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detoxbox.jpg Below is Dr. Mark Hyman’s “detox” diet  (very condensed).  It’s for people who may have food allergies (causing fatigue, low resistance, etc.) and I think it’s supposed to be good for other conditions like pre-diabetes as well.  The point of the diet is to stop eating common allergens for six weeks, then add them back into your diet one at a time to see if you can pinpoint any that are causing you a problem. 

Avoid: foods with refined sugar and flour, trans fats, hormones and pesticides, as well as gluten (wheat, oatmeal, spelt), dairy, eggs, corn and yeast.
Eat: fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains and beans, nuts and seeds and lean animal proteins, (Organics have higher levels of nutrients), vegetable broth, flax seeds, fiber, magnesium citrate, vitamin C, protein shake (made with berries, flax, borage oil and rice protein powder), multivitamin, omega-3 fish oil capsule, calcium/magnesium/vitamin D3 combo and a probiotic.

Draw a hot bath and sprinkle in Epsom salt, baking soda and lavender oil to help lower stress hormone levels. Soak for 20 minutes before bed.

Walk 30 minutes a day or do some simple relaxation exercises.

Take time each day to reflect on what works and what doesn’t in your life. Notice how changing your diet and lifestyle for just one week makes you feel. Now write it down and connect the dots between your diet, your behavior and how you feel.  

I think Hyman is on to something; we eat way more processed foods than we realize and it seems like so many people have fatigue or odd illnesses.  And even kids are developing diabetes in crazy numbers.  As a teacher, I see what the kids eat in the morning (when they even bother to eat breakfast) and it’s not good. 

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