How To Get Away With Lying

Step 1: Tell a big fat lie.
Step 2: Take it back.

Of course, don’t take it back until searching on the topic has leveled off.

And, your comment in which you back away from the lie, will be farther down the comment stream. So anyone who does search that topic, will see the lie first, and will likely not search further.

They’ll think they’ve already found what they were looking for.

I believe i may have seen examples of this tactic on the monster thread (and I would imagine it could be found throughout Pat ‘n’ trolls’ writings.)

How many can you find?

54 Responses to “How To Get Away With Lying”

  1. Ron Brynaert
    Con artists get away with hoaxes by pitting marks against each other. The marks need to stop playing the game, and only trust each other.
    12:03pm – 25 Jun 12

    plees donate to my 501(z) proffit orgnazashun National Marks Club

    yore contrabyooshun will be preeshiated and do a lot for marks evryware

    my loyer sed not to say it but i think its probalee deeduckabul
    i wud reckamend yoo just go ahed and deduck it

  2. Hoary Whore Says:

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/1/12 4:58 PM
    My new course on blogging will be expensive, time consuming & most people won’t be accepted. For more info sign up >

    I laughed out loud. Sucky execution or not, hoary tactics like this one is a favorite of the bloodsucking personal development guru-wannabe crowd.

    When the Exclusivity approach fails, maybe he’ll go for the old Amway curiosity approach, waiting until the very last minute to reveal what he’s selling.

    Oh yeah. Work that warm market. We trust ya.     

  3. Hatey the clown Says:

    Yale failed

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 9:11 PM
    RT @Imaumbn: #GawkersNextArticle 6-Year-Old Wives: Always In Bed By 8:30

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 9:10 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle Children: Should We Just Strangle Them in the Crib?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:57 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle How the Japanese Invasion Helped Nanjing (Nanking) (bonus points to anyone who gets that)

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:56 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle Reassessing Anne Frank: Why Does This Hack Get So Much Attention?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:46 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle Reassesing Hitler’s T-4 Project: Should We Allow Uselesd Eaters To Exist?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:42 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle September 11: Those Towers Were Ugly Anyway

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:40 PM
    RT @ToddKincannon: #GawkersNextArticle “Celebrating One of History’s Greatest Marksmen: Lee Harvey Oswald, a Shooter’s Shooter” cc: @floggerbarb

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:37 PM
    RT @chuck_dizzle: #GawkersNextArticle The weight-loss benefits of AIDS

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:28 PM
    #GawkersNextArticle Give in ladies! A new perspective on quid pro quo sexual harassment.

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:24 PM
    Oof RT @theGrudgeRetort: #GawkersNextArticle Why Mary Jo Kopechne Deserved It

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:14 PM
    RT @LivesInThought: #GawkersNextArticle How Slavery Can Reduce the National Debt & Deficit in 4 years

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 8:11 PM
    RT @jdonels: #GawkersNextArticle Those Colonial Cruise Ships from Africa to Virginia Were Funner Than You Think.

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/8/12 7:46 PM
    or how about, Sandra fluke, here’s $45 stop begging for bc money… @SailorDale @patdollard

  4. Sol Goodman Says:

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/10/12 11:23 AM
    Beware! If you wish me happy birthday, you may get cyberassulted by strangers. Good time to report spam and block!

    9/10/12 11:29 AM
    @Stranahan (I used to do network security for MySpace, under the same guy who runs Twitter’s security now. That said, happy birthday :))

    Twitter Security isn’t stupid enough to to help out BDSM-porny ol’ Scammahan? Right? 

    That would be scandalous. Someone wanna send this to @dickc?

  5. @Dust92 = @Illuminateye


  6. Black Light Says:

    How about this? @Patriotusa90210 resurrected?

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    8/31/12 10:44 PM
    Why, @OccupyRebellion, I do declare, the ghost of Mrs. Scyphers is just around the corner… did Bill get paid to do the deed?

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    8/31/12 10:39 PM
    C’mon, give us a big tear for the bombing victim of Brett Kimberlin, Mr. Carl DeLong. C’mon darlin’. Just one. @OccupyRebellion

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    8/3/12 4:59 PM
    .@mtranquilnight Just pointing out flaws in dragging in the Corps. “Pas tout le monde est un ennemi” – Bonaparte. C’est tout. @brooksbayne

    Familiar. Too solicitous for patterico, no?

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    7/24/12 11:22 PM
    .@GregWHoward Perhaps, not because they were malevolent, but because they were confused. Watergate took many years to work its way out.

