuck them in bed. to read them stories before they go to bed because of call ” an accident”. and now going back to your last comments i think you need to read carefully my comments and then your and check which one of us is acting childish.

          p.s. bumping into somebody is an accident, driving intoxicated and killing a person is not.

          • Anonymous Says:

            The legal alcohol level is 0.8….. Keston was 0.11 How intoxicated do u think that is? Running a red light and killing sum1 is murder. Driving an affected vehicle is an accident.

            I understand your pain but Keston and his family also feel that pain.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Anonymous Says:
            December 3, 2010 at 3:45 pm
            The legal alcohol level is 0.8….. Keston was 0.11 How intoxicated do u think that is? Running a red light and killing sum1 is murder. Driving an affected vehicle is an accident.

            I understand your pain but Keston and his family also feel that pain.

            tell me when all this is over. if he’s sent to jail or released his kids will see him again right?, Ysemny kids have to go to a cemetery because thanks to his action that where she is. and the legal level of alcohol is .8 ok and he has .11 where did the other 2 came from the air.
            I just hope justice is serve and whatever the outcome of this trial is not going to change that he took the life of a awesome mom, an and wonderful friend.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Destiny: in reading your post, I feel your pain and your attempt at trying to get people to see your husband for who he is to you. Make no mistake, many people are narrow-minded and will only see and believe what is convenient to them. As a member of the Ramos family, I need to let you know that losing Semy is something that our family will NEVER get over!. Semy was just an incredibly sweet and awesome woman. Watching her grow up, her innner beauty, (the fruits of the Spirit) were always on display… I remember the day she was born, her father was so excited!. She truly was the sunshine of his life!. I am sure that you have experienced many of these same things with Keston at the birth of your children and other events. Nothing can change what happened.

      So, your main focus should be on living your life as normally as possible. Try to always keep a semblance of balance for the sake of your kids. I think all of us wish that we could change things but we cannot. Neither you, your children, nor Ray or the kids are at fault, and you should all try to live the best you can. Don’t pay attentiion to the stupid people who makes comments when they don’t know the facts, because if you do, you will feed their ignorance. I’ve read comments that say that Ray is “living it up”… OMG, that is so contrary, but he is coping and basically making it each day ONLY through Grace and faith in Jesus Christ. I encourage you to do the same. Our family has deep Christian roots. Semy attended church as a young person and knew the way of salvation.

      Upon hearing the verdict yesterday, I cried for our family and yours. I could see your pain, but we all knew that some would think the verdict was too harsh while others thought too lenient. Either way, Justice has spoken and now we need to move forward.

      Destiny, it is my my earnest desire that you continue to move forward. Ask God to direct you in the path that you should go. Keep your head high and God will keep you and your children. God has many names, Jehovah-Jireh, (the Provider). He will provide every need that you or your children have. Above all, He is the God of Peace. Phillippians 4.

      I pray that God blesses your family and mine with a Spirt of Healing and Forgiveness, in Jesus name. Amen.

    • I was @ court destiny.. accidents r avoidable. i saw the video and all the evidence.. the video shows ur man pacing back nd forth upset upset cuz he cudnt run away from this like he did erything else in life!! nd he has 6 kids… Hes 29!! if u relle look @ it hes relle young to b hving SIX kids.. hes musta been real young nd irresponsible wen he had his 1st accident tht it probably wasnt even with u!! but let me b nice && let SEMY REST IN PEACE && keston ROTT iN JAILL..

  33. Keston brown took away a beautiful person from this world!.. It’s no mistake he was over the legal drinking limit, that only should make him guilty!.. God has nothing to do with deciding his punishment, it’s in the hands of the jury!!.. And hopefully the jury sees that Keston deserves to be locked up!!.. Semy I’ll miss u forever, keston I hope your missed!..

  34. Nobody knows the technicalities nor the details like the lawyer and the D.A.’s of kestons B.A.C level shows just how assinine onecided minded are. You need let justice run its course. And let ysemny rest in peaces.


    • omG MR.V lets not talk bout kestons P.O.S lawyer.. tht had to b imbarassing!! nd the day of his sentencing is lawyer was not only late nd unprepared he loooked lik a hot mess!! nd BTFW FYI He had no Case Blk Nd White!!

  35. Verdict, Brown was found guilty of manslaughter in the second degree, assault in the second degree, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He will be sentenced on January 10th facing 5 to 15 years in prison.

    • The ignorance and stupidity in this thread makes me fearful for our future. Even a 15 year sentence is not long enough, as it’s won’t bring Ysemny back to us. Rot Keston, rot.

      RIP Ysemny

  36. This comes to mind as I see that Mr. Ramos carries on with his life as if everything is okay. He shows no emotion as if nothing ever happened.

    I see him parting and DJ’ing…. not mourning !

    On the flip side, take note of this…..

    Because of this accident, Its okay for you to move on with your life…. But Keston Can’t. Keston will always be reminded of this accident because it will forever play out in his head.

    Ray your memories will slowly fade. While this man lives with it forever !

    Thats selfish…

    To the Brown Family…… Hang in there. To the Ramos CHILDREN may your mommy rest in peace. May god be with semy.

  37. Destiny Brown Says:

    Yes I wish that day never happened..and I try to live day by day..I always pray that Ray and the rest of the Family will forgive my husband for this accident..its sad that all these young children will suffer..I cried for my family and for semny..lord knows how much I was hurt. I still hurt!!! .I don’t respond to these ignorant postings, cus if I did I wud be angry all the time..evryone has there own opinion. Some say my husband should die, some say he should get runned over..etc..that hurts me..I understand semny can’t come back I am still able to see my husband…but at the same time, please dnt take this wrong..its hard to have to see him in a jail..its hard to raise my children w/o him and also them goin to a jail..thts not normal for youngest doesn’t know him..he’s a stranger to her..he wasn’t there for her birth..i’ve had ppl from jail come to my home while I’m with my 3 girls , becus they seen my address stating that they know Keston..a bunch of sickos… this is not about who’s hurting more cus we r both hurting..some one stated ” they hope I hurt when I saw the video”. That was crewl..I cried when first saw it….I cried again when I saw u guys watching it..wondering what was goin thru ur heads…wondering what u felt towards my husband…I have pain in my hurt..sometimes nightmares…I don’t wish this on any1.. Keston is a good person. I don’t say this cus he’s my husband….I ask god for forgiveness, a kind hurt..and to see both families thru for my husband I will continu to stand by him..that’s the path god leads me thru..we are very spiritual ourselves….

    Ray, his kids, my kids and myself are not at fault…so we shudnt be angry at one anothr…who ever wrote this last statment to me..I thank u kindly for ur kind also a lil refreshing that you wrote this..I wanted to speak to the family but was afraid..I wasn’t sure how you would react to me doing so. I wish I knew who did write the last statment so i could thank you in person. If its not to much on the day of sentencing please come to me..if you don’t I’ll understand..I just feel it would bring some type of colsure..

    I ask everyone one els..please have respect for us..we’ve been through more than enough already…we don’t need the extra stress of ignorant writings. I’ll privacy has also been invated.

    Semy please forgive, and rest your beautiful soul…lord please watch over all our children..give ray and I the strength to raise our kids in the right way. Put us in a positive enviornment. Help us finacially, emotionally and physically. Please give us the strength to live life one day at a time..knowing that we have you watching over us.


  38. Maybe you should rot..Humble yourself! .stop tryna look for something to acicdent is an accident..


    LOVE YOU ALWAYS !!!!!!

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