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Posted in politics with tags on April 11, 2012 by Qritiq


A while back, there was a troll, trolling at KK, CryingWolfe, and here. Said troll was mentioned previously.

This troll almost always used a clever handle, and some of the joke-names only made sense to Weinergate obsessives, who had been following events closely.

Examples (my notes in italics):

Curried : Don’t let ‘em get your goat.

Al Wertzel  [another AW perhaps]

Sources matter: That’s a distraction. az5thdsstrct got it from STLAH. There is zero evidence that az planted it with him.    [pfft lol]

Don’t Forget The Source:  STLAH

FunGal : [posted a cheeky liberallisa @reply]

Ethylkxaaa: [posted a bullshit accusatory statement]


Beverly G Hills: Compton is where the DA’s office is…

Mama Celeste: [an allusion to my (incorrectly) presumed pizza preferences]

Tom: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”  [Thomas Pynchon. Where else have we seen this quote.]

Chrissie Hynde You better stop your swatting.

LisaLamp Ron, them pics don’t look young. Quit yer bitchin’. [insult comic dig at my pics (look who’s talking)]

KK: She’s covering the fad diet beat [a dig at me]

Mama Preston: [long dig at me]

Patriot: Dum blonde monster thread here we qome.


Mrs. Professor Lew: [dig at Neal, JP, Ron]

JGMA: Ron must love that qritiq’s the last person on Earth who thinks he’s really insane.



Stef: NY-9 sooooo doesn’t matter. The seat’s gonna vaporize in Jan 2013. What a waste of effort [“Stef” also posts the whole of Ken Danieli’s review of Ben Franklin’s biography, as I had posted only part of it.]

LoMein, Udon [aping commenter Ramen]

Edited:   [complaining about my editing his repulsive bullshit comments]


Pump It Up: Ron might be right about Ms. Munchies. The fat posts.

Check the Internet: [regarding my name; followed and preceded by attempts to intimidate me by doxing me and attempting to dox my family – an implied threat to my family members.]

I Feel Pretty: [re a pic of me]

Jughead: The “writer” posted Veronica profile photo 6 months before Tommy started using the names

Mr. Weatherbee:  yeah because you think this yenta all of a sudden is of any importance.


Of course there were numerous other posts by this same troll.

Dustin posted some comments using the same anonymizer/IP range as the one used above. The tone of Dustin’s comments were quite different from those referenced above. Dustin’s comments were whiny and simple; the comments above tended toward biting satire, attempted intimidation, and abusive mocking.

Why do you suppose such animosity toward me? Why would this particular troll try to intimidate me? For what possible reason?