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Kids Unsafe And Frightened In Great Neck

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Great Neck residents are reportedly frustrated and frightened by conditions that stem from illegal housing.
Mayor Ralph Kreitzman and Capt. Sean McCarthy of Nassau’s Sixth Precinct say that they’re aware of drug use and illegal housing in the area, but refuse to take immediate action.
Between George Street and Potters Lane, dozens of men stand in groups in front of a deli all day and disrupt the community by drinking alcohol and urinating in public, selling and using drugs, and harassing girls and women.
“I’m concerned mainly for the safety of the kids,” said one resident, who has four school-aged children. “They’re afraid and I’m afraid.”
Great Neck resident, Sean, 11, told the mayor that the loitering men keep him from walking alone to the deli.
Residents point to illegal housing in the neighborhood as the source of the trouble. There are houses that are occupied by more than 20 people who fill the structures, from the basement to the attic. These houses are extreme fire hazards and put our fire fighters at risk. Remember the fire fighters who died in the Bronx due to illegal housing configurations.
If you witness illegal activity, fill out an affidavit statement and complaint form, available at village hall.
Rabbi Aryeh Spero of the Iranian Jewish Center-Beth Hadassah Synagogue, said he will sign an affidavit.
-Information from Newsday article by Timothy Robertson