Admitted Liar


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  1. dont be a dirty dog yoo shud awlways reemembrrrr to pik up yor toys and keep yor den cleen i no 500 wordcommandz can yor cat say that

    • Krazy Kat Says:

      Do you think I care what the dude who I command to type these words says to me? Unlike you, I poop when I want to poop, and when he’s too lazy to clean my box, I poop on his bed.

      My toys are all over his apartment and many times I amuse myself by watching him vainly shake my toys while talking like a baby.

      I’m thinking about getting a gig at Viral Read since they’re completely full of shit but the guy in the bow tie kind of freaks me out when he quotes the Bible to deflect from his lies about his criminal past. See, I’m much smarter than a silly dog, I’m plugged into current events, because I watch the TV looking for birds to attack.

  2. munday was my birthday but my trollDad wudnt get this for mee

  3. What is this supposed to be?

    крючок (@Sanguinarious):
    6/11/13 7:10 PM
    You’re an obsessive little twisted man @ronbryn, trying to constantly cover up Neal and attacking everyone that exposed him years ago

    Ron Brynaert (@ronbryn):
    6/11/13 7:36 PM
    Does Neal Rauhauser pay you? You had a long mostly friendly convo with him. Only a liar would claim I “cover up” for him. @Sanguinarious

    крючок (@Sanguinarious):
    6/11/13 7:55 PM
    @ronbryn You mean a month since he contacted me spewing crazy bullshit conspiracy theories while I try hard not to laugh for sake that post?

    Ron Brynaert (@ronbryn):
    6/11/13 8:39 PM
    No sane person would listen to my 2 heated exchanges with @NealRauhauser on @vinceinthebay & pretend I’m “social engineering” @Sanguinarious

    крючок (@Sanguinarious):
    6/11/13 9:32 PM
    @ronbryn @NealRauhauser @VinceintheBay I can yell and act “mad” too, does it make it reality?

    ZEPHYR (@Hexicon):
    6/12/13 12:47 AM
    @Sanguinarious Tell the truth about Neal Rauhauser. Expect Ron Brynaert to tweet lies about you the same week. Cowinkydinks

    CrappyAirBags (@CrappyAirBags):
    6/12/13 8:26 AM
    @Hexicon @Sanguinarious Ron is a useless cunt. It would have been nice if the example was made of them about how lethal SWATTING could be.

  4. Low Hanging Fruit Says:

    How is no one following Anthony Danger Weiner around on campaign stops demanding full disclosure what he knows about the SWATtings? Lets see him answer that infront of the msm TV cameras. Mandy? Stranahan? Beuller?

  5. Aaron Worthing
    8/8/13 8:49 PM

    to be fair, the Zimmerman case was arguably a case of black on black violence @beatle_buff @theori @FilmLadd

    – Aaron Walker, Twitter Race Scholar and Martyred 99er

    • it mayks sents to profyl yoomins becawz yoomin on yoomin vylents is rampunt in this countree i say lok um awl up and therd be mutch les trubbul

  6. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/7/13 4:37 PM
    if you want to help support brave, honest journalism on Syria-the biggest story in the world now-please read this

    Does anyone believe this p.o.s. narcissist pimp has any firsthand expierience with bravery or honesty?  Grandiose grifter gonna grift.

  7. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/9/13 8:34 AM
    When I saw the extent of the persecution Christians are facing in the Middle East and how little it’s being covered, I felt called to go.

    Cue the religious code words because he who pimped out his wife on teh internetz says he’s ‘called to go’ to Syria. By G-d? By his loan shark? Who can say? Will he fleece the faithful and feed them all the end times babble he can come up with, then they’ll get the call that he ran out of money as he gums a $150 steak at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant in Dubai, begging Brooks Bayne for airfare to get his sorry ass home. 

    Pimp boy’s got his big shot at the big time. This is career making shit, so don’t tell Stranahan that the Catholic News or Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network are on the story. He’ll probably tell you they’re too secular or too msm to cover this right instead of covering it up like they’ve been doing. Only he can bring you the truth. Delivered personally at $600 for a 2 hour session.

  8. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/23/13 7:20 AM
    It’s hard to simply explain how I feel about the Syrian kids here, I like them. It’s sad. I worry they are being exploited. I worry I am.

    Oh, the irony. Scamahan worries that young refugee street children are EXPLOITING HIM for some loose change while he exploits THEIR personal tragedies over the internet to get thousands of dollars from concerned Christians wanting to get their stories heard.

