Tibetans Invade Westminster

Congratulations to Tibetan Mastiff Sierras’ Sasha-Yakone Nanuk, winner of Best In Breed at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club show that took place in February at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Owners Jim Butler and Ricardo Gallegos.

2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Tibetan...

2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Tibetan Mastiff (Photo credit: http://www.petsadviser.com)

One of the largest breeds in dogdom, these giants average 180 [see Jim Butler’s comment below] pounds.


Over 2700 dogs entered the 2013 show – a record-breaker.

2009 contestant

Fluffy tails are more than just for show – they can curl over the nose and allow for warmer air to breathe while sleeping in cold climes. Sturdy legs and big foot pads help maneuver over snowy landscapes.



Tibetan Mastiff

Photo credit: Henry Chen

7 Responses to “Tibetans Invade Westminster”

  1. Cats are more important.

  2. Tibetan Mastiffs are no where NEAR 180lbs. They are 75-125 lbs with their coat making them look larger than they are. Please update your information.

  3. Sasha is 130# at 2 years old. He will most likely weigh 140-150 when he is mature at 5 years. 75 would be a very light female perhaps, with 220 being the very largest male. Personally the largest male I know of is 185 (for an AKC Tibetan Mastiff). Jim Butler (Sasha’s Slave/owner).

    • LOL – I am sure Sasha keeps you on your toes.

      He is absolutely beautiful; love the expressive face! – wonderful that attention to the breed is growing in the States.

      Thanks so much for the information Jim, and Congratulations.

      • Thank you. We used to always get asked “what kind of dog is that” but now most tend to know, so the awareness of the breed is growing. In Seattle where we live, there are many Tibetan people who really enjoy seeing them.

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