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Eight Belles

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Trainer Larry JonesEd Reinke/Associated Press

Eight Belles’ trainer Larry Jones


from by JOE DRAPE

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Larry Jones has watched the replay dozens of times. He has examined photographs of Eight Belles, and he still cannot fathom how the filly he trained was at one moment crossing the finish line in second place in the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby, and then in the next, she was gone.

Jones was proud of Eight Belles as she stormed down the stretch, chasing the winner, Big Brown, a powerful colt. He is now heartbroken after she shattered her front ankles as she galloped out around the far turn and had to be euthanized on the racetrack. Mostly, however, he is mystified.

“We have some photographers that we really got to know last year,” said Jones, who finished second here last year with Hard Spun. “They were on the first turn taking pictures as everybody was galloping out.

“We’ve got a lot of great pictures, they say, of her, and she’s got her ears up and was not in any kind of distress galloping out around the turn. I don’t know what happened and when. Just all of the sudden, it just went.”

Dr. Larry Bramlage, an equine surgeon who was the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ on-call veterinarian at the Derby, said it appeared that Eight Belles’s injuries would not have been prevented on a synthetic surface.

John Ward, a third-generation horseman who trained the 2001 Derby winner, Monarchos, says the industry must continue working on technologies that can screen horses more closely before they go into competition.

He told a story of a 3-year-old filly who was promising as a 2-year-old but had not seemed to be her best. An early set of X-rays did not show any injuries. When Ward sent her to the Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital for more sophisticated full-body tests, veterinarians found she had microfractures in three of her ankles.

“She was a catastrophe waiting to happen, and she had never spent an unsound day in her life,” Ward said. “We have got to start examining these animals at the molecular level, and protect them.”

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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Yes, She Can

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Simple Math

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The purpose of superdelegates is to ensure that a sensible ticket THAT CAN WIN (and that solidly represents the center of the party), goes into the general election. Contrary to the apparent beliefs of media pundits, the purpose of superdelegates is not to bestow extra delegates to the winner of small red states. Lets not shoot ourselves in the foot; it’s still our party, not the media’s.


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detoxbox.jpg Below is Dr. Mark Hyman’s “detox” diet  (very condensed).  It’s for people who may have food allergies (causing fatigue, low resistance, etc.) and I think it’s supposed to be good for other conditions like pre-diabetes as well.  The point of the diet is to stop eating common allergens for six weeks, then add them back into your diet one at a time to see if you can pinpoint any that are causing you a problem. 

Avoid: foods with refined sugar and flour, trans fats, hormones and pesticides, as well as gluten (wheat, oatmeal, spelt), dairy, eggs, corn and yeast.
Eat: fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains and beans, nuts and seeds and lean animal proteins, (Organics have higher levels of nutrients), vegetable broth, flax seeds, fiber, magnesium citrate, vitamin C, protein shake (made with berries, flax, borage oil and rice protein powder), multivitamin, omega-3 fish oil capsule, calcium/magnesium/vitamin D3 combo and a probiotic.

Draw a hot bath and sprinkle in Epsom salt, baking soda and lavender oil to help lower stress hormone levels. Soak for 20 minutes before bed.

Walk 30 minutes a day or do some simple relaxation exercises.

Take time each day to reflect on what works and what doesn’t in your life. Notice how changing your diet and lifestyle for just one week makes you feel. Now write it down and connect the dots between your diet, your behavior and how you feel.  

I think Hyman is on to something; we eat way more processed foods than we realize and it seems like so many people have fatigue or odd illnesses.  And even kids are developing diabetes in crazy numbers.  As a teacher, I see what the kids eat in the morning (when they even bother to eat breakfast) and it’s not good. 

 ultrametabolism      ultraprevention


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How to Succeed in Math

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VerrillMinimalSurface   I’ve noticed that some readers are looking for ideas on how to improve kids’ math scores, so here are some answers. These apply to teens as well as younger kids.

