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Yes, he’s done it again.

The bastard!

After initiating an interstate bombing spree leaving 1,400 dead, and a giant crater near Winslow Arizona, and after SWATTing Patterico, Goatsred, Patrick Read, Greg W. Howard, Robert Stacy McCain, Aaron Worthing, Erick Erickson, Martha Stewart, Bo Diddley, Osama bin Laden, and in a final act of depravity, even SWATTing himself, Kimberlin aka “The Dutchman”, has now gone and torched our beloved Reichstag. All under the Rasputin-like influence of Rauhauser, or as he’s known back in der Fatherland: Mabuse.

We won’t let him get away with it!

Fellow warriors for truth, we must now circle the wagons and prepare for confrontation in the only way this Reich knows how.

Yes, I’m talking about fundraising.

I propose a multimedia marathon. Of course in a cause as important as this, we want fundraisers whose honesty and credibility are beyond reproach. Honest, decent, hardworkin’, average Joe, everyday…

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