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Dirty Laundry and Dirty Socks

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Some have way more than others.

 The answers, my friends, are blowing in the wind.

Let’s have a  little fun, why don’t we? What socks are are the dirtiest? The easiest to see right through?

We’ll get into this for the next few posts. We’ll review some oldies but goodies, some up and comers, and some dumber than others.

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Kremkaus Write And Shoot

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More pix as well as a write-up from the March 30, 2009 Webster Hall Glasvegas Show at

I went to this show and yes, there were some sound problems, but it was fun being up front.  James Allan handed my friend his beer near the top of the show, and his guitar pick at the end. (Yes, she’s extremely cute.)

Allan works hard for the money; he obviously works at his craft and the band put on a great show.  Allan has some powerful pipes and dark lyrics which the Manhattan crowd sang back to him word for word.  New York hearts Glasvegas and, it seems, vice-versa.

The band had support from high-energy Joplinesque opener Ida Maria. I watched a clip from her set on youtube today and laughed when I heard myself talking at the tail end.  The internet is a strange place.

put yer cellphone away already

Bryan Kremkau Matt Kremkau


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Photo by Justin Beck

I finally went to Winnie’s which was more fun than I thought it would be.  It’s a cheesy good time.  Mostly dates and groups.  I think my friends had fun.  There was Robitussin behind the bar.  Mixed drinks are weak and $8.  Here is some conversation from the evening:

J: Did you read Harry Potter?
Qritiq: No.  I’m an adult.

And later:
J: Have you seen Ninja Warrior?
Qritiq: No.  I’m an adult.... to do blocks of Ninja Warrior

In the Hampton’s, all the guys sing Madonna songs at karaoke, but here it was more of the Sweet Home Alabama thing.  One guy with a handsome face sang Tempted and did a great job of it.  He looked at me a few times, but I didn’t go over to talk.  (Girls – do you prefer if a guy is assertive/aggressive and comes over to you/ sends you a drink?  Or do you find that irritating and prefer if he just shoots you a few smiles to let you know he’s interested and then it’s up to you whether you want to go and talk to him or not.  I am curious what your thoughts are on this.)  My friends sang Rhinestone Cowboy – a crowdpleaser (now just try to get that tune out of your head).  We are planning to try live band karaoke next.

During the evening I walked prolly a few miles in my platforms.  Youchh!  Then I get to Penn Station and all the girls have small purses (just like me) and are carrying their heels and wearing flip-flops.  Doh!  H&M next stop for flats to keep in my bag.

Hey – I tried frog legs for the first time earlier in the evening at Thai Son.  A bit bony and chewy, but otherwise ok.  My beef over vermicelli was pretty darn good.  I gave them a great tip, but they asked us to vacate our table anyway.  Lingering apparently verboten.  So — only go there if you’re in a hurry.

104 Bayard St., New York, NY
nr. Baxter St.
(212) 732-2384

Thaison Restaurant
89 Baxter St., New York, NY
(212) 732-2822