Who’ll Stop The Rain

photo by Conny Tuk

Though there is some mis-casting here, you won’t find a better cast. Nolte one of the few true movie stars, and a great actor to boot. Terribly underrated. Wish I had noticed him when he gave me a look outside of Macy’s. File under missed opportunities.

Who’ll Stop The Rain

The book is better.

apologies to John Fogerty – I’d thought Kris Kristofferson wrote this

One Response to “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

  1. freedom wasn’t saved..the boys who went to nam did so cause our country asked then told us to go..and we did the best we could with what they would lets do..senseless yes..to many was lost for no good reason..only the lucky ones died there..they didnt have to come back and face everyone or be looked down upon or have to see the fear that was in everyones eyes..i still havent found my home i left so many years ago i did two tours and proud of it..173rd airborne.

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