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That Other McCain

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Excerpted from “That Other Times” by Michelangelo Signorile in the December 17, 2002 issue of New York Press:

Let’s take a look at the views and not-so-hidden agenda of one of the actual editors of the paper [The Washington Times], specifically, assistant national editor Robert Stacy McCain, who has a habit of posting commentary on message boards and elsewhere around the Internet:

“The media now force interracial images into the public mind and a number of perfectly rational people react to these images with an altogether natural revulsion.

The white person who does not mind transacting business with a black bank clerk may yet be averse to accepting the clerk as his sister-in-law, and THIS IS NOT RACISM, no matter what Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Washington tell us.”

Yes, you read that right: a “natural revulsion” and “THIS IS NOT RACISM.”

That was posted by Robert Stacy McCain (who has contributed to New York Press in the past) on a website called Reclaiming the South. The Washington Times editor posts a lot on the right-wing as well, using an assumed name (BurkeCalhounDabney) but often linking back to his personal website, where there are photos of him and the rest of his large family of Seventh Day Adventists (and which identifies him by his real name and as a Washington Times editor). Editor McCain, who hails from Rome, GA, is one of those Confederate types who still hasn’t gotten over the Civil War and is trying to get the South to secede. He’s a member of a Southern secessionist organization called League of the South.

… McCain has written, in a piece he posted on the Web titled “Down On Dixie: The Confederate Cause and the South’s Scalawag Press,” that “We may never all agree that The South Was Right!…but the least we owe our ancestors is a fair hearing and a balanced portrayal to our readers.”

McCain … believes that Abraham Lincoln was a “war criminal” who should have been tried for “treason.” (His reasoning, he writes, is that Lincoln and the Northerners were the true racists; something tells me–actually, studying his other comments and affiliations is what tells me–that that is not the real reason at all.)

In his Web postings McCain has stated that Harvard president Lawrence Summers should be “persecuted and run out of town” for supporting gay rights. He also believes that the civil rights movement directly resulted in “black criminality” because people were encouraged to break the law by getting arrested at demonstrations!

“I am disturbed…by [Jesse] Jackson’s idea that ‘breaking white folks’ rules’ was somehow inherently just,” he wrote on “If rules were to be broken merely because they were work of white folks, then hasn’t Jackson gone a long way toward explaining the explosion of black criminality that began in the 1960s? This shows how the civil rights movement, to a great extent, represented a direct assault on tradition and law.”

These viewpoints offer background for and insight into some of McCain’s pieces in The Washington Times. This past October he warned about the “Backlash Building in White America,” as the headline of his article blared, and he interviewed and promoted an obscure professor who claimed “that society should combat white nationalists in part by acknowledging the legitimacy of some of their grievances” and that white nationalism is “the monster that identity politics created.” (Yes, blame it all on blacks themselves!)

Some of McCain’s Washington Times articles are reprinted, presumably with his and his paper’s permission, on a creepy website called American Renaissance (to which McCain has written at least one letter to the editor, offering “warm congratulations” on an article). Here’s what the respected Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about that site: “Edited by white separatist Jared Taylor, American Renaissance is a magazine with a highfalutin tone that links IQ levels to racial groups and promotes eugenics, the ‘science’ of improving the human race through selective breeding.”

Michelangelo Signorile (@msignorile) can be reached at

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Michelangelo Signorile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sh…look: Bird! See?

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A commenter had this to say:

‘V.’ ?

Wait a fucking second here…

1-Victoria Wren
3-Vera Meroving
4-Veronica Maganese

OK. I get it.

You don’t fool me!

Five “V”s? Oh yeah. V.V.V.V.V.

V. Cinco? V.C.? Obviously, Pynchon is…

V-I-N-C-E-N-T C-A-G-G-I-A-N-O!!!

You see?

I just knew it!! Total Proof!!!

You know, if an unstable mind wanted to highjack, spin, and dominate a topic, the most likely procedure would probably be old-school Alinsky tactics as reinterpreted by current Tea Partiers, even though the perpetrator of said tactics might identify themselves as a “progressive” (like @perpostericity & Dreamsend333), which in reality would probably translate to something like “C-a-s-s S-u-n-s-t-e-i-n O-p-e-r-a-t-i-v-e”.

First, the projection of your own agenda upon your targeted Straw Man, who is to be accused of exactly what you are really doing.

Best Straw Man is someone tangental to the case being damage controlled, about whom the least is known, so you can pretty much make anything up about them, and then demand that they identify themselves to prove their non-involvement in the activities of which you have accused them.

Lots of luck on that.

