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On Critical Thinking

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excerpted notes from Critical Thinking Errors:

Errors that lead to shallow or uncritical decisions instead of careful judgments:

Face Saving/Ego
Faulty common sense
Hasty conclusions
Unwarranted assumptions


Group pressure can be intense.

Conformity can cripple your thinking…

It can cause dependence on others.
It can reduce your sense of responsibility.

GROUP THINK is probably the most severe example of conformity. It is the strong desire to concur in a group decision.

Face Saving/Ego

Face saving is “attempting to preserve our image when reality threatens it”.

Face saving is self-protection, ego protection, and sometimes compensation for feelings of inferiority.

EGO is an obstacle to clear thinking.  For instance:
Wishful thinking
Misinterpretation of perceptions


Rationalization is the exact opposite of reaching a logical decision.


The process for reaching a rational decision is to start with evidence and then move to a conclusion.

Evidence –> Conclusion

With rationalization you start with the conclusion you want, and then you gather evidence to support that conclusion.

Conclusion –> Evidence

Stereotyping  –

Stereotyping forces us to choose sides.

Causes Injustice
Destroys cooperation
Embarrasses people
Triggers fear
Creates suspicion and blame
Victims are degraded
Stereotypers lose touch with reality and their fears grow
Social impulse is curbed

To avoid stereotyping:

Avoid jumping to the conclusion of neat categories.

Review ALL information before coming to a conclusion.

Suspend judgment; put off making conclusions

A hasty conclusion is a judgment arrived at before sufficient evidence is obtained or looked at.

Unwarranted assumptions are unexamined conclusions which we take for granted.

Other Potential Problems:

Scare tactics
Appeal to loyalty
Appeal to pity
Appeal to prejudice
Shifting the burden of proof


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Dumbass Theatre

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I’m guessing those odds are zero point zero percent.


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Events Leading Up To Disaster

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It has been my observation that almost always, in terrible disasters, it is not just one thing that has gone wrong, but at least two, and often more.

When you take a picture and tweet it, Blackberry can automatically send it via a yfrog link. So, you don’t really have to deal with yfrog, it works automatically.  AW may not have been aware that DM’ing a picture privately, would leave that picture publicly viewable in yfrog (1st mistake).

If AW put a caption on the picture (and if it was “part of a joke”, then he probably did), then the text plus the link could exceed 140 characters. In that case, his carrier could break up the message into 2 pieces: the caption sent via DM and the yfrog link to the picture sent as an @reply. The yfrog link to the picture would then appear on his public twitter feed (2nd mistake).

AW had been watchin’ the hockey game, maybe havin’ a couple beers (who watches a hockey game without beer? And who watches a hockey game and has only one beer?) Hits “G”, the app autofills using alphabetical order, with a name that looks right. AW recognizes the autofilled name as that of a pretty girl’s, so beer-addled brain tells him it’s a match and he hits send (3rd mistake).

annddd… GAME OVER.


Recommended Reading for AW?


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The Clintons asked GM to build a green car SIXTEEN FRIGGIN YEARS AGO.  Instead, GM chose to build SUV’s that not only guzzle gas, but also tip over! I don’t think they should be privy to one penny of my tax money.  F ‘EM!  They’ve had 16 years to do the right thing for America and they’ve chosen not to.

Let’s take that bailout money and invest in a greencar company or at least an American smartcar.  Set one up in Detroit overseen by U Michigan engineers.  They know a little something about cars.

The whole point of capitalism, is that it rewards those with foresight and good ideas, and punishes short-sighted dimwits.  If we continue to bailout the dimwitted, the cream will never have a chance to rise.


And They All Look Just The Same

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When you have a big house made out of ticky-tacky sitting in the middle of freakin nowhere in an exurb where it takes a ton of gas to get to work, there’s nothing for your kids to do without being driven somewhere, and you can’t even find a decent cup of coffee – and that crap house sells for half-a-million dollars, something is very wrong.  Because that house has no actual worth.  No-one wants to live there.  So throwing $1,000,000,000,000 at the problem will keep that house selling at that half-mil price point TEMPORARILY.  Eventually, something that is worthless will sell for close to nothing in any capitalist society.  These exurb developments are the slums of tomorrow.

The bailout is designed to give some buffer time for the very wealthy to liquidate their worthless assets in an artificially sustained market.  That is its only purpose.  The market will probably fail soon with or without the 1-trillion bailout.   It’s quite sad to see the Dems going along with spending your money this way.  It seems that we need a clean sweep of Congress.

Oh Where Oh Where Did The Free Market Go Oh Where Oh Where Can It Be

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Hi – could y’all please call your president and congressmen and tell ’em to stop throwing our money down a black hole?  Thanx!

(I just heard George Bush say that all fraudulent short sellers will be caught and “persecuted”.)

Hey here’s a crazy idea: why don’t we take those trillions of tax dollars and invest them in tech, green energy, and education.  And actually get a return on our investment.


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Client 9

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how the fuck is a governor being accused of breaking federal law a “private matter”.  We don’t need half-hearted apologies, Eliot Mess.  We just need for you to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  “apology” transcript

And on the “private” and personal aspects, it seems safe to assume that Spitzer wouldn’t want his own teenage daughters to be prostitutes.  But he seems to think it’s a perfectly fine vocation for other peoples’ daughters.  This class divide master/slave-think is completely counter to the ideals of the Democratic Party.  Oh and to the Constitution too.FamilyPhoto