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Double Standard?

Posted in blogosphere, English with tags , on October 31, 2011 by Qritiq

The following comment has remained on the website since August 6, 2011.

blow me, fake patterico or i should say [woman’s name].

blow me

blow me

The real Patterico would never act like you.

Blow me

blow me

blow me

[redacted] sucks eggs

I believe it was a man’s name that was redacted; the woman’s name remains.

I wonder if Patterico would have deleted it if the woman’s name had been his wife’s.

[Update: The thread referenced above has now been deleted from Pat has removed it from his site and has apparently submitted it to an internet archiver; it seems Pat wants it to remain on the internet as is, in perpetuity -ed]

But, oddly, as you can see on twitter, Pat has read me the riot act. Not for permitting a nasty comment to be posted on this site. No, merely for discussing whether someone had tweeted something nasty or not. Yes, I have some nerve. I guess I’m supposed to know ahead of time what Patterico dictates I should or shouldn’t be allowed to discuss on my blog.


Why does he talk such stupid nonsense?


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Teenager-to-English Dictionary

Posted in English, teenagers with tags on December 21, 2007 by Qritiq

what’s crackin Miss?          ‘sup?

Miss, you wildin.                 The homework assignment is too long.

she’s on the cheese bus      She takes the yellow school bus.

Miss, you frontin’.            I believe your comments to be insincere.

It’s mad easy.                 
We had this in eighth grade.

Aighht.                             Yes Ma’am.

Oh snap!                          I have made a mistake

But Mistah!!                  Sir, I must disagree with you

Who dat?                        Who called my name?

Wha happen?                  What did you say?

Miss, why your hair dead?      You could use a haircut.

Yo son                                    Hello my friend the loser

Miss, why you don’t do your hair?!!    You could really, really use a haircut.

Miss, why you don’t put your hair up?     please. we have to look at you for like almost an hour

Miss, you ghetto              Oddly, I am classier than you.

You have nice eyes         I would like you to give me an A on my paper. 

You look really nice today, miss.    I really need an A on that paper.

Miss, why you so mean             Why are you so mean?

Miss, why you be hatin?            Really, why ARE you so mean?

Frrreal?                                     Are you sure?

There’s a crazy teacher in here.           Our math teacher is in the classroom.