Downright Dirty





the upshot:


-Judge refuses to rule on Battle of Thessalonica

-Judge has a LOT of years on the bench; sure doesn’t know much about the internet, but knows about people and their probable future actions based on what he’s seen go down in the past.

-Judge rules Aaron may not contact Kimberlin by megaphone (or any other means.)

-Judge says Aaron is inciting death threats and threats against children.

-Judge finds Aaron is doing a “downright dirty” thing.



Believe me I’m no lawyer, but I have heard that there is a difference between the letter of the law and the intent of the law, and judges consider the intent of the law in their rulings. If you listen, you’ll see that since he is ruling on a protective peace order, (a pretty common thing), the judge’s primary concern is keeping both of these guys safe, not the intricacies of constitutional law as it relates to electronic communications, conspiracy,  death threats across state lines, incitement to commit violent acts, etc., etc.

2 Responses to “Downright Dirty”

  1. Anger Management Says:

    The judge was correct. Creating a situation in which one is in reasonable fear for one’s safety is not protected speech, especially in light of a specific protective order.

    For Bonus points: Did Aaron Walker drop Neal Rauhauser as a defendant in his $66 Million lawsuit?

    Prince William County Circuit – Civil Division
    Filing Type: 
    Intentional Tort 
    Number of  Plaintiffs: 
    Number of Defendants: 
    Commenced By: 
    Initial Filing  

    Plaintiff:        WALKER, AARON J


    Defendant1:   KIMBERLIN, BRETT
    Trading as:     

    Defendant2:   BRYNАЕRT, RОN
    Trading as:     

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