Wonkette Scratches The Surface And Misses The Boat


Wonkette’s Doktor StrangeZoom presents Frey re Kimberlin in a nutshell:


StrangeZoom tells of Patterico.com blogger Patrick Frey’s involvement in Blog About #BrettKimberlin Day. Kimberlin, if you will remember (not saying you’re old mind you) was the guy who said Dan Quayle bought pot from him. Kimberlin is also an ex-con and a purported terrorist. Pat Frey is also accusing those “in league” with Kimberlin, of calling 911 and saying that Pat shot his wife, resulting in a SWAT-type swarming of police and fire at Frey’s residence.

Here’s what Wonkette missed:

This story is really about Kimberlin’s non-profit, Velvet Revolution v James O’Keefe’s non-profit, Project Veritas. Both organizations deal with voting rights policy and are at loggerheads. Check out this 22-page doc by Velvet Revolution’s lawyer about O’Keefe:


Patrick Frey also seems to be heading up a conspiracy to spread libelous statements via social media. Their target is a harsh detractor of O’Keefe’s – Ron Brynaert – the former editor of a liberal political news website. Brynaert broke a number of incriminating stories about probationee James O’Keefe that could well have landed O’Keefe in the clink.

Frey and his associates even seem to be trying to frame Brynaert for a crime, by spreading defamatory statements indicating that he is “in league” with Kimberlin and sounds like the voice on the 911 hoax call. Of course neither of these statements are true – they are downright laughable. But right-wing extremists and Patterico.com readers are encouraged to continue to spread those lies, by Frey and his co-conspirators.

Frey even went so far as to indicate on Glenn Beck’s show, that a victim (someone Pat had been communicating with) who was SWAT-ed one week prior to Pat’s alleged SWAT, was also targeted because he also was writing about Kimberlin. Completely false! That victim had been talking about information he had regarding Weinergate, just before he was SWAT-ed. He never had anything to do with Kimberlin!

The reason Frey and his associates are ramping this stuff up now, is because (I believe) the New Hampshire Attorney General has *just* asked for 7-years worth of James O’Keefe emails. And so, there is an attempt afoot by Frey and Co. to head off a potential ishstorm, by directing the conversation away from conjecture regarding the potentially damning contents of those emails, and toward the sensational tabloid-friendly crimes committed in the 1970’s by the head of Velvet Revolution. Concurrently, there is an attempt to both menace and discredit O’Keefe’s seemingly most dangerous critic – Brynaert – who, while he is certainly known for being combative (understatement), is also respected by both progressives and conservatives for being a skilled researcher who’s like a dog with a bone when a story interests him.

I should also note, Brynaert has broken at least one story, that I know of, that proved useful for James O’Keefe; I am not trying to imply that this journo’s reporting has been biased against O’Keefe. Yet, I imagine there is some concern within Team JOK, that if the 7-year email cache were to land in this Brynaert’s inbox, he would undoubtedly read EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN email. And I think anyone who’s been following along for the past year, knows that predicting the potentiality of that outcome, is not such a big leap, and said outcome would likely not be in the best interest of Mr. O’Keefe.

Keep in mind that voting rights policy could determine the next resident of the White House. (Much in the way that those who brought you Weinergate, knew that the NYC Mayoral seat is a very viable step to the presidency.) This is not small potatoes that Project Veritas and Velvet Revolution are warring about. I’m sure there are plenty of donation dollars in both corners.

This is actually some kind-of-serious stuff – I mean a team-attempt to frame a journalist for a crime because he published the truth about someone who has access to big money?

Not. Good.


and a reminder –

Patrick Frey’s M.O. is to take advantage of people and manipulate them:

One of Frey’s former supporters whom Frey would not assist with petty cash to cover court costs toward his defense against plaintiff Brett Kimberlin, wrote a note that seemed utterly despondent [to this reader] that mentioned Kimberlin. Kimberlin won a case against that former Frey supporter and I believe that they were even at one point arrested.

Now there are reports that Aaron Worthing aka Walker – a Frey disciple – has been jailed ( http://www.munseys.com/technosnarl/?p=1295 , link courtesy of commenter “Saul G.”.) @rsmccain reports on his blog that Walker was taken into custody after a hearing regarding a permanent order of protection against Walker. (Walker had been bragging on twitter recently, that he always carries a gun. He had a restraining order against him at the time.)

[UPDATE: Walker has now been released from custody. A copy of this morning’s peace order ]


And on a more personal note:

I want to warn readers that Patrick Frey is no friend to you. If you have a family and a dog, don’t do Frey’s bidding, because he doesn’t mind getting others into very serious trouble. And if you want to be a lawyer and you wind up getting arrested in the service of Patrick Frey, well, that could actually ruin your life.