This is parallel to the Tea-Bagger tactic of finding a Straw Man like oh, say Brett Kimberlin, or Neal Rauhauser, to be built up as a boogey-man by sheer repetition of The Big Lie.

I’ll be back to finish this up after I return from a chic and totally hip dinner at Musso & Frank’s. The Lasagna Milano there is unspeakbly toothsome.

OK, we’re back! The Rigatoni Tuscanique was awesome, and not nearly as overpriced as you might think. Alright, maybe it was a tad uberpricen, but it was on somebody else’s expense account. As a result, the basic cost of Fine Literature may upspike just a little, but it should soon correct itself, and smooth out just fine.

Now where were we?

Oh yes, once having established your erzatz nemisis Straw Man, the next step – and this is so very, VERY crucial – is to position yourself as The VICTIM.

This is the preferred procedure making the rounds in the Tea-Bagger twitter wars. Various Tea-Baggers like Aaron Worthing, Lee Stranahan, E.W. Erickson, R.S. McCain, Patterico and probably others too grotesque to remember, have built a flimsy little Urban Myth around Brett Kimberlin, with Neal Rauhauser as an alternate, to be used as a boogieman to shake down their Depends wearing, Rascal riding readership for donations:
“OMG!! Kimbelin has my address!! He’ll come and blow me up!! I have to move NOW!!” etc etc blah-blah-blah

Of course nobody moves anywhere or gets blown up. Just pocket the $$$, and oooze on out to the next C-PAC boozefest (oh, by jingo what fun too! Steve Crowder will be there! He’s soooo funny! tee-hee! Greg Gutfield too!! Ooooh!)

Someone posing as a “progressive” would probably skip the donation part, their audience not nearly as moronic as Tea-Baggers, and be content merely with damage control, spin, and very, very muddy water.

Never mind that there are real-people-who-have-died-under-at-best-dubious-circumstances, make it all about YOU and your tragic Victimhood.

Yeah, sure these other people died on terms of fear and anguish, but how trivial and self-indulgent that all is compared with the terrifying experience of being sent hostile and incoherent emails causing a total psychological meltdown!

Oh, the humanity!

Tears well in my eye at the sheer relentless torment some individuals suffer from the brutal effects of The Holy Toenail Law, and the silly incoherent mentally incapacitating emails with which it is enforced! *sob*

Well, keep those waters muddied Ty, and tell Cass I sez hai!

By the way, did you notice that that Rosamond guy is head of the Knights Templar or som–GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Top Commenters Of 2012

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As shown below in the WordPress 2012 report for the qritiq blog, Dustin Farahnak was the 4th most active commenter at the qritiq blog in 2012. He also commented here in 2011. Click on the image for a clearer view:

Dustin Farahnak Lies

From 2012 qritiq blog WordPress report

Yet these are his claims:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well, I hope he doesn’t hope to pursue any careers that would demand logic and/or ethical behavior.

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From The Desk Of:

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From: Qritiq
Sent: December 3, 2011 11:25 PM

Mike – I wish you had emailed me before you told her you were bleeker. It is NONE of her business. I asked you to blog with me because I know you had a lot to say about bullying, which I think is important. And now look – she’s bullied you out of blogging and speaking your mind. If those are “her friends”, they are real menacing potty-mouths.

I would recommend that you do not speak to her husband (certainly not without a lawyer) – I don’t understand how Michelle’s war with Neal involves you. And if you intend to sue Neal, Ron, whoever, it certainly doesn’t concern Michelle.

None of the bleeker posts support Neal or Ron in the slightest. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. And for her to intimate that you have, is repulsive.

I would appreciate it if you can give me her last name (I won’t give it to anyone else – I have no interest in outing her.) But she strikes me as a bit unbalanced due to her threat to call my workplace and her odd messages to people I don’t even know, about trying to get me in some way. I would have no interest in her if she hadn’t threatened me, but since she has, I’d at least like to know her name, in case she decides to stalk or threaten me again.

You do not owe Michelle or her husband any explanation for what you write about, or where you choose to publish it. You haven’t written one word about them. How dare they.

(Can you tell I’m mad?)

If Michelle’s husband is mad at Neal – hey here’s an idea: he should talk to Neal, not waste your time. It sounds to me like they are trying to intimidate you. Because why would they talk to you? If I had a problem with stuff Neal was saying, I’d have my lawyer send a cease and desist letter to Neal. Why would I call you – it makes no sense.

In addition to Michelle’s last name, I hope you will also give me permission to write about this. It’s really got me fired up. But of course I’ll understand if you’d rather I didn’t.


