Mind Your P and Q


From Slate.com comments on a Dave Weigel post:


The origins of Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day – in this wordpress post: http://wp.me/p6l52-yC
– the Frey/Kimberlin stuff has a lot to do with keeping James O’Keefe out of jail and a pitched battle over voting rights
Yesterday from slate.com
Convicted bomber and perjurer Brett Kimberlin couldn’t have put it better himself.Qritiq is a champion of a man who tweeted to me that he wanted to punch me in the nose several times and take a sh*t on my wife (he did not bleep the word) — all, apparently, because he was upset I was ignoring his evidence of Kimberlin’s innocence.Qritiq seems t0 have a very c0zy relati0nship w/ Kimbrln ass0ciate NealRauhausr. [Patrick Frey’s team google-bombed the previous phrase – that’s why the spelling changes] Her blog is a cesspool of defamation of me and other Kimberlin victims. Everything she says needs to be understood in that light. I do not find it surprising in the slightest that she is trying to convolute and misstate the intent behind the Brett Kimberlin blogburst.
19 Hours Ago from slate.com

1. I recall he also wanted to staple the truth to your forehead.
The crude tweet dates from October ’11 or before. How many times have you and your trolls repeated it since? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was well over a thousand. And you are repeating a crude tweet, that mentions your wife, for over seven months … why exactly?

2. I thought the reason he said it, was because you were phoning him incessantly and menacing him after he asked you to leave him alone. (Interesting you neglect to mention: dude’s website is called “Brett Kimberlin Lies” – http://brettkimberlinlies.blogspot.com/)

3. The truth, is the only thing I’m a champion of, and that’s why you’re out here spinning so hard. You made a point of replying to a pretty benign comment imo, to try to convince people that I’m a liar and also to say things about me that are simply untrue. What are you so afraid people will find out if they give me a listen?

4. I’ve never met Rauhauser, never spoke to him on the phone (I never even heard of him until YOU brought him up), so the probability is that you and your co-conspirators are FAR cozier with Rauhauser than I am.

5. “Everything she says needs to be understood in that light.” Pat, why don’t you let people decide for themselves: https://qritiq.wordpress.com
Slate readers are not children and they don’t need you to interpret for them.

11 Hours Ago from slate.com

it’s no contest


3 Responses to “Mind Your P and Q”

  1. I find it very amusing that Seth Allen does not see how he is being used. I wager he will end up taking the fall for the Swat calls if people get too close to figuring out that {redacted] and [redacted] are behind them. I more than wager. Let us say I have reason to suspect (winky).

    Frey and others are grooming this moron as the token liberal for that very reason. They tried to rope [redacted] in to groom him to take the fall, but it is not sticking. They cannot seem to make the charge stick, even though they used him and got close to him.

    [redacted] appears to be as [redacted] as Seth Allen, but apparently less stupid. Really, if [redacted] did not appear to be such a [redacted], he may have figured this thing out long ago and gotten interest from others. He has no allies because he has accused everyone in various conspiracies.

    Allen has no allies either. He is stupid enough, unlike [redacted], to trust this group.

    You are on the right track. That is what Pat is so frightened of. This whole thing will come to light – because there are those of “us” who think that these tactics are criminal, even though we want Barry O out of the WH.

    We don’t want this to explode too close to the election. It is better that O’Keefe and Frey be exposed now and shown not to have any affiliation with the Romney camp (they don’t).

    Just a few crumbs:

    O’Keefe is in deep shit because of his wiretapping and hacking (what other scandal could this be related to that has some of you so obsessed?) How many members of Congress do you think he has tapped or hacked?

    Someone paid [redacted] to do this (who would have the most to benefit?)

    The ONLY real victim of the Swat hoax is Mike Stack. The rest are [redacted] and [redacted] hoaxes. [redacted] and [redacted] Swatted Stack.

    Some inside the FBI think Frey is involved, but cannot prove it (yet).

    Seth Allen is being groomed to take the fall should this get too close to the real criminals.

    Keep up the good work. I will stop by again to offer what help I can. You strike me as the only reasonable one looking into this.

  2. Why did stupid redact names? Qritiq, what do you make of this comment?

  3. commonse Says:

    No Danny, it was Qritiq who redactted the names to avoid future legal problems.

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