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A True Bargain

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I was alone and I saw a well-crafted sterling silver Hand of Miriam on a Safed street. I held it in my hand and while I gazed at it, I asked the very religious shopkeep couple how much. They stared at me.

After a hesitation, he said ten dollars. When I looked up at him, I saw he was happy. She brought me inside and found a silver chain for it. She clasped the pendant around my neck. I smiled, walked out into the sunshine, and said goodbye. They looked at me, startlingly serious – and both asked God to bless me.

Later, some teens were admiring the pendant and asked me where I got it. I didn’t know how to pronounce Safed. Their eyes grew large and their jaws dropped. But just for a split second and the light chatter continued.

How to Succeed in Math

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VerrillMinimalSurface   I’ve noticed that some readers are looking for ideas on how to improve kids’ math scores, so here are some answers. These apply to teens as well as younger kids.

-kids generally need at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Teens too; their bodies are still growing and their minds are still growing. Make sure you (if you are the kid in question) or your kid (if you are the parent in question) gets enough sleep every night.

-make sure the student eats breakfast. And not cereal or pop-tarts. Get your ass out of bed and make them or buy them an egg McMuffin or some fruit and cheese, or minute steaks with peppers. With a large glass of milk. They must have protein in the morning. Make them eat at least some of it. It’s also a good idea to pack a lunch for them. Such as:

1. Peanut butter (or almond butter) with banana on whole wheat, grapes, celery sticks, a large thermos of milk

2. Sardines with lettuce on whole wheat, some cherries, some baby carrots, Hershey’s kisses, a large thermos of milk

You get the idea.

Also, provide an after school snack such as nuts and raisins or yogurt with fruit or brown rice crackers with cheese. Always have plenty of milk in the house. Stop buying beverages that contain sugar.  Kids (and adults too) need sunshine or they get sluggish; get them to spend some time out-of-doors daily, weather permitting (don’t forget the sunscreen.)  If you live in a cold or rainy area, spend school holidays in a sunny climate.

-make sure your kid gets to school ON TIME. Get your ass out of bed a half hour earlier if you need to in order to accomplish this. Lead by example and practice what you preach.

-make sure your kid has a quiet spot to do homework in. This spot should be free of siblings. This should be a comfortable, clean, organized, nicely decorated, well-lit, and pleasant work space away from distractions. Music is ok while studying for some kids (for some it is actually beneficial); tv is not.

-have your kid explain their math homework to you every night that they have homework. If (and only if) you know your stuff, help them out.

-If you understand the material your kid is studying, work with them one hour a day on it. And don’t be pissy with them. It should be a pleasant part of the day.

-ignore excuses and rationalizations like “the teacher hates me”, “I have a bad teacher”, “I’m a math-phobe”, “I can’t concentrate”. They’re probably all true; so what? The kid still has to pass math. So instead of wasting a lot of time delving into all these PROBBBLEMMMMS, just help the kid to get their homework done.

-play games with your kids like chess, checkers, Othello, bridge, scrabble, anything that uses logic. If their school or library has a chess club, encourage them to join.

-introduce your kids to different kinds of music, bring them to galleries and museums.

Teenager-to-English Dictionary

Posted in English, teenagers with tags on December 21, 2007 by Qritiq

what’s crackin Miss?          ‘sup?

Miss, you wildin.                 The homework assignment is too long.

she’s on the cheese bus      She takes the yellow school bus.

Miss, you frontin’.            I believe your comments to be insincere.

It’s mad easy.                 
We had this in eighth grade.

Aighht.                             Yes Ma’am.

Oh snap!                          I have made a mistake

But Mistah!!                  Sir, I must disagree with you

Who dat?                        Who called my name?

Wha happen?                  What did you say?

Miss, why your hair dead?      You could use a haircut.

Yo son                                    Hello my friend the loser

Miss, why you don’t do your hair?!!    You could really, really use a haircut.

Miss, why you don’t put your hair up?     please. we have to look at you for like almost an hour

Miss, you ghetto              Oddly, I am classier than you.

You have nice eyes         I would like you to give me an A on my paper. 

You look really nice today, miss.    I really need an A on that paper.

Miss, why you so mean             Why are you so mean?

Miss, why you be hatin?            Really, why ARE you so mean?

Frrreal?                                     Are you sure?

There’s a crazy teacher in here.           Our math teacher is in the classroom.

More Positivity People

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Quit complaining — it may make you feel worse

Venting to friends about problems is unhelpful and unhealthy, experts say

A recent study found that teenage girls who vented to each other about their problems, were more likely to develop depression and anxiety — and the same is likely true for adult women…

Relationship issues tend to spark the most obsessive discussions, as “The more you talk, it hypes up your emotions.”…

“If I tell you my problem, and the way you listen to me is sort of agreeing with me, then it escalates the feeling, without having a practical solution for it,” … Instead of spilling your problems to those friends who encourage your rants, turn to someone who’ll point you toward a solution…

Psychologists also warn against ranting over and over to the same audience.  That can take a toll on friendships; it’s draining to be around someone who’s always moaning about their troubles.

Ha – I know that last paragraph reminds at least one of you of a certain someone.

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