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Fire TV

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TV as we knew it is over.

Who’ll Stop The Rain

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photo by Conny Tuk

Though there is some mis-casting here, you won’t find a better cast. Nolte one of the few true movie stars, and a great actor to boot. Terribly underrated. Wish I had noticed him when he gave me a look outside of Macy’s. File under missed opportunities.

Who’ll Stop The Rain

The book is better.

apologies to John Fogerty – I’d thought Kris Kristofferson wrote this

Run, Fat Boy, Run

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David Schwimmer does a nice directing turn on this London comedy.
Corny at times, but Simon Pegg saves the day. 

Pegg’s character reminds me of someone…who is it…it’s, it’s…oh yeah – It’s you!

Quite a good soundtrack.

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Senior Skip Day

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A Ferris Bueller homage is a not terrible idea.  And they spent money on a good cast (Norm McDonald, Larry Miller, Karen McClain, Clint Howard). Now if only they could have hired a writer.
As it is, not even the most retarded of twelve-year-olds will dig it. 

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I like Burt’s sunglasses. Flick has a nice look and an inoffensive American soundtrack; mildly entertaining. Add points if you like Burt or poker.



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