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Level Up

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I saw the righteous rise from their graves.

There was thick shimmering heat from all the fire but it didn’t bother them; they were made of grey stone.


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i had 3 visions when i was in israel

1. there was an awareness of me
2. some hardcore zombie-apocalyptic shit going down
3. Victory.

caveat: visions don’t translate so good into words



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Belmont Stakes

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He looks big. 

He looks brown.

He looks confident.


Yes, She Can

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Click the pic

Dueling Blogs

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One and two on WordPress are almost always “I Can Has Cheezburger?” or “CNN Political Ticker”(Book Deals)

CNN bigwig to CNN Political Ticker editor:
“I Can Has Cheezburger?” beat us again!!! I thought you went to Columbia J-School! Just look at our site – there is not ONE kitty in a laundry basket.  What’s with all this stuff about… John McCain?  He’s not even a little cute.  And you need to sprinkle some pithy sayings around like um… like “Hang on baby; it’s almost Friday.”  Now get out of my sight — you disgust me!

Superbowl Victor

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The real winner of the Superbowl:


Landslide in Florida

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(Brian Snyder/Reuters)

From Reuters: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) poses for a photograph with supporters at a campaign rally in Davie, Florida January 29, 2008, after the polls closed on the Florida primary election.