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A True Bargain

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I was alone and I saw a well-crafted sterling silver Hand of Miriam on a Safed street. I held it in my hand and while I gazed at it, I asked the very religious shopkeep couple how much. They stared at me.

After a hesitation, he said ten dollars. When I looked up at him, I saw he was happy. She brought me inside and found a silver chain for it. She clasped the pendant around my neck. I smiled, walked out into the sunshine, and said goodbye. They looked at me, startlingly serious – and both asked God to bless me.

Later, some teens were admiring the pendant and asked me where I got it. I didn’t know how to pronounce Safed. Their eyes grew large and their jaws dropped. But just for a split second and the light chatter continued.

His Brisket Is Beyond

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Next VP

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I think Hil will pick General Wesley K. Clark to be her running mate.  He is from Arkansas and (bonus) part Jewish.