and in excess of $25K in ’11 to aide Dolev Azaria.

24 Responses to “And…”

  1. Weiner spent about $43,000 on private investigators.

    Dan Wolfe should be nervous, no?

    • Interesting: two comments on two posts by Paperboy warning “Dan Wolfe”….reminds me of late-May Lee Stranahan warnings and threats.

      • I do not recall Stranahan making any “threats”, but feel free to post them if I am wrong.

        • Stranahan lied and claimed he sent private investigators after Dan Wolfe…while he was working on the Weiner could have been hacked probe. Maybe someone else out there can leave links to the appropriate pod casts and tweets (Lee blocks me on the twitter, making it difficult for me to research).

      • I wasn’t “warning” Wolfe. I was laughing at him. If he thought he was free and clear, he’s wrong. I can’t think of a single person on any side of Weinergate who would be the least bit sorry for him.

  2. Os it just a coincidence, or is the February 6 event planned to coincide with Ronald Reagan’s birthday?

    • Godwin’s Law compels me to mention it’s also Eva Braun’s birthday.

      Axl Rose and Bob Marley, too.

      Why are you laughing? What is funny about people getting menaced for eight months?

      • When I said I was laughing at the idea of Wolfe sweating it out, you answered with “Why are you laughing? What is funny about people being menaced for eight months?”

        How do you make that leap?

        Wolfe is the menacer, not the menaced. If the menacer is sweating it out, good. And if he’s finally found out, screw him. I’m sure his victims would agree.

        Has anyone introduced @NealRauhauser to @Neal_Rauhauser yet? How many of him are there now.

  3. (@Dust92):
    2/7/12 12:45 AM
    @ronbryn hahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahaha hahaha

    Total. Asshole. If I didn’t know anything about Dustin & Justin, it would look like they’re trying too hard to tie Ron to Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin. Knowing their history of twisting a little piece of fact out of context and into an incriminating sounding fraud, then googlebombing it far and wide as a poison tipped ‘Fuck You’ to any who dare cross them, they aren’t believable. Their agenda is much louder than their ‘facts.’

  4. Ron Brynaert (@ronbryn):
    2/10/12 11:19 AM
    $22m @AaronWorthing SLAPP claims I helped send @goatsred info to Smoking Gun when most likely @AndrewBreitbart gave it to Bastone himself.

    So, not Weiner’s investigators then?

    Frivolous suit, anyone?

  5. Not a weiner Says:

    Ron, you have no people skills.

    The good news is that everyone who tweets with Rauhauser is not just like him, and they probably don’t know his history.

    Your slick interrogation technique (accusing everyone of sleazy weinergate shit, compelling them to crumble and confess) hasn’t worked yet. Shocker. Calling everyone a criminal failed to. Non-criminals and criminals agree. They don’t respond well to it.

    You’re drinking patterico’s kool aid when you rail about death threats. Learn to differentiate. You may have been an editor, but you’re a shitty, shitty reporter.

    PS: The world is a lot bigger than weiner. Even weiner knows that.

  6. Aaron sues Ron and Brett Kimberlin as co-defendants in his Virginia lawsuit.

    Will Ron’s big mouth piss Kimberlin off to the point of wanting to hurt Ron?

    Would that upset Aaron?

    Two birds and all that.

  7. Bellicosity Says:

    Mandy breaks with her cohorts. That’s gotta hurt.

    RT @Liberty_Chick Freedom of speech is a 1st amendment right.  Political terrorism is not a solution to quieting ideas or people you do not like.

  8. Dictated Not Read Says:

    koam (@wittier):
    2/16/12 11:42 PM
    Please +K my influence in Media on @klout…..

    Dude worked his ass off on the RepWeiner story. That’s gotta count for something. Right?

  9. Houston, do we have a problem?

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/18/11 2:53 AM
    Fundraising Pitch: “Send money, help @JamesOKeefeIII chase all the remotely competent people out of this movement!”

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/18/11 2:51 AM
    Recruiting pitch: “Come work with @JamesOKeefeIII – there’s no salary, but be sure to hire a lawyer!”

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/18/11 2:50 AM
    Recruiting pitch: “Come work w/ @JamesOKeefeIII. Hire two lawyers: 1 to protect you from the left, 1 to protect you from @JamesOKeefeIII!”

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/18/11 12:00 AM
    I really love the way @fgonzalez1978 who has never even spoken to me has so many conclusions

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 11:55 PM
    Really @fgonzalez1978? A willfully anonymous, faceless guy who put @JamesOKeefeIII out front in public is “craving attention?” Seriously?

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 11:32 PM
    @LarryOConnor just goes to show, Tebow may be a terrible actual QB, but he does just fine in Fantasy :). Even against the Jets…

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 11:12 PM
    .@JamesOKeefeIII …and also on the California DA’s website…just a few things I noticed that haven’t been published @fgonzalez1978

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 11:11 PM
    Wonder if Juan Carlos Vera’s lawyer might take me pro-bono if I show him what I noticed about that video posted on Big Govt. @JamesOKeefeIII

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 9:07 PM
    “adviser” @fgonzalez1978 must be giving great advice to @JamesOKeefeIII. Apparently I can look forward to getting some bogus lawsuit threats

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 9:01 PM
    According to @kenvogel, @JamesOKeefeIII has NDA w/ Izzy Santa. Good thing he doesn’t talk about incident or trash her to everyone he knows!