-kids generally need at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Teens too; their bodies are still growing and their minds are still growing. Make sure you (if you are the kid in question) or your kid (if you are the parent in question) gets enough sleep every night.

-make sure the student eats breakfast. And not cereal or pop-tarts. Get your ass out of bed and make them or buy them an egg McMuffin or some fruit and cheese, or minute steaks with peppers. With a large glass of milk. They must have protein in the morning. Make them eat at least some of it. It’s also a good idea to pack a lunch for them. Such as:

1. Peanut butter (or almond butter) with banana on whole wheat, grapes, celery sticks, a large thermos of milk

2. Sardines with lettuce on whole wheat, some cherries, some baby carrots, Hershey’s kisses, a large thermos of milk

You get the idea.

Also, provide an after school snack such as nuts and raisins or yogurt with fruit or brown rice crackers with cheese. Always have plenty of milk in the house. Stop buying beverages that contain sugar.  Kids (and adults too) need sunshine or they get sluggish; get them to spend some time out-of-doors daily, weather permitting (don’t forget the sunscreen.)  If you live in a cold or rainy area, spend school holidays in a sunny climate.

-make sure your kid gets to school ON TIME. Get your ass out of bed a half hour earlier if you need to in order to accomplish this. Lead by example and practice what you preach.

-make sure your kid has a quiet spot to do homework in. This spot should be free of siblings. This should be a comfortable, clean, organized, nicely decorated, well-lit, and pleasant work space away from distractions. Music is ok while studying for some kids (for some it is actually beneficial); tv is not.

-have your kid explain their math homework to you every night that they have homework. If (and only if) you know your stuff, help them out.

-If you understand the material your kid is studying, work with them one hour a day on it. And don’t be pissy with them. It should be a pleasant part of the day.

-ignore excuses and rationalizations like “the teacher hates me”, “I have a bad teacher”, “I’m a math-phobe”, “I can’t concentrate”. They’re probably all true; so what? The kid still has to pass math. So instead of wasting a lot of time delving into all these PROBBBLEMMMMS, just help the kid to get their homework done.

-play games with your kids like chess, checkers, Othello, bridge, scrabble, anything that uses logic. If their school or library has a chess club, encourage them to join.

-introduce your kids to different kinds of music, bring them to galleries and museums.

Hillary takes off the Gloves

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from the AP:
”My opponent [Obama] says that he’ll take on the special interests,” she said. ”Well, he told people he stood up to the nuclear industry and passed a bill against them. But he actually let the nuclear industry water down his bill; the bill never actually passed.”

Clinton was referring to Exelon Corp., a Chicago-based energy giant and nuclear plant operator, whose executives and employees have contributed more than $200,000 to Obama’s campaigns.

Clinton told GM workers, ”I’m announcing an agenda to rein in the special interests and save the American people at least $55 billion a year. Money that can go back into your pockets. Money we can use to create new jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, make college affordable and so much more.”

She said she would force oil companies to invest some of their record profits in high-wage, clean-energy jobs. ”I’ll end their special tax breaks and given them a choice: Invest some of your profits in alternative energy or we’ll do it for you,” she said. ”People have been paying through the roof at the pump and it’s time the companies paid their fair share.”

In addition to earlier proposals to cap interest rates at 30 percent, Clinton said she would prohibit credit card companies from imposing hidden fees and sudden rate hikes.

She promised to stop insurance companies from refusing to cover the pre-existing conditions of their clients.

”They spend more than $50 billion a year trying to figure out how not to cover people,” Clinton said. ”I’m going to save them a fortune and a whole lot of time, because here’s the new policy: No more discrimination period. So even if you have a pre-existing condition, you can get the health insurance you need no questions asked.”

And she backed tax revisions to force Wall Street ”to finally pay your fair share in taxes. Because it’s outrageous that a teacher making $50,000 pays a higher tax rate than some Wall Street investment managers making $50 million.”

good vote

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Guess who just voted in the Senate to designate the Iranian revolutionary guard a terrorist group.

Guess who just got my vote!