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Protected: Tactics For Fighting Off Psychos

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Mo Money

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Mo Money

This pair of concert-goers enjoying Sydney’s “Music For Dogs” performance, likely to run ya around 1K each. (via

RAW Tweets!

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  1. Anthony Weiner just tweeted for just 3rd time since he resigned June ’11, but this seems to be his 1st pocket tweet RT @repweiner Llp@
  2. So that means you’re running for Comptroller? RT @repweiner Llp@
  3. @repweiner for the love of god, RAW, could you please learn to be more careful of what you tweet!
  4. Limited liability partnership? That’s what he said. #nailedit (Also? Stop butt tweeting) RT @repweiner Llp@
  5. Oh, great, this again. Kimberlin / Rauhauser blames @AaronWorthing in 3, 2, 1… #HereItComes ==> @repweiner Llp@
  6. Some have called this a butt tweet. I think it involved another part of @repweiner‘s body @JustinRWalton
  7. Was Anthony Weiner’s (@repweiner) twitter account one of the 250k where hackers stole passwords??

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Petraeus scandal is deja vu all over again.

I Answer Random Tweets. Again.

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Deke  WereGeek  My question to you all: what should I do with the most expensive vanilla beans I’ve ever bought? What project is worthy of such indulgence?
I would say Warm Vanilla Cakes.
Sara Kowatch  diornotwar  ewww why is it raining…again?!
Because April showers bring May flowers.
Youdeline Holt  Youdelinespeaks  Question of the Day: How do you define success?
I might be a bit shallow in this answer, but when I think of “success” or “being successful”, I do think of it in work-related terms.  To my mind, one who is successful has: earned money, gained the respect of many due to the quality of what they have performed or produced, and achieved much in terms of valuable productive output. That said, one could be successful, yet miserable, if their endeavors do not bring them some personal sense of joy or at least accomplishment.
Henry  HenryHerrera  Going to vacation soon, thinking California, Vegas or possibly Costa Rica. CR sounds the best. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Well I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things about Costa Rica. Like monkeys and jungles and such. I’ve also never been to Vegas, but someone told me you shouldn’t bother going to Vegas unless someone else is paying for it.  Myself, I would probably head to Mendocino.

But I Tought I Taw A Puddy-Tat

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Neighbors called police Wednesday morning after hearing a woman’s persistent cry of ”Help me! Help me!” coming from a house. Officers arrived and when no one answered the door, they kicked it in to make a rescue.

But instead of a damsel in distress, officers found a caged cockatoo with a convincing call.

It wasn’t the first time the 10-year-old bird named Luna said something that brought authorities to the home of owner Evelyn DeLeon.

About seven years ago, the bird cried like a baby for hours, leading to reports of a possible abandoned baby and a visit to the home by state child welfare workers. But it was only Luna practicing a newfound sound, DeLeon says.

DeLeon says her bird learns much of her ever-growing vocabulary from watching television, in both English and Spanish.


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Women For Hillary

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The pundits keep saying that my ire will wear off and by the time of the general election, I’ll blithely vote for Obama. I don’t think so. I do understand that a vote for McCain is a vote for wire-hanger abortions. And a vote for McCain is a vote to take all the money I’ve paid into Social Security and give it to private industry.  But I still don’t think I’ll be rushing to vote for Obama.

Unless Mrs. Clinton is on the party ticket, I will likely be writing her name in on my ballot. And if McCain wins, we can try again in 2012 to get HRC into office.  Whereas if Obama wins, that possibility would be most unlikely.


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He’s All Wet

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Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

crazy fast but inconsistent. Last place?  Maybe the hoof really was a problem.

i saw the masses at penn station boarding trains for Belmont yesterday morning.  Little did they know they would soon be separated from their money.  $6 million was bet on Big Brown to win, at belmont alone

everybody has a bad day sometimes; I hope they continue to race this colt.


