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Dan Wolfe: Historian

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From the FilmLadd – Dan Wolfe interview

I found this exchange interesting:

Filmladd (4:45:20 PM): Define collectivism.

danwolfe7676 (4:45:35 PM): I dont understand?

Filmladd (4:45:53 PM): What does collectivism mean to you?

Filmladd (4:46:01 PM): As a political philosophy.

danwolfe7676 (4:46:25 PM): Are you serious? did I say I was a political science major?

danwolfe7676 (4:46:28 PM): Wow deep end .

Filmladd (4:46:34 PM): Okay, moving on.

danwolfe7676 (4:46:44 PM): This is what I mean

danwolfe7676 (4:46:48 PM): That question was nuts.


hmm. So a presumed tea-partier doesn’t understand the concept of collectivism? Kinda hard to swallow.

and there was this:

danwolfe7676 (4:58:52 PM): You are throwing these at me too fast

danwolfe7676 (4:58:56 PM): I need time to answer

Filmladd (4:58:59 PM): Sorry.

danwolfe7676 (4:59:02 PM): Slow typer

danwolfe7676 (4:59:16 PM): I didn’t grow up with computers ike you guys


Poor Dan. Just a simple regular guy from humble beginnings who can barely type. He can’t even spell very well:

danwolfe7676 (7:23:49 PM): Tryign to help against my better judgement


But wait! What’s this? Dan redeems himself with his historical knowledge:

Filmladd (7:17:26 PM): Who’s your favorite founding father? It sounds like a softball, but I don’t think it is.

danwolfe7676 (7:18:22 PM): Franklin.

Filmladd (7:19:06 PM): You do know that Franklin and his son were on opposite sides of the Revolutionary war?

danwolfe7676 (7:19:39 PM): Yes William ,right?

Filmladd (7:19:41 PM): Let me ask you: do you think Franklin chose to be on the opposite side?

danwolfe7676 (7:19:47 PM): his son William

Filmladd (7:20:08 PM): Or do you think he decided to shrug, demand his privacy, and go back to printing Little Richard’s Almanacs?

danwolfe7676 (7:20:28 PM): Yeah thanks for the compliment but I don’t think this is anywhere near that

danwolfe7676 (7:20:43 PM): And he didn’t have a group of vultures waiting to pick at his body

danwolfe7676 (7:20:47 PM): like you are all with me

Filmladd (7:21:01 PM): No, he just had an entire British army wanting to hang him.

danwolfe7676 (7:21:37 PM): Well, I’m obiously not his character otherwise I would have founded a country by now

danwolfe7676 (7:21:46 PM): I’m not worthy I mean


Now I was REALLY impressed with this because I happen to have a major in history (US concentration); I took a ton of history classes at one of the finest schools in the nation (and did pretty well in them), and I had NO IDEA who Ben Franklin’s son was or his significance in American history, and I would have been unable to banter with Ladd on this topic.

Well, I figured if this simple, formerly under-privileged, regular guy Dan Wolfe who can’t even spell, knows about this piece of history, I had better catch up but quick (I mean, I even grew up with computers). But how?

Fortunately, our friend Ken Danieli comes to the rescue with his recommendation and review of

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin:


Ken declares Franklin “an amazing character” and gives the bio 4 stars.


Sounds like it is well worth a look.


Events Leading Up To Disaster

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It has been my observation that almost always, in terrible disasters, it is not just one thing that has gone wrong, but at least two, and often more.

When you take a picture and tweet it, Blackberry can automatically send it via a yfrog link. So, you don’t really have to deal with yfrog, it works automatically.  AW may not have been aware that DM’ing a picture privately, would leave that picture publicly viewable in yfrog (1st mistake).

If AW put a caption on the picture (and if it was “part of a joke”, then he probably did), then the text plus the link could exceed 140 characters. In that case, his carrier could break up the message into 2 pieces: the caption sent via DM and the yfrog link to the picture sent as an @reply. The yfrog link to the picture would then appear on his public twitter feed (2nd mistake).

AW had been watchin’ the hockey game, maybe havin’ a couple beers (who watches a hockey game without beer? And who watches a hockey game and has only one beer?) Hits “G”, the app autofills using alphabetical order, with a name that looks right. AW recognizes the autofilled name as that of a pretty girl’s, so beer-addled brain tells him it’s a match and he hits send (3rd mistake).

annddd… GAME OVER.


Recommended Reading for AW?

A Post-Weinergate Primer: Links

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Commentary and analysis from Joe:

A Mysterious Caller

Commentary and analysis from SarahW:

Now take the quiz:


Sockpuppet Theatre

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Please answer these questions to the best of your ability, 5 points each:


Who voiced Patricia Reid?

Did Dan Wolfe get paid? By who?

Is there anything concrete that ties NR to the AW takedown?

What was the motive? (please be specific)

Is there really a JG? Has anyone seen the police report?

Any more questions?


Please stay mostly on topic. Idiotic, illogical, dopey, untrue, misleading, and annoying comments will be promptly deleted and the commenter will be banned.

Anonymous replies welcome.




