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sh…look: Bird! See?

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A commenter had this to say:

‘V.’ ?

Wait a fucking second here…

1-Victoria Wren
3-Vera Meroving
4-Veronica Maganese

OK. I get it.

You don’t fool me!

Five “V”s? Oh yeah. V.V.V.V.V.

V. Cinco? V.C.? Obviously, Pynchon is…

V-I-N-C-E-N-T C-A-G-G-I-A-N-O!!!

You see?

I just knew it!! Total Proof!!!

You know, if an unstable mind wanted to highjack, spin, and dominate a topic, the most likely procedure would probably be old-school Alinsky tactics as reinterpreted by current Tea Partiers, even though the perpetrator of said tactics might identify themselves as a “progressive” (like @perpostericity & Dreamsend333), which in reality would probably translate to something like “C-a-s-s S-u-n-s-t-e-i-n O-p-e-r-a-t-i-v-e”.

First, the projection of your own agenda upon your targeted Straw Man, who is to be accused of exactly what you are really doing.

Best Straw Man is someone tangental to the case being damage controlled, about whom the least is known, so you can pretty much make anything up about them, and then demand that they identify themselves to prove their non-involvement in the activities of which you have accused them.

Lots of luck on that.

This is parallel to the Tea-Bagger tactic of finding a Straw Man like oh, say Brett Kimberlin, or Neal Rauhauser, to be built up as a boogey-man by sheer repetition of The Big Lie.

I’ll be back to finish this up after I return from a chic and totally hip dinner at Musso & Frank’s. The Lasagna Milano there is unspeakbly toothsome.

OK, we’re back! The Rigatoni Tuscanique was awesome, and not nearly as overpriced as you might think. Alright, maybe it was a tad uberpricen, but it was on somebody else’s expense account. As a result, the basic cost of Fine Literature may upspike just a little, but it should soon correct itself, and smooth out just fine.

Now where were we?

Oh yes, once having established your erzatz nemisis Straw Man, the next step – and this is so very, VERY crucial – is to position yourself as The VICTIM.

This is the preferred procedure making the rounds in the Tea-Bagger twitter wars. Various Tea-Baggers like Aaron Worthing, Lee Stranahan, E.W. Erickson, R.S. McCain, Patterico and probably others too grotesque to remember, have built a flimsy little Urban Myth around Brett Kimberlin, with Neal Rauhauser as an alternate, to be used as a boogieman to shake down their Depends wearing, Rascal riding readership for donations:
“OMG!! Kimbelin has my address!! He’ll come and blow me up!! I have to move NOW!!” etc etc blah-blah-blah

Of course nobody moves anywhere or gets blown up. Just pocket the $$$, and oooze on out to the next C-PAC boozefest (oh, by jingo what fun too! Steve Crowder will be there! He’s soooo funny! tee-hee! Greg Gutfield too!! Ooooh!)

Someone posing as a “progressive” would probably skip the donation part, their audience not nearly as moronic as Tea-Baggers, and be content merely with damage control, spin, and very, very muddy water.

Never mind that there are real-people-who-have-died-under-at-best-dubious-circumstances, make it all about YOU and your tragic Victimhood.

Yeah, sure these other people died on terms of fear and anguish, but how trivial and self-indulgent that all is compared with the terrifying experience of being sent hostile and incoherent emails causing a total psychological meltdown!

Oh, the humanity!

Tears well in my eye at the sheer relentless torment some individuals suffer from the brutal effects of The Holy Toenail Law, and the silly incoherent mentally incapacitating emails with which it is enforced! *sob*

Well, keep those waters muddied Ty, and tell Cass I sez hai!

By the way, did you notice that that Rosamond guy is head of the Knights Templar or som–GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

How To Tell If An iPad Is Actually A Bomb

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1. It’s ticking

2. Engraving reads “ACME” and device is being carried by a coyote

3. Lit fuse protruding from headphone jack

4. Touchscreen displaying red 1970’s era digital numbers counting down to 00:00:00

5. When the iPad is pried open, two wires are revealed – one red and one yellow. Someone with a lantern jaw has a drop of sweat running down his brow as he picks one of the wires to clip. He clips one, everyone holds their breath, and there is no explosion. The numbers mentioned above in #4 stop counting down and display 00:00:01. If this occurs, that iPad was definitely a bomb.

6. Its Hello Kitty iPad case reads “Danger – Plastic Explosives”

7. A terrorist aims it at you, seemingly to take a photo with the front camera, but actually to detonate it in your face

8. You are in Northern Ireland in 1972 and oh wait a minute, the iPad actually looks like a suspect device

9. A guy named MacGyver applies bubble gum and duct tape to its battery

10. Someone named “Mr. Genovese” leaves it in your car along with a dead fish, a note saying “I got you some new apps – Enjoy the Angry Birds! Love, Mr. G.”, and a box of canolli. No, wait – he probably took the cannoli.

On Critical Thinking

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excerpted notes from Critical Thinking Errors:

Errors that lead to shallow or uncritical decisions instead of careful judgments:

Face Saving/Ego
Faulty common sense
Hasty conclusions
Unwarranted assumptions


Group pressure can be intense.