Remember – Frey, who resides in a $1.3 million home, wouldn’t even send $200 to his pawn when said pawn was sued by Kimberlin.




(h/t STL Activist Hub for indicating where clarification was needed)


16 Responses to “Wonkette Scratches The Surface And Misses The Boat”

  1. seems like things are starting to move really quickly

  2. Deep Frog Says:

    I fully agree that this is war between two election groups… the O’Keefe’s CREEP and Velvet Revolution. I think both resort to dirty tricks. But that is not the point. What is the point is that there is a reason for the timing of this and team O’Keefe has always taken dirty tricks to a whole new level.

    What I cannot figure out is why they are including Seth Allen as the poster liberal victim in this. If I recall, was he not the guy who made a death threat against Kimberlin to mandy nagy and she is the one who called the police? How is he the victim then? He also has attacked every liberal on the planet for years. Yet this whole recent dram starts with his arrest… so who is he? What is his role in all of this? How did this become about conservative victims when it all seems to start with this guy? Any thoughts?

    • hint: Have you ever met an actual liberal who goes around telling anyone who will listen: “I’M A LIBERAL” ?

      • Deep Frog Says:

        Right! What I am asking is: is it possible that [redacted] is in fact the caller making the Swatting calls? The whole drama starts with him – this recent iteration. But he has been at this for years from what I can tell. Longer than any of the others in this group saga now. He has craved attention and credit for his work. He is crazy enough as it appears to make those calls. And now he is a hero!

        • Unfortuneately, he is by far not the only crazy person supporting Patrick Frey. Of course it’s possible, but it’s also possible that any other of Frey’s fanatics SWAT-ed @CryingWolfeBlog.

          I tend to think the culprit is likely a long-time patterico commenter who perhaps actually resides within the 403 area code.
          And I believe that Lee Stranahan may know who it is.

  3. Saul G. Says:

    Aaron is a lawyer who had the benefit of attending Yale law school. He is not a fool.

    After one of his court appearances regarding the Peace Order against him, didn’t he write that he would not be able to write/tweet about Kimberlin as a result of that order being granted?

    Aaron was aware of Brett Kimberlin’s tricks and history, and obviously Kimberlin’s attempt to frame him for a physical assault, but in spite of knowing this, Aaron the Yale educated attorney still chose to publicly go after the guy who held a valid peace order against him for this type of behavior and, in so doing, apparently incited threats of violence against one of the most litigious people most people have ever heard of.

    In court, it seems Aaron had difficulty keeping his frustration/temper in check and kept trying to talk over the judge and brett kimberlin. What happened there seems to have convinced the judge that he would not abide by the peace order.

    Aaron is being portrayed as a first Amendment martyr, but he isn’t. He’s an angry man who pushed the envelope over and over in spite of court admonition, to the point of making this outcome inevitable. Regardless of whether he was provoked, pushed it or both, he’s got to take responsibility for his own actions and let contributors to his legal defense fund know the truth before he accepts their money. It’s a nice myth, but it’s a lie.

    • The Kool Aid Says:

      Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing):
      5/29/12 6:52 PM
      Hey remember when putting Martin Luther King Jr. in jail stopped the civil rights movement cold? Yeah, me neither.

      Delusional much?

    • Walker is not neurotypical. He has admitted this in blogging, indicating that he had to sue his law school, later revealed to be Yale, in order to get them to make the allowances he needed to pass exams.

      This admission, coupled with the foolish use of his first name and correct last initial for his pen name, are what permitted his real life identification last winter.

      He has the education to do legal research but he should never appear in court, not even ex parte. He would likely interrupt a judge attempting to read a favorable decision into the record on his client’s behalf.

      He could still have a career in some sense in the field of law, but the obsessive behavior that seems a part of his disability appears to doom him to disbarment. He can’t control himself, neither in the moment, nor in the grand scheme of things.

      • My recollection is that I, for one, found his real name when I was searching on “KIMBERLIN” in the Maryland court system and came across Aaron’s suit against Kimberlin. As plaintiff, Aaron used his real name.

      • “This admission, coupled with the foolish use of his first name and correct last initial for his pen name, are what permitted his real life identification last winter.”

        How do you know? Were you the one that Brett Kimberlin testified called him and outed Aaron?

        Are you Breitbart Unmasked?

        Are you Neal Rauhauser?