Ad Campaign

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As a former teacher of various ages of children, and former girl myself, I know what the following terms mean:

(these are approximations)

little girl: 3-6 years old
young girl: 7-10 years old
girl: 11-14 years old
older girl: 15-16 years old

I think when I was living a few states away from my parents and in college at 17, I would have told you to go %$&# yourself if you’d called me a “young girl.”

A big part of the social media operation to discredit Anthony Weiner, is to try to instill in the public’s mind, the phrase “Weiner and young girls”. It is a marketing campaign, and the phrase “young girls” is by no means random. The phrase was chosen very carefully as a misstatement that people might not even notice, but that would evoke a reflexive disgust toward Anthony Weiner if and when his name became associated with this phrase. The phrase appears no less than 13 times in an interview with the (still anonymous) person who said he saw the “underwear” picture tweeted from the RepWeiner twitter account.   Do you think anyone actually believes that Anthony Weiner was sending underwear shots from his Blackberry to 7-10-year-olds?

The goal of the operation was NOT RepWeiner’s resignation. That is why, even after “Weinergate”, this social media disinformation campaign is ongoing.  Even though RepWeiner has resigned, he is still eminently electable in New York, as polls have borne out. He will be even more electable one year from now.

When I type:  Weiner “young girls”  into google, I get “About 2,700,000 results”. And when I type Weiner “young girl”, I get back “About 2,980,000 results”.

Below is a sampling from just one short blog page. I include commenters as well as the Breitbart-associated blogger, because it is likely that those involved in the operation are frequent commenters on internet blogs and forums, as well as on twitter. Commenting under multiple nicknames and I.D.’s is an important way for social media propagandists to disseminate mistruths. You may notice that a number of “commenters” discussing “Weiner” and “young girls” on certain blogs, write better than the average person. We know that at least one person involved in this operation is a professional marketer.

Patterico: “the involvement of young girls in this story”

Patterico commenter: “the evidence we have about the young girl”

“I have no trouble drawing inferences from the young girl’s own words based on a solitary proven recitation of Weiner’s rather unique fantasy.” 

Patterico commenter: “enticed one of these young girls to a motel”

Patterico commenter: “he is a virtual fornicator— with young girls”


Suspect Reporter

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On his post my-statement-on-being-banned-from-patterico, Lee Stranahan discusses the mental state of wordsmith Ron Brynaert as follows:

I’ve talked to Ron on the phone myself a few times and he seems – quite literally, no joke – mentally unbalanced. For example, he told me yesterday that I might have been talking to ‘a fake Jenifer Preston’. I say this with nothing but sympathy for Ron, who I believe is intelligent but clearly is in need of mental help.

I have to say, Stranahan should NOT be so judgmental. There IS a fake Jennifer Preston. She works out of the fake New York Times building that is just due fake West of fake Times Square. Oh, if you get fake-hungry while you’re there, there’s a fake Shake Shack nearby.



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I Answer Random Tweets – 2

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Q: KadeejiaDenise: Why? Why the hell am I awake right now. I work in the morning.
A: Because too many things are spinning around in your mind. Try reading something mindless to take your mind off of things and have a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt before you go to bed. Don’t consume caffeine after 4PM.

Q: JayShel: It’s after 2 in the morning and I just got done making desserts for tomorrow! I’m tired but I can’t sleep…does that even make sense?

A: It completely makes sense. You can actually get too tired to sleep. But you can get 80% of the value of sleep by just quietly lying down in a dark room with your eyes closed. Just don’t look at the clock and at some point you’ll probably fall asleep.


Q:  Jersey1127: The next time you see you are losing followers, it may be because you don’t follow back. If I don’t interest u why should u interest me?

A: Because I might be more interesting than you. For example, a lot of people find Johnny Depp interesting. But he would probably only find a subset of those people interesting to him. And Johnny Depp might be interested in Maya Angelou. But Maya Angelou might not be so interested in Johnny Depp.

(I’ve found that when people preface something with “Now, this is really interesting…”, it never is.)


Q: lyns4: does everything really happen for a reason?

A: No, hardly anything happens for a reason.


Q: Catyren: My life is so boring right now. I got up at 11 and watched Ice Age 1 and 2. I need a hobby. Any suggestions?

A: Photography.


Q: alemeow: is the explanation gonna be good enough? high expectations for the final season of Lost

A: It will be at least just good enough.


Q:  NouveauCheap: #lost fans: Jacob‘s nemesis is a shape-shifter and has been every single “ghost” we’ve seen in the entire series. Yea or Nay?

A: Nay. Claire and Christian Shepard are together and both dead at the same time. So unless the nemesis can be two entities simultaneously, nay.  Also Jacob and his “nemesis” call each other “friend”.  They are friends not enemies.


Q: uncleAndrew: remember on lost when karl was being brainwashed?on the video”god loves u as he loved jacob” quickly flashes. this proves jacob is gods son!

A: I remember. But notice “loved” is past tense. This could indicate that Jacob is a fallen angel. Or, God never loved Jacob and he doesn’t love you either.


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