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    7/24/12 11:21 PM
    .@GregWHoward At any rate, it’s getting late – glad to have this chat. Hope we can do it again soon.

    Tiffs & quibbles?

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    7/24/12 10:38 PM
    .@GregWHoward True – but at the time of the AB tiff, you seemed to be interested in being one? “Glenn Beck of Twitter” or something?

    illuminateye (@illuminateye):
    7/24/12 10:39 PM
    .@GregWHoward Not to quibble more, but didn’t you tweet that you were going to run for Congress?

  7. Everyone draw reality day Says:


    Don’t waste your time!

    Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy):
    9/28/12 8:01 PM
    @AaronWorthing @aasif will get back to you soon. Have travel do work next week then let me check

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/28/12 7:57 PM
    I’ve been on several radio shows. I’m going to be on one this monday. I can ask them to host a debate if u are willing @aasif @monaeltahawy

    aasif mandvi (@aasif):
    9/28/12 7:56 PM
    @AaronWorthing @monaeltahawy hahaha, wow. i now realize i’m talking to someone who is delusional. how do you block pple on this thing?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/28/12 7:54 PM
    How about if I got a radio show to do it. Would you agree to that? @monaeltahawy @aasif

    Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy):
    9/28/12 7:52 PM
    @AaronWorthing @aasif Good for you, Aaron. I don’t debate on Twitter.Meet me in NYC and I’ll happily debate you in more than 140 characters

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/28/12 7:49 PM
    I mean @monaeltahawy i have even gone to jail for my principles, too, so we have that in common. So debate me. @aasif

    Aaron compares the time he spent in an American jail with what Egyptian authorities did to Mona when she was jailed? Deluded and disgusting.

  8. Opportunists coming out of the woodwork? 


    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/28/12 10:51 PM
    BREAKING: @monaeltahawy to Debate @AaronWorthing? Stay Tuned! #tcot @patterico @BadMesmer @brandondarby @Stranahan

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    9/28/12 10:59 PM
    @AaronWorthing What if you and I went to NYC and we videotaped a civilized discussion with @monaeltahawy ?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/29/12 1:32 AM
    Call it battle of the expressive jailbirds! @BadMesmer @stranahan @monaeltahawy


    An afternoon with Aaron Walker/Worthing and Pornohan? How many people would agree to that if they knew anything about them? She’s suffered too much already.

    Also, no. We’re not donating to either of you for this, so don’t bother asking.

  9. Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy):
    9/28/12 8:01 PM
    @AaronWorthing @aasif will get back to you soon. Have travel do work next week then let me check

    9/28/12 8:13 PM
    let me suggest that we leave @aasif and @monaeltahawy alone for a while. Mona might agree to a radio debate.

    Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy):
    9/28/12 9:05 PM
    Ok Twitter – be good while I’m away. Taking 48 hours off. Yes! 2 days! Kisses and Bousat.

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    9/28/12 10:22 PM
    So @monaeltahawy, we have a potential slot, 11 pm eastern this Monday. Would that work for you? @aasif @BadMesmer

    — She said she’s off twitter for 48 hours. She can’t see this tweet. 

    brooks bayne (@brooksbayne):
    9/29/12 2:13 AM
    have any of you trolled a woman like @monaeltahawy w/ 230 tweets in 2 days? no? i haven’t either. but @aaronworthing, the $68 mil man, has.

    brooks bayne (@brooksbayne):
    9/29/12 2:19 AM
    230 tweets to a woman in two days?! what a freakin’ kooky bastard señor swirly is.

    Is 230 tweets to her in 2 days too much? Kind of obsessive?

  10. Unbalanced Load Says:

    It’s December, and Aaron is STILL trolling @MonaEltahawy.

    The Virginia Bar must be so proud.

  11. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    12/3/12 8:24 PM
    I got the iPad mini, so I’m selling my 1st Gen iPad with 64GB for $200 + shipping | includes bumper, bag, USB + SD Adaptors, perfect shape

    Cellebrite, anyone? Google it. I’ll wait. 🙂

  12. Lee Stranahan saw the writing on the wall. Aaron Walker is yesterday’s news. Tonight Stranahan is transitioning into the religion con. Watch the little pmip get religion and try to con good, trusting Christians out of their hard earned money using Jesus as a pretext.

    Christmas is around the corner, and daddy needs a new pair of teeth.

  13. Someone should introduce Stranahan’s latest target, @resnikoff, to so he knows what he’s dealing with.

  14. Michelle Malkin Says:

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 7:02 PM
    It appears that @8g8rs put me over the top to 150 retweets!