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:57 PM
    Hey, know who’s in a really great position to sue people? @JamesOKeefeIII Not like he’s violated any non-disclosure agreements! (coughizzy)

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:20 PM
    @rachelveronica lol don’t worry you still make a lovely @dloesch. but there’s only one! @mosesmosesmoses

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:17 PM
    Can’t wait for @JamesOKeefeiii’s next fundraising pitch: “help me bury guy who did the only thing worthwhile in my life in the last 2 years”

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:12 PM
    @rachelveronica you’re just jealous because you dress like @dloesch but can’t quite pull it off 🙂 @mosesmosesmoses

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:11 PM
    .@jeff_poor put in a good word for @JamesOKeefeiii with the DC. maybe if Tucker saves his ass he can get sucker punched like everyone else

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:07 PM
    @rachelveronica @@mosesmosesmoses actually it’s spelled @dloesch

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:05 PM
    .@whereishawkins Well according to @Politico some guy @JamesOKeefeii wants to waste my money on lawyers…that’s not very cool is it?

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:04 PM
    .@jeff_poor Don’t look at me I wasn’t behind it. Apparently @JamesOKeefeiii thinks he’s going to sue me though.

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 8:03 PM
    Come work with @JamesOKeefeiii! He’s happy to pin all the blame for his fuckups on his mentor Ben Wetmore, just think what he can do for u!

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 7:47 PM
    this’ll be a great message 2 recruit people 2 work w/ @JamesOKeefeiii. I rip you off, then hit u w/ frivolous lawsuits!

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 7:45 PM
    Looks like @JamesOKeefeiii wants to sue me for saving his entire life out of my own sheer generosity and good will!

    Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV):
    11/17/11 7:41 PM
    Woohoo! frivolous lawsuit threats all around!

    • Depends on what you think the problem may be…

      Perhaps the problem is partisan journalists who will believe anything they hear about their perceived enemies.

      Perhaps the final installment of “To Catch A Journalist” will show that not only did liberal hacks fall for ridiculous stories about infighting among conservative hoaxers but that they even out-and-out lied in their reporting, and committed slander and libel.

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think Howard Stern intern and/or paid consultant Ken Danieli aka Koam aka Wittier was trying to get a right wing blogger to bite on wacky conspiracy theory that Andrew Breitbart’s death is related to Obama college video?

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Ken’s tweets on March 1, 2012 are so similar to @PatriotUSA76 tweets about @RepWeiner pic on May 27, 2011 they almost seem “separated at birth”?

    . @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos at #CPAC.… @andylevy @billschulz

    @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos at #CPAC.… @greggutfeld @redeyeFNC

    @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos at #CPAC.… @Dust92 #Breitbart

    @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos @ #CPAC… @PruPaine #tcot #attackwatch

    #Breitbart @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos at #CPAC.… #tcot #p2

    @AceofSpadesHQ #Breitbart @AndrewBreitbart dead < 3 weeks after announcing "Obama-as-college-radical" videos at #CPAC.…

  11. I gave @wittier (Ken Danieli) a +K on Klout for Political Rumor Mongering.

    Who influences you?

  12. Spartacus Says:

    Congrats to Patterico troll @Dust92 on your new Twitter account.

  13. How does Nadia Naffe’s lawyer feel about Patterico, a lawyer, acting menacing and disparaging to his client on twitter, with his lawyer friends joining in? Is he trying to intimidate her to not refile her case against James O’keefe and make her shut up by ruining her name.

    I think he hates women who disagree with him like Sandra Fluke and Soledad O’brien and Nadia Naffe, especially if they dont fold like cheap tents and kiss his feet and I’m surprised that he’s all offended by what he calls smears with no context concidering his history of people accusing him of the exact same thing. I think his behavior is a perfect text book example of why people think lawyers are scum.

  14. Isn't it ironic Says:

    Mandy Nagy (@Liberty_Chick):
    3/17/12 12:44 PM
    So @NadiaNaffe thinks this is about “covering” for O’Keefe? No, it’s abt political terrorism. Her partners targeting MANY ppl for 10 mos.

    Jesus. The drama and the victim/martyr bullshit never stops. You’re hooked on it like a drug. How much faux attention do you need to draw to yourself to feel important, anyway? You provoke these crackpots because you need the attention. Own it.

    You’re a Breitbot bleating about “political terrorism” without a trace of irony. WTF. That’s what you all excel at, and you’re proud of it. Remember #WAR? It’s the same.

    #WAR=Political Terrorism

    Does anyone besides Dustin 

  15. Oscar M. Weiner Says:

    On 9/1/11 @RepWeiner also paid $29832.00 to T&M Protective Services, LLC for “legal services”…—
    Ron Brynaert (@ronbryn) February 01, 2012

    Has a reporter asked Weiner to explain what services he paid T&M $30k for and what they found out? It took 10 or 20 minutes to know with certitude that he did it to himself, what/who did they investigate to make the rest of the money? Did they find Dan Wolfe for him? Is it legal that he spends campaign donor money to investigate a lie he made up? Why haven’t all his donors demanded all their $$$ back?

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