The Verve / Richard Ashcroft [Madison Square Garden Theater / 04.28.08]

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The Verve / Richard Ashcroft [Madison Square Garden Theater / 04.28.08]
photo originally uploaded by ryandombal

last time I saw Ashcroft it seemed like his head was down absorbed in his own moroseness. This time a true showman urged us to revel in our collective moroseness. which we DID!! The new stuff is danceable and way fun. The proof: How often do you hear indie-britpop-hipsters singing nu-disco anthems on their way out of the theatre?
Ashcroft was in perfect voice; catch him if you can.


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Who Knew?

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Westchester Residents

I still feel bad for all those interns wading through 11,000 pages of “Today the First Lady had high tea with the Vice Exchequer of Northwestern Irkutsk.”

Is there such a thing as too much information?

Best Friends

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SAN DIEGO (AP) — It began with a simple act of kindness to save an abused, injured dog from becoming one more victim in the Iraq war.But what followed for Marine Maj. Brian Dennis and the mutt was a tale of friendship and loyalty that spanned miles and overcame long odds — one set to take a turn Friday with the anticipated arrival here of the Marine’s best friend.”This dog who had been through a lifetime of fighting, war, abuse … is going to live the good life,” Dennis told his family in an e-mail from Iraq.The tale unfolded in October, a few months after Dennis deployed to Iraq from San Diego to work as part of the military team building infrastructure along the Syria-Iraq border and training Iraqi forces to take over.Dennis, 36, of St. Pete Beach, Fla., had volunteered for the assignment. It was a departure from his role as a fighter pilot. He had seen the country from the air, but it was different on the ground.Dennis wrote stories home about the reciprocal relationship that desert dogs, strays wandering outside border towns, had with Iraqis.

”The dogs get to eat the Iraqi scraps and have a home in the middle of the desert,” he wrote in an e-mail. ”The Iraqis get an incredible early warning system; these dogs hear anything approaching from miles away and go nuts and scramble to defend their territory.”

While on patrol in the Anbar province, Dennis spotted what appeared to be a gray and white, male German shepherd-border collie mix. He named the dog Nubs after learning someone cut the ears off believing it would make the dog more aggressive and alert.

Within weeks, Nubs was greeting Dennis during routine patrol stops along border communities. The Marines fed him bits of their food and by November, the Marine and his unit were keeping an eye out for the dog, which routinely chased their Humvees when they departed.

Life on the run, however, was taking a toll on the dog. He had lost a tooth and been bitten in the neck. In late December, Dennis found Nubs near death in freezing temperatures. The dog had been stabbed with a screwdriver.

Dennis rubbed antibiotic creme on the wound and slept with Nubs to keep him warm.

”I really expected when I woke up for watch he would be dead,” Dennis wrote. ”Somehow he made it through the night.”

Dennis thought he had seen the last of the dog days later when his squad headed back to its command post some 65 miles away. He couldn’t take the dog with him and watched as it tried to follow the Humvees away from the border.

Two days later, while Dennis and a comrade were working on a Humvee, he looked up and saw the dog staring at him.

”Somehow that crazy damned dog tracked us,” he wrote Jan. 9.

But the reunion was short lived. Military policy prohibits having pets in war zones, and Dennis was given four days to get the dog off the base or kill him.

The decision was easy: Nubs was going to San Diego. The logistics, though, were anything but easy.

With help from his Iraqi interpreter, Dennis managed to find a Jordanian veterinarian to get the care and paperwork needed to get the dog to the states. He also negotiated the red tape to get Nubs across the border into Jordan.

His family and close friends helped raise the $3,500 needed to get the dog from Amman, Jordan, to San Diego, said his mother, Marsha Cargo.

”I just can’t believe it. Out there in the middle of nowhere these two find each other,” Cargo said.

A colleague in San Diego agreed to care for the dog and have it trained until Dennis returns in March from Iraq.

”We anticipate a real steep learning curve for Nubs,” Capt. Eric Sjoberg said. ”We want him to learn to just be a dog.”

For now, though, Dennis will settle for the knowledge that Nubs is finally safe — and waiting for his master to follow him.


(AP Photo/Major Brian Dennis)

Punxsutawney Pundit

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from AOL: 
PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (Feb. 2) – Brace yourself for more wintry weather. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Saturday, leading the groundhog to forecast six more weeks of winter.
This news puts me in the mood for some groundhog stew.