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 6:55 PM
    Now 9 retweets away from 150!

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 6:17 PM
    Oh I think it was officially @Moira1987 who gave me my 100th retweet of this tweet…

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 5:48 PM
    Wow now 81 retweets in about an hour and a half…

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 5:26 PM
    Dang, 50 retweets and counting…

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/13/12 4:15 PM
    Ironically Susan Rice said she felt like she was being attacked by an overwhelming force and despite calls for help, it never came.



    Time to turn off twitter and get a job, rage boy.

  15. Aspirational James O'keefe Says:

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    12/14/12 10:42 AM
    I may need to pay a visit to the Mayor of Lansing later today…

    Like the mayor of Lansing doesn’t have enough shit to deal with. 

    Maybe the mayor and his press secretary read

    They should.

  16. digest-ed from Huffpo and

    On Tuesday night, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed the Right-to-Work-for-Less legislation into law, sparking giant protests in the capitol of Lansing. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero led the angry outcry, he told of how Republicans rammed the bill through the legislature.

    “They did no public hearing, they did they best they could to shut up any public input in to the progress,” Mayor Bernero said. “We’re back to the politics of 50 years ago.”

    The mayor also discussed how corporations and media have shifted the goalposts, and how Republicans have “turned ‘protectionism’ into a bad word.”

    “Why not a little protection for the American worker?” Virg Bernero asks.

  17. Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 4:07 PM
    Right now authorities could put my stalker in prison but they aren’t. I thank God I can at least defend myself @dirosie1 @rbreich

    Legally put him in prison? And authorities are flouting the law? Conspiracy?   

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 10:46 PM
    @samanthakonski Sorry to hear that. I mean the stalking part. Glad he ain’t a terrorist and that you can be armed and protect yourself.

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 10:44 PM
    I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist. I am very glad I could legally obtain a gun. @yetiite @render64

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 9:46 PM
    I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist who has a history of ignoring our gun laws. And you want ME to disarm? #NoWayNRA

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 4:45 PM
    full disclosure, @BruceGodfrey has represented me in dealing w this stalker situation @joshtpm

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 4:37 PM
    Yes I have been stalked for a year by a convicted terrorist who aligns himself w the left. There is a very concrete problem for me. @joshtpm

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 4:07 PM
    Right now authorities could put my stalker in prison but they aren’t. I thank God I can at least defend myself @dirosie1 @rbreich

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 3:59 PM
    I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist who ignores gun laws. Why don’t you do something about that? @RBReich

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 1:44 PM
    I’m being stalked by a convicted terrorist who ignored gun restrictions. I thank God I can defend myself @GeraldoRivera

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/16/12 10:55 AM
    I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist. The 2nd A doesn’t seem archaic to me @Gabby_Hoffman @xthefreemason

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/15/12 10:29 PM
    I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist. I thank God I have access to guns @dehiponia @wildwalker @steviejwest

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/15/12 11:29 AM
    go to my blog and read all about the terrorist stalking me @folicacid @americangypsea @libertylynx

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/15/12 10:54 AM
    I am well practiced. I am being stalked by a convicted terrorist remember? @RoryMouttet @battleswarmblog

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/14/12 10:38 PM
    If I didn’t support the 2nd amendment before I was stalked by #BrettKimberlin I sure as hell would now.

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/14/12 10:20 PM
    Yes explain to the guy being stalked by a convicted terrorist he is safer w/o guns @SciencePyramid @catholiclawyer

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/14/12 9:32 PM
    But hey explain to the guy who is being stalked by a convicted terrorist why i should be disarmed @SciencePyramid @catholiclawyer (fix)

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/14/12 8:55 PM
    read on my blog. The man is stalking me right now. @AngryExile @tpbgirl

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/14/12 2:18 PM
    right now I am being stalked & harassed by a convicted terrorist. I thank God I can own a gun @tja_chase23 @candilissa @louis_ecfc

    There’s something wrong here.

  18. Aaron Worthing
    12/18/12 12:45 PM
    Lol carrying a gun is legal. Am I a terrorist? MT @mgrossi1: @IEAffiliate @chitownarkie @maryclimer Carrying a gun is terrorism.

    He qualified for a ccw?

    • I’m not for gun control (I’m for vastly expanded social services, enough easily accessible government institutions to adequately serve the mentally ill, increased reporting responsibilities for all civil servants, and federally-mandated simple and clear methods for anyone to report someone in need), but I find it extremely offensive to be “lol”-ing about guns right now.

