i had 3 visions when i was in israel

1. there was an awareness of me
2. some hardcore zombie-apocalyptic shit going down
3. Victory.

caveat: visions don’t translate so good into words


3 Responses to “V”

  1. i lewked reely cayrfullee at qritiqs avatar


    and im awlmost pawsitiv thats a cat and if yoo think cats arrr vizhunayrees yoo reelee need to GO LIE DOWN im sirius GO LIE DOWN

  2. I have often said that the only thing separating these capers from a Disney movie plot was a talking dog with a smart mouth. I am now compelled to reconsider this.

    • thanx neal ACDs arrr 10th smartist breed but im not a breedist
      sum of my best frendz arrr mutts i meen mixedbreed my trollDad sez if yoo evverrr herd of neal schnauzer then yor probalee on teem kimberlin i didnt get pikked for the teem and im prittee shor i can run the 40 fastir then eevun the furst teer just nutherrr zampul of rampunt anticanineism someday a real bird is going to sing at Disneyland i howp its this song

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