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I dreamt I joined an avant garde company downtown that I hadn’t heard of previously. They worked out of a massive theater and they were pretty good and many of them were really nice to me (with one sandy-haired 6’6″ – sturdy, not at all string-beany, flannel-shirted – exception. He and an actress were talking in the hallway outside an open-doored office and I asked them where the dressing room was, I couldn’t find it, even though I’d been there earlier. He off-handedly said “There’s a window down there.”, and dismissed me. I looked down the hall and didn’t see anything and I didn’t know what the hell he meant by “a window”. I imagined myself going down the hallway, halfway around the building, and still not being able to find it, and having to come all the way back and ask again and feel like an idiot. I turned to them, interrupting again, and insisted that he show me where it was. As we were walking he was giving me a hard time. The “window”, which turned out to be just around the corner of the hallway, came into view. It was made of plywood, hinged on the side and large enough to easily step through, though there was a proper door just to the left of it. It was artistically painted with a Picasso-esque abstract design, mostly in strong red, navy, black and white. I stopped walking and turned to him. I looked up and bleated “Why are you being mean to me! I’m just a little girl.” He stared down for a few seconds, realized he was being a jerk, and retorted with an obnoxious though relenting comment¬† – which was R-rated, so I won’t print it here. What an asshole.) I thought I’d like a number of them. After my first performance, they were all calling me “Edith Head.” Because in my dream, Edith Head was Dame Judi Dench. I said “Wow, thanks! … usually people just call me Barbie ūüė¶ “

Tibetans Invade Westminster

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Congratulations to Tibetan Mastiff Sierras’ Sasha-Yakone Nanuk, winner of Best In Breed at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club show that took place in February at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Owners Jim Butler and Ricardo Gallegos.

2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Tibetan...

2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Tibetan Mastiff (Photo credit:

One of the largest breeds in dogdom, these giants average 180 [see Jim Butler’s comment below] pounds.


Over 2700 dogs entered the 2013 show – a record-breaker.

2009 contestant

Fluffy tails are more than just for show – they can curl over the nose and allow for warmer air to breathe while sleeping in cold climes. Sturdy legs and big foot pads help maneuver over snowy landscapes.


Tibetan Mastiff

Photo credit: Henry Chen


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and in excess of $25K in ’11 to aide Dolev Azaria.

The Great Divide

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Reaction to snow day (quotes are verbatim):

Jets Fan: You’ll find me out on the front lawn, naked, curled in a ball and sucking my thumb cuz my kids will be home ALL day.
Giants Fan: There’s no school today! The kids will be home. I think I’ll make cookies!!



Jets Fan: skew younger, more likely to do actual work for a living
Giants Fan: more likely to push papers


Reaction to Plax imprisonment:

Giants Fan: He had a GUN?? That’s DANGEROUS. What if there had been KIDS around?? He should ROT in prison FOREVER!!!
Jets Fan: Who did he shoot? His foot?! That’s hilarious. But wait, why is he locked up? Huh? I don’t understand – did the bullet ricochet and kill somebody? No? Wait, so why is he locked up again?



Giants Fan: the winding forested roads of Westchester
Jets Fan: Flushing



Jets Fan: …and the fuckin JETS!!! (-courtesy R. Ryan) alt.: Play like a m[redacted]n’ JET
Giants Fan: It’s so nice out today; ooh look – a flower!


j/k – luv ya Giants fans


Do The (4th Qtr?) Mark Sanchez


perfect holiday gift?

Dirty Laundry and Dirty Socks

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Some have way more than others.

 The answers, my friends, are blowing in the wind.

Let’s have a¬† little fun, why don’t we? What socks are are the dirtiest? The easiest to see right through?

We’ll get into this for the next few posts. We’ll review some oldies but goodies, some up and comers, and some dumber than others.

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Of Suits and Ties and Things To Despise

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I am honored to be able to contribute to qritiq’s site. We both share a love for New York City and its many flavors.

Having grown up here, I take tremendous pride in all that this great city offers and the unique opportunities afforded to all that dare to dream a little. We’ve got the best media, the toughest sports fans, the most outspoken citizens and ……the takeover of our space by degenerates that have now been away from hot showers and employment for over forty days ?

Protests. Blocking the traffic of people who have to actually get to a job to support a family. Working people. Not individuals who have time to sleep in dirt and shanty-towns. Or brag about the wonderful drum circle that they were involved in earlier. Troublemakers. People who must make their opinion known and force it upon others at any cost. And then use tactics of fear and inciting others to try to prove a point.

Oh, and on that note, this takes me back to my first post Thursday.

Where in my post did I invite Neal Rauhauser to put up his files that,for some reason, had nothing to do with anything? It seems that he gets great joy out of posting files like these all over qritiq’s blog. You name a topic and it’s Scribd this, lawsuit that, intel we have, butthurt, and many more “black hat” clich√©s.

From this morning:

That second to last paragraph is kind of ironic, dont’cha think?

Earth to Neal: Were you good at strategy games as a kid?  Battleship? Connect Four? Tic-Tac-Toe?

Because the reality here is that you definitely must have sucked at poker.

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Staten Islanders Put Kibosh On Mosque

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The trustees of a Staten Island parish have voted against the sale of a convent to the Muslim American Society for use as a mosque.  The pastor, Father Keith Fennessy had initially agreed to the sale.  Due to intense community opposition he has stepped down from his post.  He has since withdrawn his support of the sale.

The executive director of the Muslim American Society¬†responded saying “They need a mosque on Staten Island and we’re determined to have one.”¬† Neighborhood residents have raised questions about the group and its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a global network that promotes political Islam.

-info from Sumathi Reddy's article at