“Positive feedback 0%”








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6 Responses to ““Positive feedback 0%””

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  2. Jimmy O'Keefe III Says:

    Oh, Stranahan, you failure.

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    10/13/12 5:01 AM
    I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/puIpWtZsJq4?a Powerlust | Reason 28 I’m Not Voting For Barack Obama

    Someone tell Lee Strandedsham that he can’t vote if he’s not registered to vote. Unless voter fraud.

  3. neel posted this disterbing obseen pikcher

    as a membrrrr of the werdpress comyoontee i am putting in a taykdown reekwest
    if neel will not seess and deecyst from posting theez obsenuhteez im cawling the FBI the DOJ the CIA the NOAA, WPLJ and the AKC and they dont mess arownd

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