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Posted in dreams, New York with tags , , , , , , on November 9, 2013 by Qritiq

I dreamt I joined an avant garde company downtown that I hadn’t heard of previously. They worked out of a massive theater and they were pretty good and many of them were really nice to me (with one sandy-haired 6’6″ – sturdy, not at all string-beany, flannel-shirted – exception. He and an actress were talking in the hallway outside an open-doored office and I asked them where the dressing room was, I couldn’t find it, even though I’d been there earlier. He off-handedly said “There’s a window down there.”, and dismissed me. I looked down the hall and didn’t see anything and I didn’t know what the hell he meant by “a window”. I imagined myself going down the hallway, halfway around the building, and still not being able to find it, and having to come all the way back and ask again and feel like an idiot. I turned to them, interrupting again, and insisted that he show me where it was. As we were walking he was giving me a hard time. The “window”, which turned out to be just around the corner of the hallway, came into view. It was made of plywood, hinged on the side and large enough to easily step through, though there was a proper door just to the left of it. It was artistically painted with a Picasso-esque abstract design, mostly in strong red, navy, black and white. I stopped walking and turned to him. I looked up and bleated “Why are you being mean to me! I’m just a little girl.” He stared down for a few seconds, realized he was being a jerk, and retorted with an obnoxious though relenting comment  – which was R-rated, so I won’t print it here. What an asshole.) I thought I’d like a number of them. After my first performance, they were all calling me “Edith Head.” Because in my dream, Edith Head was Dame Judi Dench. I said “Wow, thanks! … usually people just call me Barbie 😦 “