Downright Dirty

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the upshot:


-Judge refuses to rule on Battle of Thessalonica

-Judge has a LOT of years on the bench; sure doesn’t know much about the internet, but knows about people and their probable future actions based on what he’s seen go down in the past.

-Judge rules Aaron may not contact Kimberlin by megaphone (or any other means.)

-Judge says Aaron is inciting death threats and threats against children.

-Judge finds Aaron is doing a “downright dirty” thing.



Believe me I’m no lawyer, but I have heard that there is a difference between the letter of the law and the intent of the law, and judges consider the intent of the law in their rulings. If you listen, you’ll see that since he is ruling on a protective peace order, (a pretty common thing), the judge’s primary concern is keeping both of these guys safe, not the intricacies of constitutional law as it relates to electronic communications, conspiracy,  death threats across state lines, incitement to commit violent acts, etc., etc.


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A commenter (coughtroll) at TheCryingWolfe asks of me: “Still?”,
regarding my previous comments:
I don’t believe you’re [Lee Stranahan] sincere at all throwing Ron’s name in there, because I’ve heard Ron’s voice too. And that’s why I know you’re full of shit on this one.
I’d bet any amount of money that’s not Ron; would have no prob betting my life on it.
The only reason I can see for falsely throwing Ron’s name in repeatedly, is to try to take focus away from the actual caller.
I mean DUH.

sorry if i sounded over-dramatic – I’m just sick of this subterfuge shit.
So, my answer to this commenter is:







*Can’t Touch This* Serial Twitter Harasser OxyConservative and #p2 Pals

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@GregWHoward Instead of binge drinking, why don’t you teach your kid how to be a financially responsible adult? @GomerWHoward @GregWBlowhard
Phil Miaz
GregWBlowhardPhil Miaz
RT @GregWHoward: @GregWBlowhard You keep saying crap and libtards keep RTing you. So, you’re going to pay dearly. #p2
                                                                                                                                        POSTED BY: itsgettingbleeker

Vigilant Blogger

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J. Edgar Hoover, director of the F.B.I, photog...

Image via Wikipedia

Patterico issued this important warning to me today on twitter:

“I have taken a screenshot”.

Meaning that he took a screencap of one of my tweets that he found to be scary and THREATENING, and that he might potentially use this screencap to IMPLICATE me in a possible INVESTIGATION.

Actually, I don’t think just one screencap is sufficient. I believe Patterico should screencap this entire blog. Within he will find that I discuss Great DANES and TIBETAN Mastiffs more than AMERICAN dogs. Obviously SEDITIOUS!!!

And with the thorough investigations of my writings that he should certainly attend to, he may also discover indications that I believe our president has done less than his best when it comes to math education. These criticisms of the president himself, should be taken directly to the SECRET SERVICE.

Clearly, as RonBryn and Patterico have discovered, I am EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and ARMED with a laptop, and I’m sure the FBI would be VERY INTERESTED in my tweets.

Thank God for this man’s vigilance in protecting the public from scary little blondes.

Suspect Reporter

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On his post my-statement-on-being-banned-from-patterico, Lee Stranahan discusses the mental state of wordsmith Ron Brynaert as follows:

I’ve talked to Ron on the phone myself a few times and he seems – quite literally, no joke – mentally unbalanced. For example, he told me yesterday that I might have been talking to ‘a fake Jenifer Preston’. I say this with nothing but sympathy for Ron, who I believe is intelligent but clearly is in need of mental help.

I have to say, Stranahan should NOT be so judgmental. There IS a fake Jennifer Preston. She works out of the fake New York Times building that is just due fake West of fake Times Square. Oh, if you get fake-hungry while you’re there, there’s a fake Shake Shack nearby.



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More Positivity People

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Quit complaining — it may make you feel worse

Venting to friends about problems is unhelpful and unhealthy, experts say

A recent study found that teenage girls who vented to each other about their problems, were more likely to develop depression and anxiety — and the same is likely true for adult women…

Relationship issues tend to spark the most obsessive discussions, as “The more you talk, it hypes up your emotions.”…

“If I tell you my problem, and the way you listen to me is sort of agreeing with me, then it escalates the feeling, without having a practical solution for it,” … Instead of spilling your problems to those friends who encourage your rants, turn to someone who’ll point you toward a solution…

Psychologists also warn against ranting over and over to the same audience.  That can take a toll on friendships; it’s draining to be around someone who’s always moaning about their troubles.

Ha – I know that last paragraph reminds at least one of you of a certain someone.

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