    Scammy Lee Stranahan also wants you to know that after 3 days in Lebanon, he’s almost out of money and his computer is breaking down (SO SEND HIM YOUR MONEY, FOR THE CHRISTIANS!!!!!!)

    Save your money. Give to a worthy cause. Let the embassy ship Stranny’s sorry ass back.

  9. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    10/5/13 3:45 PM
    Fraud Coach Brags About Pigford’s “Fall Harvest”…$1B+ Of YOUR Money

    Lee Stranahan unironically calls someone else a “Fraud Coach.”

  10. TwitchyTeam (@TwitchyTeam):
    10/6/13 8:09 PM
    Really? Amber Alert website goes dark under government shutdown

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    10/6/13 8:18 PM
    Lovely. The dems are holding children under threat of rape hostage to their desire for Obamacare. @TwitchyTeam

    OMG. Aaron is the wingnut version of OccupyRebellion. Dude, run for office because that tweet wasn’t disturbing at all. Twitchy won’t hire you and even that fucknut Ted Cruz probably thinks your pants are on fyah.

    Heh. You’re golden.

  11. Break the news gently to Aaron. He’s on a righteous roll and he’s probably gonna have a sad about losing the faux moral superiority of someone who doesn’t know how government works and don’t care as long as he feels good bitching about it.

    “WASHINGTON — The Amber Alert system is fully functional during the government shutdown, a Justice Department offical told BuzzFeed Monday, despite the shuttering of Justice website

    Questions about the service were raised over the weekend after reporters noticed the Justice Department site was down. The site is used to describe the federal funding for the Amber Alert program, according to the Justice Department, and its shuttering does not mean the federal participation in the program itself has been affected by the partial closure of the federal government.

    “Amber alerts are uninterrupted. They get issued by states and counties, which do notifications to media, on Twitter, highway signs, etc,” the Justice Department officials said. “The .gov site is informational, not the law enforcement tool.””

  12. Benjamins Says:

    Uh oh. Is Stranny trying to get Shirley Sherrod to sue him so he can call himself the one true heir to Andrew Breitbart’s legacy (sorry Darby, you lose) and milk a juicy conservative legal defense fund?

    Whose got Backer’s number?

  13. Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    11/23/13 1:07 AM
    Seriously if I took a baby & threw it through your window u think you’d have a right to shoot it? @Michelgrabowy @SAHenryKrinkle @Pablo_1791

    Well that’s sick. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the product of three years at Yale Law School.

  14. No False Profits Says:

    Congratulations, Stranny. Your newest grift fleecing the Faithful is nicely timed to coincide with Christmas. Nice touch and completely coincidental.

    Lord knows your “work” can’t stand on its own, so divine providence has created this cynical new opportunity for you to manipulate believers while weaving your bullshit stories.

    Lee Stranahan, I believe you’re a bad man, a pimp, a pornographer, an adulterer, a liar, a career crook, a user and someone who enjoys deeply seeing other people hurt. You are a fetid cesspool of failure and jealousy.

  15. From @ali:
    “2014, I’m starting a new chapter. I’ve got a craving for risk, innovation, and disruption again. Been too comfortable the past few years.”

    Mazel! Someone’s off probation!!!

    Here comes Stranny/Akbar Productions!

  16. Sez @Stranahan:
    “I’m so glad the ridiculous and counter productive uber long term unemployment benefits are ending. They encourage dishonesty and sloth.”


    cc: Aaron Worthing

  17. RT @Stranahan: So, I’ll say humbly : I’m one of the best investigative reporters working today and someone would be smart to hire me & let me do my thing.


    Ho, Heaux, Hoax?

  18. Did Stranny announce yet that he’s get baptised in the Dead Sea during his next mid-east trip?

    Wait for it.

    He’ll do it right around Easter.

    He’s a male Cam Girl. If he thinks someone will pay him for it, he’ll do it live on the internet.

  19. St. Stranascam Says:

    Lee Stranahan, fake Christian, spreads the Gospel. Kinda.

    “I’m going to pray for you. But I’m going to pray that you do NOT get saved today. @talace @CalebHowe @ChrisLoesch @BenHowe”

  20. Ali A. Akbar (@ali):
    2/17/14, 1:25 AM
    Can’t find a very important spreadsheet. Oops. Upside: Can’t subpoena anything I can’t find!

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