  19. Obsessed much?

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/19/12 12:20 PM
    Right now #BrettKimberlin could go 2 prison for up to 50 years for the crimes I can absolutely prove he committed @franyafranya @carmal2012

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/19/12 12:21 PM
    Further for the speedway bombings, my stalker #BrettKimberlin could’ve gone to prison for over 200 years @franyafranya @carmal2012

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/19/12 12:22 PM
    But instead of going to prison for 200 yrs for his terrorism he was sentenced to 50 yrs and was let out after 17 @franyafranya @carmal2012

  20. The gift that keeps on obsessing…

    Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    12/25/12 12:30 PM
    In fact, @davidgregory, I am admitted in DC. I would be happy to represent you in a challenge to DC’s gun laws

    If he does, it probably won’t end well for Gregory.

  21. Red handed Says:

    The man who pimped out his WIFE on the internet instead of getting himself a job claims the Steubenville rape was not “brutal”.
    How deep do you have to hate women to do either of those things.
    Why would Breitbart and @DavidWebbShow want anything to do with him at this point? Like them or hate them, it’s obvious he’s dragging their names thru the mud with own his psychopath ass trying to make a name for himself as controversial. Controversial is where the $$$ is, right Pornohan? Keep racking up the victims. They don’t count anyway, right?

  22. Pimp blames the rape victim using “clever” semantic tricks to give himself an out. Pimp likes to hit and run. Then Pimp says he’s the victim. I hope the steubenville victim sues Pimp’s sick broke judgment proof tax leined ass of and whoever sent him there.

    • Pimp Remand Says:

      The Steubenville rapists have been convicted, and now prosecutors are setting their sights on the people involved in the cover-up.

      Fuck you, Lee Stranahan, you Grifting Rape Apologist. You have no soul.

  23. BikerMeth Says:

    Man who pimped his wife out on the internet sez:

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    1/12/13 11:07 PM
    A man slips into bed with a sleeping woman and makes gentle love to her. She assumes it’s her husband. It’s not. Rape? Yes. Violent? No.

    Spoken like a predator, doncha think?

    His concept of a rapist who “makes gentle love” to his victim? Impossible, right? Sadistic? I think so. Psychopathic? Sure seems like it. Sick? Yes.

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    1/12/13 10:50 PM
    Example: If a doctor rapes a patient who is asleep, it’s not ‘violent’. It’s still – clearly – rape. A hundred other examples can be given.

    Sure, Stranny, she’s out cold so … it doesn’t count? Does that make her an inanimate object and subhuman? Rape, by definition, is a crime of violence. Mental and physical violence. Being drugged into submission isn’t a mitigating factor, asshole, it’s an aggravating factor. 

    Spoken like someone who pimped his own wife out on the internet and feels no remorse, right?

    Maybe everyone should blog about this unrepentant piece of shit.

  24. BikerMeth Says:

    Lee Stranahan tweeted:

    “Example: If a doctor rapes a patient who is asleep, it’s not ‘violent’….”

    Is he saying it’s “not ‘violent” because she was incapacitated and couldn’t fight her rapist?

    I think it sounds like how predators rationalize their acts and minimize their victims.

  25. Who will warn Suzie Breitbart about what Pornohan has been doing to her husband’s legacy and memory by invoking Andrew Breitbart like a human shield to legitimize himself, his dishonest ways, his ripoffs, his sick woman-hating porn and his well documented career as a pimp who prostituted out of his own wife.

    No widow should have to be faced with information like this. Take a poll. Did Lee Pornohan treat Breitbart as a friend or a mark?

  26. Lee Stranahan is the New Orly Taitz!

    “Taitz wrote on her website Wednesday, in her trademark all-caps style:

    Solicit people to do your work for you, to send money to keep it going and to give him your frequent flyer miles.

    At least Orly has the common sense not to play mind games in a child rape case like Stranahan is doing.

    This is his new career. How much money can this veteran scammer scam by conning Joe Paterno loyalists? Just wait.

  27. Hey @Jezebel,

    Maybe you can find out why Andrew Breitbart’s website shows open contempt for the people of Steubenville, Ohio, by sending a ‘rape fetish photographer’ with a documented history of porn and pimping out his wife on the internet to ‘report’ for them on the tragic rape case that’s destroying this town and its people?

    Could they believe that, as a ‘rape fetish photographer’ he has unique insight into the twisted brutality of this case? Or that his large body of work in BDSM and humiliation porn fetish photography makes him uniquely qualified to represent Breitbart in Steubenville?

