Voting Rights #WAR

Gee – who else (reading this right now) has received  similar emails?


We’re willing to book you a plane ticket to Boston to get some footage

from the SEIU busses . . .

i’ll be in new orleans causing trouble. im [sic] confident your training will take you far.

Interested in making some more video history?



future inmate

from: The Pimp Stays In The Picture

2 Responses to “Voting Rights #WAR”

  1. i fownd a eegreejus errerr in a comment its speld pistachio

    Comment on TIMELY MUST READ by PiousFleaMonday, March 04, 2013 3:02 PM

    I am SO pissed, goddammit!

    I’m gonna sue that lying sack of shit Chris Faraone aka @Fara1 at the Boston Phoenix!

    You won’t get away with lying like that you fucking weasel!!!!!

    No, I’m not talking about Faraone’s excellent series on the Nadia Naffe case, or his dead-on accurate characterization of Patterico, James O’Keefe, and Aaron Worthing as the worthless criminal scumbags that they are.

    Nor would I quibble with his very accurate portrait of that brain-damaged, toothless criminal cocksucker, Seth Allen.

    No, my problem is with the title of Faraone’s new book: “I Killed Andrew Breitbart”.

    I call bullshit on Faraone here, because I know for a fact that *I* killed Breitbart!!

    ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    Nailed that asshole with a poison ice cream cone (pistacio) just down the street from his stupid bloated house.

    No way did Faraone have anything to do with it!

    And don’t try to Christian me out of the reward money either, Faraone!

    When my team of Holy Toenail Lawyers is thru with you, you’ll be nothing but jellied consumé, you lying unethical schmuck!!!!!

    I’ll get you if it’s the last th-GAAAHHH!!!!!

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