RAW Tweets!

  1. Anthony Weiner just tweeted for just 3rd time since he resigned June ’11, but this seems to be his 1st pocket tweet RT @repweiner Llp@
  2. So that means you’re running for Comptroller? RT @repweiner Llp@
  3. @repweiner for the love of god, RAW, could you please learn to be more careful of what you tweet!
  4. Limited liability partnership? That’s what he said. #nailedit (Also? Stop butt tweeting) RT @repweiner Llp@
  5. Oh, great, this again. Kimberlin / Rauhauser blames @AaronWorthing in 3, 2, 1… #HereItComes ==> @repweiner Llp@
  6. Some have called this a butt tweet. I think it involved another part of @repweiner‘s body @JustinRWalton
  7. Was Anthony Weiner’s (@repweiner) twitter account one of the 250k where hackers stole passwords??

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