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Published: April 9, 2009
Nationwide, classes of doga — yoga with dogs, as it is called — are increasing in number and popularity.
Dogs Meditating

Dogs Meditating

Kremkaus Write And Shoot

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More pix as well as a write-up from the March 30, 2009 Webster Hall Glasvegas Show at

I went to this show and yes, there were some sound problems, but it was fun being up front.  James Allan handed my friend his beer near the top of the show, and his guitar pick at the end. (Yes, she’s extremely cute.)

Allan works hard for the money; he obviously works at his craft and the band put on a great show.  Allan has some powerful pipes and dark lyrics which the Manhattan crowd sang back to him word for word.  New York hearts Glasvegas and, it seems, vice-versa.

The band had support from high-energy Joplinesque opener Ida Maria. I watched a clip from her set on youtube today and laughed when I heard myself talking at the tail end.  The internet is a strange place.

put yer cellphone away already

Bryan Kremkau Matt Kremkau

Lolita Lifestyle

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i think these young women have their heads on straight:

Japanese fashion hits nyc


Run, Fat Boy, Run

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David Schwimmer does a nice directing turn on this London comedy.
Corny at times, but Simon Pegg saves the day. 

Pegg’s character reminds me of someone…who is it…it’s, it’s…oh yeah – It’s you!

Quite a good soundtrack.

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Flight 31 To Montreal Is Now Blurghing

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30 Rock was so freakin funny this week.  Here’s the link if you missed it

Episode 214  Sandwich Day


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sooch a cute video.  I especially like the fanny pack and the Fred Astaire homage:

and on the bottle blondes rule 😉 theme, this tune is cute too:


the bottle-est blonde of all:

i’m hittin’ the bottle baby!!!