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A Heartbeat Away

Posted in evil with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on August 30, 2008 by Qritiq

A few things about Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  She doesn’t understand the concept of evolution.  She thinks global warming is a hoax.  She illegally flouts our American separation of church and state.  In Alaska, children are forced to learn  religion in the public schools at taxpayer expense.  But not their own religion, only Sarah Palin’s religion.  She wants to spread this practice to all of the states.

Sarah Palin believes that if a young girl is raped by her father, she should be forced to give birth.

It is sad to think that John McCain has made the assumption that women voters are so simpleminded that we can’t differentiate the caliber of a Sarah Palin from that of a Hillary Clinton or a Dr. Rice.


Posted in marriage with tags , , , , , , on August 22, 2008 by Qritiq

Bayh looks like he’s walking on air.  So I think it will be Bayh.