Japanese Navy RED Machine

Japanese Navy RED Machine (Photo credit: Ryan Somma)

From journo Ron Brynaert blog:

According to her Linked In profile – which was just recently scrubbed but can still be viewed at this cache link – “Senior Research Analyst” Anna Ferreira began working at Tom Ryan’s Provide Security in June of 2012.

Ferreira’s profile claims she was a Crypto Tech – short for Cryptologic Technician – in the US Navy for 6 years

A Google image search on the avatar on Ferreira’s scrubbed LinkedIn profile reveals that it belongs to another porn model who calls herself “Bashful Brittany.”

The short bio for “Bashful Brittany” says nothing about working for Provide Security or serving as a Crypto Tech in the US Navy

The entire post WITH pix of Bashful Brittany,


Also some stuff about ZAP EM in the post. Does the EM in ZAP EM stand for Emick?

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