  4. No incitement? Really?

    This upstanding example of uninformed citizenry wants to “unleash the furry” on not just Kimberlin, but Ron B, because of the manufactured smears against him. Was the goal to work up idiots like this into threatening people they hate? ’cause its working.

    5/29/12 3:11 PM
    @YourAnonNews it is open season on @ronbryn & #brettkimberlin, may the get the same hell they give! Unleash the furry!

    5/29/12 3:09 PM
    @ronbryn tell #kimberlin he is on my list, he will be put back in the cage he belongs in one way or another! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/harassed-blogger-allegedly-arrested-after-court-hearing-with-convicted-speedway-bomber-brett-kimberlin/

    5/28/12 6:48 PM
    This day would be remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to Dr. Ron Paul, the beacon of light that helps to guide the people, please participate!

    5/26/12 6:06 PM
    @ronbryn, I am coming for you! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/do-you-know-what-swatting-is-victims-tell-beck-how-they-were-targeted-by-terrorist-brett-kimberlin/

    5/26/12 6:03 PM
    @ronbryn, your a piece of crap and I will unleash all the vast resources on your life being a holly hell!

    5/26/12 5:58 PM
    @ronbryn, you, Kimberlin are thugs and it is now time to unleash the hell you give others on YOU! @youranonnews, http://www.theblaze.com/stories/readymeet-soros-funded-domestic-terrorist-brett-kimberlin-whose-job-is-terrorizing-bloggers-into-silence/

    5/16/12 3:53 AM
    is is a fluke, we can either fight without bloodshed or allow the elite to spill our blood while we continue to immune their treasonous acts

    5/16/12 3:51 AM
    It;s Ironic isn’t it??? The only thing that can truly enslave is the government and we continue to hand over our power! America Freedom is

  5. The Worm Turns Says:

    Pompous troll Seth Allen, aka @Prepostericity aka Socrates etc etc (Mr. DeathThreat) makes even more shit up. 

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 7:47 AM
    @joebrooks Stack joined Qritiq and Brynaert cybersmears on myself & censored his blog to benefit #BrettKimberlin. @Stranahan

    Those weren’t cybersmears, oh King of Cybersmears. Why are you making up shit about Mike? At least make it vaguely credible.   

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 7:38 AM
    Nasty individual Patrick Frey writes I made a death threat without giving the full story. He was why it happened.

    Now Patterico is the reason seth made a death threat? Why? Unrequited love?    

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 7:34 AM
    Self-serving pig Patrick Frey did nothing to help me, when it would have been no problem. That’s why I got arrested. @Patterico


    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 7:59 AM
    @Stranahan So when I see Patrick Frey saying I made a death threat, it makes me sick to my stomach how he leaves out his culpability.

    He didn’t make the death threat. That was you, Seth Allen. YOU made the death threat. Patterico didn’t report it, even after you sent it to him and his friends.

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:00 AM
    @Stranahan There was no death threat. People can think I’m an ass. I don’t care. I know what I did and what happened.

    You made a death threat. You just said so.  You’re not an ass. You’re a monster and a  pompous miserable trolling ass. 

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:02 AM
    @Stranahan Frey giving me one or two compliments hidden in his self-promotion when it was his fault is wrong.

    Jealous troll is jealous.

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 7:58 AM
    @Stranahan Most bloggers are like me. Read and write. And my word means a lot because I’m unpaid in every way.

    Icing on cake. 


    And this. Which is not a strong arm tactic. It’s a smear wrapped up in a strong arm tactic. It’s a troll preview! 

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:10 AM
    @Stranahan Mike Stack either apologises to me and stops working with Neal crew, or I think maybe he was part of it from the beginning.

    Bow down to supertroll, folks.

    RB (@RBPundit):
    6/1/12 8:12 AM
    @Prepostericity @Stranahan Wait. Mike Stack is working with Neal’s crew? Isn’t Stack a victim of theirs?

    Check out the answer.

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:31 AM
    @RBPundit I can’t win. If I stick up for what I truly accomplished and experienced, others claim I’m an ass and looking for entitlements.

    Poor you. It’s all so fair. Except that you ARE an ass and you ARE demanding entitlements. 

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:27 AM
    @RBPundit Stack got swatted. There’s no criminal proof of who did it. Probably Stack is simply confused. Yet his first post ever…


    Are YOU Alicia Pain, Seth?  

    Seth Allen (@Prepostericity):
    6/1/12 8:04 AM
    @Stranahan My constitutional right were violated as much as anyone, including Aaron.

    Pure gold. His constitutional right to MAKE A DEATH THREAT was violated. Where in the Constitution is that? Did the founding fathers punk seth and take it out?

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