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An Open Letter To DW

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I’ve been thinking about this, trying to imagine being in your shoes. I don’t think I could handle the stress. I have reason to believe that some finger-pointing has already begun.  Believe me, they will hang you out to dry.

I really urge you to reveal where the funding is coming from – not the workers like yourself who are doing a job, but the topmost person(s) who is funneling the capital to the project. If you don’t do it in time, I promise you they will sell you out imminently.

I know this will sound totally crazy, but I honestly think your best option would be to talk to JP. I was thinking that she could probably think of a way to verify what you tell her, without outing you or any intermediaries. I hope you will at least consider it.

As for myself, honestly, I don’t think your role (as far as your identity goes) in this really matters. I don’t take your actions personally. And I hope you understand that I’m really not out to get you. I just think it’s important that the truth comes out, and of course it would be better for you, if you control that process.

Good luck.


What You Need

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What you need to eat every day:

Non-fat Greek-style yogurt
A handful of almonds or walnuts
½ grapefruit
An apple or a pear
Tea with lemon
A multivitamin, Vitamin D, fish oil

What you need to eat a couple of times a week:

Wild salmon
A glass of red wine

What you need to add whenever possible: pepper, cinnamon, tomatoes or tomato juice, onions, garlic

What you need to include in your diet: skinless turkey breast, skinless chicken breast, avocado, olive oil, eggs, spinach, fish, shellfish, mushrooms, pumpkin, carrots, brown rice, brown rice crackers, artichokes, asparagus, purple grapes, beets


What you need to do 5 days a week:

Dance or walk briskly for 45 minutes


What you need to do 7 days a week:

Get 8 hours of sleep


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The Clintons asked GM to build a green car SIXTEEN FRIGGIN YEARS AGO.  Instead, GM chose to build SUV’s that not only guzzle gas, but also tip over! I don’t think they should be privy to one penny of my tax money.  F ‘EM!  They’ve had 16 years to do the right thing for America and they’ve chosen not to.

Let’s take that bailout money and invest in a greencar company or at least an American smartcar.  Set one up in Detroit overseen by U Michigan engineers.  They know a little something about cars.

The whole point of capitalism, is that it rewards those with foresight and good ideas, and punishes short-sighted dimwits.  If we continue to bailout the dimwitted, the cream will never have a chance to rise.


Just Say No To Vista

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Just wanted to let youse know that since I upgraded my XP to Service Pack 3 (XP SP3), I’ve yet to see the BSOD.  the free upgrade is at






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Westwego Feeding

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Obama Top Ten

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Top Ten Things I Want To Hear Barack Obama Say:

1.  We will retain a base of military operation in Iraq.
2.  Jerusalem will remain intact.  Really.
3.  We will begin to allow Israel to protect itself.
4.  Mrs. Clinton is my running mate.
5.  We will not allow Iran to threaten democracies with nuclear weapons.  Really.
6.  Al Gore’s energy plan is not pie-in-the-sky.  This is a can-do nation and we can do it.
7.  To anyone with half a brain in their head, the New Yorker cover is obviously satire.
8.  I’m not going to pay people to vote for me via a “gas tax holiday” or other wasteful means.
9.  I’m not going to sink our tax dollars into bail-outs of companies that make poor business decisions.  Instead, I’ll pour that money into R&D to strengthen our tech and energy sectors.
10.  I have a plan to protect American jobs.