Conformity can cripple your thinking…

It can cause dependence on others.
It can reduce your sense of responsibility.

GROUP THINK is probably the most severe example of conformity. It is the strong desire to concur in a group decision.

Face Saving/Ego

Face saving is “attempting to preserve our image when reality threatens it”.

Face saving is self-protection, ego protection, and sometimes compensation for feelings of inferiority.

EGO is an obstacle to clear thinking.  For instance:
Wishful thinking
Misinterpretation of perceptions


Rationalization is the exact opposite of reaching a logical decision.


The process for reaching a rational decision is to start with evidence and then move to a conclusion.

Evidence –> Conclusion

With rationalization you start with the conclusion you want, and then you gather evidence to support that conclusion.

Conclusion –> Evidence

Stereotyping  –

Stereotyping forces us to choose sides.

Causes Injustice
Destroys cooperation
Embarrasses people
Triggers fear
Creates suspicion and blame
Victims are degraded
Stereotypers lose touch with reality and their fears grow
Social impulse is curbed

To avoid stereotyping:

Avoid jumping to the conclusion of neat categories.

Review ALL information before coming to a conclusion.

Suspend judgment; put off making conclusions

A hasty conclusion is a judgment arrived at before sufficient evidence is obtained or looked at.

Unwarranted assumptions are unexamined conclusions which we take for granted.

Other Potential Problems:

Scare tactics
Appeal to loyalty
Appeal to pity
Appeal to prejudice
Shifting the burden of proof


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Paranoiacs Anonymous

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A lot of accusations have been bandied about. As you may well know, I’ve been looking at post-Weinergate shenanigans and crimes for a while now. And just for the record…

I have not seen one shred of evidence indicating that Neal is guilty of anything (other than getting into a snit for no apparent reason.)

I have not seen one shred of evidence indicating that Ron is guilty of anything (other than calling me every name in the book. (And Pathetico never “denounced” any of it.)) Oh, and reading anything Ron’s written as an actual threat is obviously preposterous (listen up Pathetico.) I’ve certainly never felt threatened by Ron and the many epithets he’s logged that were directed at me.

I have not seen one shred of evidence that @goatsred is guilty of anything. He seems to be under attack by some sockpuppets who seem to have no clue (and no curiosity) as to who the actual players in Weinergate were.

I have not seen one shred of evidence that GC is guilty of anything, despite Patrick Frey’s commenters being incredibly nasty and accusatory toward her. Oh, and by the way, Pathetico never denounced that repulsive behavior. Rather, he seemed to actively encourage it. (I’ve never seen a writer block/ban a source. Can you say “dumbass”?)

And I’ve gotta say that thinking that KidKenoma is some kind of criminal mastermind is um what’s the word? Oh yeah – ridiculous.

Of course Ken and “Dustin” and Pat even tried to point a finger at yours truly, because they know that I know some truths that they don’t want revealed. I think you need to ask yourself why that would be. When I posted a link to new information about Dan Wolfe at (because “Dustin” had requested that I post any new information there), Pathetico deleted the post. Post-haste. Gotta ask yourself why he would do that. His excuse was that I had deleted just one out of MANY of “Dustin”‘s comments.

(I had deleted that one comment of “Dustin”‘s, because it contained false and defamatory statements about GC. I had already let “Dustin” post many comments containing disinformation, and “Dustin” was already fully aware that his many comments were totally disrespectful of this blog’s guidelines. I NEVER violated any of Pathetico’s blog guidelines, although Pat allowed many commenters to post disinformation and allowed some to use more than one handle – against his own rules. So, again, you need to ask yourself – why was I singled out? I was also singled out in that I believe that “qritiq” was the ONLY one on the monster thread that had actual names attributed to their handle/nickname, that were NOT redacted. So again, you need to ask yourself: WHY WOULD JOHN PATRICK FREY SINGLE OUT QRITIQ? FOR WHAT POSSIBLE REASON? And, perhaps even more telling, why would he want to hide new information from his readers? Quite interesting behavior, don’t ya think?)

Pretty sure the only charges I am legitimately guilty of are cupcake over-indulgence and poor grammar. A thousand freakin pardons.



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Vigilant Blogger

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J. Edgar Hoover, director of the F.B.I, photog...

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Patterico issued this important warning to me today on twitter:

“I have taken a screenshot”.

Meaning that he took a screencap of one of my tweets that he found to be scary and THREATENING, and that he might potentially use this screencap to IMPLICATE me in a possible INVESTIGATION.

Actually, I don’t think just one screencap is sufficient. I believe Patterico should screencap this entire blog. Within he will find that I discuss Great DANES and TIBETAN Mastiffs more than AMERICAN dogs. Obviously SEDITIOUS!!!

And with the thorough investigations of my writings that he should certainly attend to, he may also discover indications that I believe our president has done less than his best when it comes to math education. These criticisms of the president himself, should be taken directly to the SECRET SERVICE.

Clearly, as RonBryn and Patterico have discovered, I am EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and ARMED with a laptop, and I’m sure the FBI would be VERY INTERESTED in my tweets.

Thank God for this man’s vigilance in protecting the public from scary little blondes.