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Why Weinergate Is Still Important

Posted in bitching with tags , , , , , , , on July 22, 2011 by Qritiq

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Nothing’s as old as old news.


So why am I still fixated on Weinergate? I’ll tell you why (anyone feel a rant coming on?)


First, I understand that some people are concerned with the threatening messages that some bloggers have received. Look, I think it’s terrible when any writer or journalist is threatened; when underhanded folks try to shut them up. And of course, I hope the person(s) to blame is caught. But I think there is a more paramount concern here.


Secondly, I know some people (many of them liberals, actually) are completely disgusted with RAW’s behavior, and simply no longer want him to represent them in any way. This is really not my issue. While what RAW did was certainly dopey and reckless, his behavior is less worse than smoking at a cocktail party or visiting a strip club. In other words, while I’d be somewhat concerned about his lack of judgment, I really couldn’t care less if he wants to sext forever and a day with consenting adults.


And by the way, I likely disagree with about 70% of RAW’s policies, so why is it I’m concerned about this?


In this country, we are supposed to have a balance of power. That means the executive branch should not be able to decide who may or may not be on your local ballot, even when that candidate goes on Fox News every chance he gets to call out the President for being weak.  As for the top of the legislative branch, when Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco came out and said that people in Queens shouldn’t be permitted to have the candidate of their choice even appear on their ballot (because she couldn’t get her work done), I about lost my ish. (Interesting tidbit: The Deputy Mayor of New York City is married to Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff. Isn’t that interesting?) (Another possibly interesting tidbit: Bloomberg has registered a new campaign with the state.)


And furthermore, if my campaign contributions are going toward blackmailing, lying, honeypots, disinformation, or anything like that AT ALL, even if it’s just at the mayoral level, well I sure would like to know about it. I suspect a lot of people would.


If we don’t get some hard facts about where the funding came from for the months-long social media disinformation campaign against Rep. Anthony Weiner, I may feel obligated to write about it in the days to come.


And I got A LOT to say.



postscript: since there has been so much disinformation and purposeful distraction on this topic, I may be deleting or editing comments that I find to be less than 100% sensible. Kinda sad, because I’ve never had to do that before.