    Maybe they don’t understand how offensive this is.

    Or maybe they just don’t care.

    This is a news story. Who will report it?

    The Daily Mail seems nice.

  28. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    1/26/13 7:40 AM
    We’ll be having a strategy session about fighting back against the lies & intimidation in Steubenville TODAY at 3pm at Damon’s.

    Sad that the management and servers at Damon’s Grill & Sports Bar ( in  Steubenville have no idea what Stranahan is planning to do in their establishment this afternoon. You know they feel strongly about justice in this rape case, and would be offended by some toothless Texas pornographer/pimp inciting people inside their restaurant. 

    If you and the family were at Damon’s Sports Bar in Steubenville and heard Stranahan spewing his filthy “gentle rape” shit in the booth next you while your wife and the kids were eating, you’d raise hell, right. Maybe beat him about the head with your $18.99 rack of ribs.

    I think Stranahan can hold his meeting in the parking lot of his hotel, by the dumpster where he and his twisted incitement belong. 

    The manager at deserves a polite heads up at 740-282-7427.  


  29. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    1/26/13 12:19 PM
    And many in Steubenville I’ve spoken to think the issues of teen drinking and hook-up culture are getting swept under the rug.

    Spoken like a predator with an empty paypal account. Swept under the rug? It’s been around forever. Isn’t this Stranahan’s code for saying that the rape and deplorable abuse of one or more teen girls in Steubenville was the fault of the teen girls? Sure, he weasels out of saying the victims ‘asked for it’ in so many words, but what else can it mean. 

    Maybe I think it’s the fault of Lee Stranahan and his porn industry cohorts who depict and glorify the sexual degradation, use and abuse of women in what sure looks a hell of a lot like sick rape fetish photography. Stranny even featured his wife in some of his. He must really hate that poor woman to be able to pimp her out and distribute pictures of her like that. Unless it was all “her fault”. The man has no soul.    

  30. Amazonaws.cоm Says:

    Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan):
    2/15/13 4:20 PM
    Another photo I shot of Keri, clearly showing it’s her. Same session, solo. Kinda sorta NSFW. Mild, really.

    Stranny stores his porn on Amazon’s servers?!  

  31. Now taking up a collection to buy a legal dictionary, or even a regular one, for crappy lawyer who changes definitions to suit his revenge fantasies.

    • plees pree order my upcoming bewk

      law for dummees dum loyers and dum dee ays

      its a soon too be klassik must reed cuvvering awl yor cortrewm needz lyk

      -fyling lots and lots of sillee soots
      -how to get a Merry Land juj reelee reelee mad
      -gydlynz on pubblishing fayk awdeeo analasees and reel sowshul sacyooritee numberrrs
      -deearming a iPad
      -yor ryt to soo peepul hoo disagrrree with yoo
      -how to yooz yor awfiss and werk owwerz for yor own pursnull bizniss and ubbseshunz
      -how to yooz taxpayurrr dollerz and reesoresuz for yor own persnull reesurrrch
      -how to be sumwunz interrrnet loyer wen they dont want yoo to bee thair interrrnet loyer

      and sow mutch moor!

      speshull bownus sekchun on ryts reegarrrding berreed proppurtee

      thank yoo

      awlso i smelled cats arownd heer and maybee eevun a kat so lok up yor valyoobuls

      • You talk funny.

        And everyone knows you forfeit all your rights when you bury your property, so stop crying because I took your chewed up tennis balls.

        Also, stop sending silly letters to judges, pretending to be a police dog, trying to get me spayed. Don’t you know it’s a crime to impersonate a law enforcement official?

  32. pleez ask my trollDad to stop trolling so he has tym to bild this thayr shud be won in evry home thank yoo

    • Krazy Kat Says:

      You can’t really be a Blue Dog if you’re relying on someone else to build you a machine so you can play with a tennis ball.

      I bet you also want taxpayers to pay for this Demon Seed technology.

      • its fiscly reespahnsibbul beecawz the cawst wud be ammertyzed and thayr wud bee less THETHT of reesoresuz pluss it wud creeyate jobz and keep trollDads bizzee and not trolling

        i maybe australian but i was born in this country so its my inaleenbul riyt to chase tennis balls dont tred on mee krazy kat

  33. Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
    3/17/13 11:20 AM
    Anthony Wiener pushed his tip in the mayoral waters in January.

    Aaron Walker Worthing’s ongoing obsession with Anthony Weiner’s dick is second only to Anthony Weiner’s own obsession with his dick. Much like Aaron’s “sense of humor” it is fucking creepy.

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