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You CANNOT Trust Basement Cat

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And They All Look Just The Same

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When you have a big house made out of ticky-tacky sitting in the middle of freakin nowhere in an exurb where it takes a ton of gas to get to work, there’s nothing for your kids to do without being driven somewhere, and you can’t even find a decent cup of coffee – and that crap house sells for half-a-million dollars, something is very wrong.  Because that house has no actual worth.  No-one wants to live there.  So throwing $1,000,000,000,000 at the problem will keep that house selling at that half-mil price point TEMPORARILY.  Eventually, something that is worthless will sell for close to nothing in any capitalist society.  These exurb developments are the slums of tomorrow.

The bailout is designed to give some buffer time for the very wealthy to liquidate their worthless assets in an artificially sustained market.  That is its only purpose.  The market will probably fail soon with or without the 1-trillion bailout.   It’s quite sad to see the Dems going along with spending your money this way.  It seems that we need a clean sweep of Congress.

Palin Promotes Ignorance Amongst Our Teenagers

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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has said that she does not believe in sex education.  This philosophy has left her own teenage daughter open to contracting and spreading AIDS and actually having an unwanted pregnancy.

Do we really want a politician with such poor judgment and poor moral quality in the White House?

A Heartbeat Away

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A few things about Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  She doesn’t understand the concept of evolution.  She thinks global warming is a hoax.  She illegally flouts our American separation of church and state.  In Alaska, children are forced to learn  religion in the public schools at taxpayer expense.  But not their own religion, only Sarah Palin’s religion.  She wants to spread this practice to all of the states.

Sarah Palin believes that if a young girl is raped by her father, she should be forced to give birth.

It is sad to think that John McCain has made the assumption that women voters are so simpleminded that we can’t differentiate the caliber of a Sarah Palin from that of a Hillary Clinton or a Dr. Rice.

Fun With Photoshop

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I was surprised to discover that some of you haven’t seen this yet:

Faith Hill retouch

I think I’d be really offended – I wonder if Faith is, or if celebs are just so used to this treatment, they don’t even think about it.

Also, movie poster Kate and actual Kate:


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Client 9

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how the fuck is a governor being accused of breaking federal law a “private matter”.  We don’t need half-hearted apologies, Eliot Mess.  We just need for you to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  “apology” transcript

And on the “private” and personal aspects, it seems safe to assume that Spitzer wouldn’t want his own teenage daughters to be prostitutes.  But he seems to think it’s a perfectly fine vocation for other peoples’ daughters.  This class divide master/slave-think is completely counter to the ideals of the Democratic Party.  Oh and to the Constitution too.FamilyPhoto

KGB Lives

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Interesting link submitted by charly re office spying software that (freakishly) measures a worker’s physiological functions

I guess it’s not enough for Bill Gates to spend, spend, spend to do away with New York City kids being permitted to get free vocational training or to be allowed to go to their neighborhood schools, he wants your boss to spy on you too.

So remember kids (with a little help from Bill Gates) Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and Big Brother is Watching You! (and measuring your heart rate as well)